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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Dove Soap

    Dove is a Unilever brand, and from what I've heard, they list gluten grains clearly if they are used. You should be able to just read the label and tell.
  2. I agree with Sylvia. Nail polish remover isn't something I'd worry about, especially if you're washing your hands well. (I'd make sure my hands were washed anyway just because of the chemicals.)
  3. They're just being overly cautious in their response to avoid being sued; no one can guarantee 100% gluten free. If they say it doesn't have those ingredients in there, then I would feel ok using it. For moisturizer try Desert Essence. A lot of their products are gluten free and say so on the label. I use the Daily Essential Moisturizer, and it virtually has no scent at all.
  4. Safe Lip Glosses?

    I use Burt's Bees and Kiss My Face lip glosses...both were gluten free the last time I bought them. Also, Desert Essence Organics lip glosses are gluten free.
  5. Here's a recent M&Ms thread with some helpful info. Also, make sure you are checking the label for "May contain wheat".
  6. What are the ingredients in the hand sanitizer? ...and what were you munching on?
  7. Culver's Ice Cream

    Keep in mind that this thread is really old, but you can check their website to see if their salads are gluten free. I think they have a pretty thorough allergen listing the last time I checked. You do need to be careful there, as with any fast food place, since the probability of cross-contamination could be high. For what it's worth...I usually get the plain chocolate or vanilla custard in a dish and do fine.
  8. I also eat them all the time without issues.
  9. Make-Up

    I haven't used it, but are you sure the reaction is from the lip gloss, or could you have an issue with another ingredient in it? I know those are obvious questions, but just thought I'd ask.
  10. Medications

    I've noticed lately that Target and Meijer have been listing on the packaging of their store brand OTC meds if a product is gluten free.
  11. Haircare Products

    I've seen wheat listed in some of the Yes to Carrots hair products, so make sure you check the label, if that's a concern.
  12. Haircare Products

    I use Shikai for my color-treated hair. They have a 'poo for each shade: reds, brunettes, & blondes. I'm not sure if all of their products are gluten free (check the labels), but the products for color-treated hair are ok as far as I can tell.
  13. Certified gluten Free oats are generally considered safe, but they must be certified gluten free. Even then, a lot of celiacs can't tolerate oats at all. In my opinion, it's best to avoid them, especially in the beginning. In regard to your salad dressing question, Kraft will clearly disclose gluten ingredients on their labels. And FYI, I prefer Rudi's over Udi's, but everyone is different.
  14. Try Desert Essence, too. I can't say enough good things about them. They clearly list on the package whether a product is gluten free. I don't have soy issues, so I don't routinely check for it, but I don't recall seeing soy in the labeling. You would have to check. They have all their ingredients listed online, and their products are pretty decently priced. https://www.desertessence.com/ I buy their 32oz refill bottle of the Thoroughly Clean face wash (14.99 on the website, but I find it cheaper at Whole Foods), and it lasts FOREVER.