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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. A Yorkshire Girl Says Hello!

    As a fellow Yorkshire Celiac, thought I should say 'welcome' as well... And in answer to another query - yuh huh, we have restaurants that cater for celiacs. Vegetarian celiacs as well for good measure (i.e. me). And if in doubt its always easy to get Chinese anyway. Anyhow - aye, welcome lass, and all that sort of thing. Recommend checking out the gluten-free ranges in Booths and Sainsburys in particular. The pasta from Booths is especially good, provided you cook it for about twice the time recommended on the pack... Good luck with the diet. Get used to it after a while, honest... jasa x
  2. Need Advice

    Hey there, I know the problem - have been living with it for way too long... Over the years I've found a few specific foods that I can eat that basically manage to, er, clear the system out after its been blocked up for a few days. Certain types of yogurt are great - I find Onken in particular works like a treat. If I can't get my hands on that, then cranberry juice does the trick. Another thing, drink loads of water. And someone on this board gave me a great tip a few months back that is useful: if you are constipated, try massaging your 'lower left quadrant' I think they referred to it as. Basically I can feel that my left side is solid and my right side isn't if I massage hard enough. I find that a good twenty minutes or so of massaging at night and in the morning stuff seems to be sorting itself out. Hope some of the above helps you out - when you've been on the diet longer I guess you'll strike lucky as I have and find certain foods that seem to work for you. Hang on in there... Take care, Jasa
  3. Totally fed up with this 'weight gain' business. When I first went gluten-free, everything was fine... Now a few months in, body has gone mad and as you say is absorbing every nutrient available. In an effort to stave off the inevitable, I joined the gym and upped my rowing so basically I get a good work out of about 1.5hrs at least five times a week - and yet still the weight is piling on. How is this possible?? Okay, so my nickname used to be 'stringbean' and maybe at times I was a little underweight but I am rapidly approaching the dangerous zone of being 'comfortable' and described as 'healthy looking' (which in my world means, ever so slightly chubby). I don't know if its because I spend all day eating carbs - rice, rice-cakes, gluten free pasta, potatoes... Please - any ideas on what I can eat so I still have the energy to exercise yet my waist stays a nice 25" as it should be would be fantastic. Have finally gotten over the whole wanting to burst into tears in the supermarket thing, now am just approaching it whenever I see myself walking past a mirror. Wonderful. Fantastic. GRRR.
  4. Signicant Other Leaving You...

    Hey Pete - having something like coeliac quickly filters your friends out... I have some who - two years on - still love having me round for dinner and seeing what they can cook. Guess the 'novelty value' wore off quickly for most but those who've kept up the interest - well, I wouldn't be without them. You'll find someone for sure... Oh, and just incase you don't - I'm 6ft, 21, female, and single. jane
  5. Coeliac And Sport

    Hey all, nice to see a load of other people from the UK using this board Anyhow, I'm at university and a member of the rowing club - seriously intense sport... Over the past couple of years I've worked out what I can and can't eat to be able to cope with the exercise. 'Pturse', I know your problem, trust me - it'll be okay before too long. Carbohydrates wise, there is 'vegetable rice pasta' - which, if you cook longer than it says on the back of the packet - is actually great. I also eat a tonne of rice and potatoes... There are a load of special foods out there now, energy snack bars and the like. Some are quite expensive, but just before races I always think its good to stock up on them - is worth it. Its a bit awkward for me being vegetarian on top of everything else, but I am getting by and coping with the exercise AND still able to build up and maintain muscle mass. I definitely end up getting my five fruits and veggies a day... Not sure if you're meant to mention brand names and all that shenanigans on here but have seen other people have done so here goes, a few things I particularly like: Onken Yogurt - loads of them are gluten free (and veggie). Flapjack - check the standard stuff in supermarkets, loads is okay Rice Cakes - with a tonne of chocolate spread Organice cornflakes - let the milk soak in for a while though... That lot, on top of bananas etc, is great. Someone told me a while back that if your stomach is going through a 'crazy phase' to live off a diet of rice and bananas for a couple of days. Is very bland but has energy - and is actually some of the best advice I've seen on this board. Try that for a few days before throwing in a few more things. Anyway - good luck all. I think supermarkets are getting the message and the 'free from' ranges are expanding... excellent news. Take care, Jasa