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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I haven't seen these Applegate Farm ones anywhere! I am fortunate to have several grocery stores near me with gluten-free items so I'm going to have to pay better attention. Everyone in my house really likes the other Applegate Farms foods we've tried. I used to buy the Wellshire Kids dinosaur ones for my kids, but both Earth Fare and Whole Foods stopped selling them. I haven't seen them anywhere else so we've gone back to Bell & Evans, which I prefer, but are pricier. My kids loved having dino nuggets though, just like their friends. They don't care for the Ian's (and neither do I), but they'll work in a pinch.
  2. Zyrtec

    GAH! This thread scared me for a minute until I started reading more. I take Zyrtec, because it's the only allergy medicine I can handle during the day w/o knocking myself out. I also have friend (who happens to be a member here) who gives the children's version to her DS. I have found this to be the case as well. I usually get much further this way, but do I also check barley because my DD has an allergic reaction when exposed to it. Sad to say, but people are more scared of sending someone into anaphylatic shock than "upsetting their stomach."
  3. Hi, I haven't been on in awhile, but I just stumbled onto this post while looking for some information. My 5 year old is wanting to join Girl Scouts this year and immediately the cookie issue popped into my mind. I will be sending them an email asking them to consider it an option as well. I think the problem with marketing a gluten-free cookie is that people who can eat gluten need to think it's normal and not some weird diet cookie. Unfortunately I know a lot of people who think being gluten-free is some weird fad diet, they just don't get it. There is a server at my local PF Chang's who once told me that people will refuse to try the chocolate dome because they usually think it's going to taste bad. On the flip side, you take something Chex, which people have eaten for years and make it gluten-free and it hasn't stopped others from eating it. I think if they had a cookie like a macaron, which is naturally gluten-free, they might do better with sales while at the same time helping us out. I noticed someone was asking for a gluten-free GS Cookie recipe. I stumbled onto this blog/site last week for something completely unrelated to Celiac and found that the creator is gluten-free, as is her whole family. She has a daughter in GSs so she has created a few recipes. I haven't tried any yet, but I'm going to pick up the ingredients for the Thin Mint recipe. Here is the Lemon Chalet recipe and the Trefoils Recipe.
  4. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  5. Gluten Free Pizza At Chicago Uno

    It is pretty good, my kids love it! When I take them to the babysitter I always call up and order a couple of pizzas for pick up. It's so great being able to do that.
  6. There is also a survey you can fill out for a $5 coupon. However, it doesn't have a place for customer comments (I was planning on saying something about the price and how it wasn't advertised). I think I will try to email them as well. I do appreciate their effort, and I know I will go back, but for the same price I could go to Uno's and get three adult meals, all gluten-free, including one personal pizza, which is much larger.
  7. I don't get it, but that's because I am allergic to eggs. However, my kids don't get it either. I don't believe it is necessary and I do not want junk injected into their bodies. I do selectively and delay vaccinations for them.
  8. Ours was very expensive too. I was kind of shocked by the price! I believe it's $10 for each 10" pizza and then an additional $3 for the gluten-free crust. Our whole family is gluten-free so that adds up!
  9. We had never been there before, but I can see how it would have been a popular choice. We still haven't tried Lily's since it's downtown and we're just not in that area very often. Uno's is good, but I wish they'd offer more toppings. We'll definitely go back to Zpizza! It's also closer to our house than any of the other options. Thanks for the recommendation! Oh, we did try Bella Monica's frozen pizza recently. I'd have to say it's the best of any frozen I've had. Thanks for that recommendation too!
  10. We just tried the Raleigh location tonight. It was pretty good, okay, I lied, it was damn good for not having to make pizza! I was a little bummed because they burnt the crust on mine and while trying to figure out why the online ordering didn't charge my card correctly (the additional $3 for each gluten-free crust) the pizza sat for ten minutes getting cold. Then I had another ten minute drive back to my house. The kids didn't care though, they devoured it! We're definitely going to try it again.
  11. Duke University Area

    I'm also in Raleigh, so not much help with finding food around Duke. However, worst case scenario you can drive out here and we have plenty of places with gluten-free options. One thing I do when traveling is try to stay at Homewood Suites (by Hilton) or Townplaces by Marriott since they have full kitchens. That might not be an option for you now though. Once I have lodging figured out I'll go to my favorite gluten-free product sites and look for their store locator. From there I can usually get a good idea of what grocery store or health food store I have a good chance at finding food so that I don't starve. We have Whole Foods, Earth Fare (is in Raleigh, near the Durham border), Kroger, which all have plentiful gluten-free selections. I also find some gluten-free items in Harris Teeter and Food Lion. I used to live in the DC area, both in MD and VA. Unfortunately there are not a ton of places that I can think of to stop on that route. I know there is a Qdoba in Fredricksburg, VA that is not far off the highway. North of that I'm really not too sure. I usually look up Qdoba and Chipotle and write out the addresses so that if I do need to stop for food I can find them. You might want to pull up Wendy's website too, they have plenty of gluten-free options like baked potatoes and some of their salads. It shouldn't be too hard to find a Wendy's since they usually have signs on the highway.
  12. My kids also take Gummi-vites, and we buy them at Costco, it's the best price I've seen. I haven't checked the price at Vitacost though.
  13. Mascara

    Thank you so much for this thread! I stopped wearing mascara awhile ago because it was bothering me. Well the other day I bought a new tube of Great Lash and put it on and my eyes ended up red and watery. A lash ended up in my eye (while driving! I apologize to anyone I may have inadvertently run off the road) and it was a big nightmare. I ended up having a skin reaction like I do when I have gluten, but did not have any GI symptoms. I think now I'll triple check for gluten free mascara just to be on the safe side.
  14. My husband was glutened by New Grist a few times (same batch). He had one beer and then a fairly quick reaction. He wasn't certain it was the beer, but he didn't drink anymore. A few days later he tried again and had the same reaction. He contacted them and they sent a courier to our house to pick up the beer for testing. I don't remember if he heard back from them about that... I'll have to ask him.
  15. Sushi?

    I have a great sushi restaurant in town that we occasionally go to. I always sit at the bar and talk to the Chef. He's very friendly (I always get the same guy) and answers all of my questions. He's not afraid to ask questions back, he wants truly understand the limitations.