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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Is there a list out there of real foods that I can buy at my grocery store that are gluten free? I'm not talking about an ingredience list I'm asking about real regular brand foods (like yogurt or cheese). I'm just getting so overwhelmed with grocery shopping. It takes me an hour to pick out 5 items because I have to go through the whole ingredience list and cross reference with my safe foods list. Is there a list of certains brands and items that are gluten free or is this just the way it's going to be?
  2. Ok so I got the results and the ran 5 test (I thought it was 6, sorry) and his Total IgA was positive along with his gliadin IgG. His Gliadin IgA, Tissue Iga, and Tissue IgG were all negative. The doctor went ahead and set up an endoscopy for next thursday. Hopefully we'll know something after that =/
  3. We go back to our specialist today. I'll get a copy of the results to post but what I do know is that his Total IgA was high (normal range was 20-150 and my son's was 202) and his tissue something or other was normal but his glaliadin Iga was a little high (normal was 1-11 and his was 15). I would rather just try the gluten free diet then put his little body through another surgery (he's already been through 2 this year). I will post a copy of the results, thanks for your help!
  4. My 3 year old son's celiac panel came back today and the nurse today me that they ran 6 different test and 3 showed positve and 3 were perfectly normal. I guess I'm just confused. I thought it would be more like a yes or no question. Any one have a similar experiance?
  5. Does your daughter have Celiac?
  6. They are testing my 3 year old for celiac disease because of severe constipation, ezema, irratibility, clubbed fingernails/spooned toenails, slow growth, low iron, unable to gain weight, and I'm sure some other symptoms that aren't coming to mind right now. Anyways, at his 2 year check up at the dentist saw a few little spots that apparently weren't a big deal. He gave me instructions on how to brush correctly and sent us home. So at his 3 year check up (which was really only about 7-8 months later because we were late going in for his 2 year check up) the dentist lifted up his gums and and his teeth were nearly completey deteriorated. The dentist stressed that that quick of deterioration is not normal even if you don't take care of your teeth at all and told us that we needed to consult a doctor about malnutrition. We just got done with major dental surgery and had to have 2 teeth removed completely and silver caps on all the rest of his teeth. Anyone else have kids with dental problems. Is it a symptom of celiac, or should we be looking at something else?
  7. Thanks everyone. We have our next gastro appointment on tuesday, hopefully we will have the other test back by then. I just have so many mixed feelings because I don't want my son to be different then everyone else but I sure would love to fix whatever the underlying cause is for him being so miserable allllll the time. I will keep everyone updated on how the other test turn out. Thanks again
  8. No, actually this was one of the few times that he wasn't sick at all. It's just aggervating me that I can't find anything on what causes it to be high, everything I find is about it being too low.
  9. She said the normal range for a 3 year old is in between 20-150 and my son's was 202
  10. My 3 year old son's Total IgA test was high (not the IgA-gliadin). All I can find on the internet is about IgA deficiency, nothing about what it means when it's high. Anyone else know what can cause it to be high?
  11. My 3 year old son was sent for labs to test for Celiac disease. They ran 3 different test on him, 2 of which had to be sent out so I still do not have the results of those, but his Iga test results came in today and the nurse didn't give me the specific number but she did say that it was high. I asked her what that meant and she said that a high level was a good thing. From everything that I have read a high Iga level means that there is a gluten intolerance. Now I'm confused and I'm starting to believe that the nurse was just mistaken that a high level is a good thing. Anyone else know anything about Iga test?