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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I went to Besito tonight... it's in huntington village.. NY ave.... first of all.. its a really classy place... great atmosphere. .. but also... I told them I had celiac and the waitress knew exactly what to do... she warned me about things I shouldn't eat... it was just a great experience... I got the chicken tacos... they give you chicken, beans, rice, lettuce, pico de gallo.. and then corn tortillas.... most of their food is corn based.... go there!
  2. If anyone is from Long Island... I just went to Mama's in Oakdale. It was the best Gluten free meal I have ever had. The mozzarella sticks were amazing.. I gpt chicken marsalla with ziti.. and they even broght out a gluten free dessert tray... with cheesecake, german chocolate cake and homeade canolis. Very good place! they also brought gluten free bread to the table!
  3. Lifting And Jogging...

    whether your working the same muscle groups every day depends on your specific goals. You should give your body time to rest.... but if youre not using intensity when lifting... it shouldnt really be a problem when lifting every day. If you want to see some good results.... try this routine... chest/ triceps- mon back/ biceps- tues lower body- wed thurs- take the day off or just do cardio fri- shouldures sat- cardio day sunday- cardio I personally think its better to lift before you do your cardio... this is so you have the most energy and can really fatigue your muscles. You should prob hop on the treadmill for 5 minutes or so to warm up before lifting... then lift... then do your official cardio. If you can... try to use intensity rather than duration in your cardio too. This means.. instead of doing a 5.0 or whatever on the treadmill for a half hour.... kill your self on the tredmill for 15 minutes. You can try to interval train....with lets say 3.5 as your active rest... and maybe a 7.5. Alternate between these two speeds depending on your fitmess level. Thats really all I can think of to tell you.. I believe in intensity of the excercise over duration. If you need anymore advice.... try askthetrainer.com
  4. Recommendations In Nyc

  5. I know I have posted this before... but I am leaving tomorrow and I want to see if I can get anymore ideas for good restuarnts. I will be taking a road trip along the entire west coast... from San Diego up to Washington. If anyone has any good restuarnts... or even reastuarnts that have accomodated you... please tell me!
  6. The cinnammon is so amazing. I would eat it all the time even if I wasn't celiac.
  7. http://www.smokingsloes.com/ I know I have already posted a topic about this place.. but I have to again. This place is amazing. I went there last night with my boyfriend and a whole group of people. They all loved it. The owner and his daughter gave me free gluten free corn bread mix. Also... they have sandwhiches now. A special baker goes there and bakes the bread. I asked about the bread.. and the owner broght me out a toasted roll for free... It was big and tasted great!... It is def worth the trip for anyone that lives on LI
  8. I just found them at Waldbaums yesterday! I got the cookies!
  9. I just read on a website that they will be priced at $4.49. http://www.csaceliacs.org/documents/BettyC...ease-5-2-09.pdf Does anyone know if they are out in stores yet? All the websites say June 2009. It's June 2nd.. I know I'm impatient.
  10. First put warm water in a bowl and add the yeast that it comes with. Then add the dough, oil and eggs. Then use a mixer... or just stir with a spoon. Then you let it rise for 20 mins... spread it out on a pan... bake for 7 minutes... top with what ever you want... and throw back in the oven for 15 mins... it came out perfect.
  11. If there is anyone out there who has not tried this yet.... it's amazing. I made it last night... it's the easiest thing in the world to make. I didn't even use a mixer. I made a sicilan pie. The crust was crispy... and did not fall apart. I've been going around trying gluten free pizza from a bunch of places... but this was the best gluten-free pizza I have tasted yet. My boyfriend said he didn't notice a difference.
  12. I like to snack on baked cheetos, baked lays, rice cakes with peanut butter, boars head honey maple turkey... in a roll up with low fat cheese, I also snack on hard boiled eggs, grapes and apples. One of my favorite snacks/ meals... is a protein shake. Most Gold Standard protein powder is gluten free. I get chocolate and vanilla from the vitamin shop and mix in 1/2 cup of milk, 1 tbs of peanutbutter, 1 banana and ice... it tastes like icecream!
  13. Chili's

    DO they have any chicken dishes that are gluten free?
  14. That's great! This is why I love this board!