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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Carls Jr

    I made sure the Carl's Jr I eat at has a dedicated fryer, and they do, but I eat the plain fries. Also the lettuce wrapped burger. I do let them know that I cannot have anything w/gluten touching my food items also....I have only been cross contaminated once in about the 15 or so times I have eaten there (in about a year and a half time period).
  2. I take Loestrin24Fe for birth control. It is gluten free and actually states it on the website...having great results..no side effects at all...hope this helps.
  3. Wow....I just logged on because I was needing to vent re: mother-in-law and how "Celiac disease" is all in my head (I was diagnosed on January 9th, 09). I think I may have to say "go to hell"...... I have NEVER asked any of my friends, family, etc to make concessions for my disease. If you want to eat somewhere that I can't...go the heck ahead...I will eat before, or not go... If a family meal is planned and you don't give a crap as to what I can or cannot eat....again, make what ever you want.....I will bring my own... Anyway this just made it all better.
  4. I don't count calories...I count carbs (and I also write down everything I eat). I started putting on weight quickly once gluten free (probably b/c I love rice...and that became a huge part of my diet). I just make sure I eat between 40 to 50 carbs a day and am losing weight...been doing it for a week and have lost 5 lbs so far....(water weight I am sure), but will stay at 50 carbs max until I reach the weight I want...then up 10 carbs a week until I stop losing....then I will know my limit....as long as I feel good...this is what I am doing.... Whatever you choose to do...I wish you well.
  5. Chili's Restaurant

    I had a horrible experience at Chili's on Saturday. I printed off the Gluten Free menu and met some friends at the restaurant. I ordered the Burger without bun, no fries, etc. and the baked potato soup. The waiter delivers the food with fries on my plate. I said "I am sorry but you will need to take this back and re-cook the burger as I would be cross contaminated. He said "They insisted on putting the fries on your plate" (LOL) I replied, "so....I ordered it without the fries, please do as I asked and send the manager over". The manager came over and aplogized and stated that his mother has celiac disease so he understands and it will be re-cooked. So now since his mom has the illness I am feeling a bit more comfortable. Well I eat the meal then go home and about 30 minutes later I WAS SICK.....(I am thinking they used the same plate). So I am dragging ass now....and will for a few more days till I get over being glutened...darn it! Oh and by the way I MISS BREAD!!!! LOL Anyway....sorry about the rant...but needed to get it out of my system.
  6. I am an extremely lucky wife....my husband has chosen to go mostly gluten free for me, but I did not require this. There is bread in the fridge and garlic bread in the freezer for him and he uses the toaster oven which I no longer use. I believe that this is my disease and not his so if he still wishes to eat gluten, he can....he actually is more aware of it then I can be. For example, I kept getting sick after "gluten free meals" or so I thought. While he was BBQing he was using the same utensils on my food and his which had BBQ sauce on it...and he is the one that noticed what he was doing....I just laughed and teased him saying that he was trying to collect on my $5000 life insurance policy through work....lol. I don't want him to be so jumpy about what I can and can't eat that he ends up resenting me, I can be neurotic enough on my own...lol. Anyway, my point is do what is best for you both....have her read this site, see how people cope with it when one is celiac and one isn't. Maybe make a designated area for you in the kitchen, etc. My hope is you both can come to some agreement where she feels supported and you can still enjoy foods that you like. Good luck to you both, and take care.
  7. I dislike microwave popcorn...it is the stovetop kind I am speaking of...(sorry I was not more clear). I did not eat it for several days...then tried it again...and within about 30 minutes...back to the bathroom I went. I am thinking it is the popcorn and not the butter b/c I cook with butter and the food doesn't bother me...and I don't use a whole stick just half a stick on a very large bowl. Anyway...I am just bummed about it....I will wait awile and order the hull less popcorn from the Amish site and see how that works after a bit. Thank you all for your imput.
  8. I have been gluten free since January 9th and have done a fairly good job. I also feel great!! No more headaches, sinuses are better, no more aches and pain, "normal" bowel movements for the most part. Anyway, my question is that for the past few weeks everytime I eat popcorn I get sick...severe cramps and D.....I am very upset at this since I have always eaten popcorn (just about daily for the past 20 + years). Is this common???? Has anyone else experienced this???? Thanks for any/all imput.
  9. Well...count me in I would like to lose about 35lbs. I have lost 6lbs since starting gluten free about 6 weeks ago...so it looks like I am losing about a 1lb a week...which I am okay with since I feel that this is probably a healthy way to lose. I am going to chose a weigh in day....I am thinking Wednesday's, so I will start that in the morning (tomorrow). I have eaten so far today..... B: A gluten free granola bar (140 calories) L: 2 slices of bacon, scrambled eggs, and about 1/2 cup hash browns (300 calories) S: Jello Pudding Cup (110 calories) Total so far today: 550 calories Not sure what I will be doing for dinner tonight but will keep in mind that I only have 650 calories left for today (don't want to excede 1200 calories a day, but will try to be a little under that a day). Today has been a pretty unhealthy day of eating so I will do better tomorrow Thanks for the thread and support, hope everyone has a great day!
  10. It is good to know that I am not crazy!! LOL I was really enjoying the smelling of his pepsi and will continue to do so whenever he has it..... Wishing everyone a great weekend!
  11. Last night my husband was drinking a pepsi....(for some reason I am unable to tolorate caramel coloring). He left the room....now mind you I LOVE pepsi, so I reached down, picked it up, and started smelling it....lol. So here I am smelling his soda when he walks in....looks at me (like I have lost my mind) and says "what are you doing?". I reply, "smelling your soda in the hopes that it will trick my mind into thinking I have had it....." LOL (so he is right in looking at me like I am crazy). He then gets this panic in his eyes and says " you didn't drink it did you!!!" Which I hadn't but he was so worried...he is so sweet!! Anyone else there get caught doing weird things since going gluten free?? I am sure I will get caught sniffing other things.
  12. You are correct in thinking I am under a doctors care...and I have been tested for diabetes...my sugar levels are great, along with blood pressure, etc. The only things that are icky in blood tests are...obviously celiac disease showing up...lol and raised liver enzymes, cholestoral (UGH), and low vit levels (vit D/calcium/b12) for which I am taking gluten free vit for. So not sure what is going on....maybe too many carbs (rice?)...I do not have a clue. Thank you for trying though.
  13. Well for lunch today I had a chicken breast and about 1/2 cup plain rice (with a tiny bit of butter). But it happens after everything I eat...and only lasts about 20 to 30 minutes...then it goes away...it could be that I am not used to eating more than once a day and since I have started being gluten-free I now eat all 3 meals with tiny snacks in between...I don't know...lol I am trying to play doctor Thanks
  14. I am one month today gluten-free...but after I eat I am exhausted....I am taking a multi vit that is gluten-free and and extra vit D and calcium tablet that is also gluten-free....anyway...my question is since my vit levels were low, how long before I feel like they are working; or am I always going to be tired after eating....I am sitting here at work ready to fall asleep...and I don't think that will work....lol Thanks in advance for your responses.
  15. Ugh!

    LOL when I say a bunch...I am meaning about a cup and a half of seeds with the shell before I took shell off....(for me that is a bunch)....wasn't enough for a meal. It could be that it is to many for me though...I don't eat them often and before diagnosis I always had D...so I wasn't sure what was causing it. I was just surprised b/c since going gluten free have had no D at all (it has been fabulous let me tell ya)...35 years of D has been annoying to say the least. Thanks again!