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  1. Thank-you both for confirming my suspicians! Cheers!
  2. Hello everyone, This message board has really helped me learn more about the disease. I have been having symptoms for a long time but was never diagnosed and always ignored by doctors. My maternal grandmother was finally diagnosed which led me to start asking questions. I have just been told that I have extremely low B12 vitamins and am hypothyroid. I was wondering if others had experienced similiar conditions. I went gluten-free for two weeks to test for myself and noticed a difference in my energy and stomach issues. I am currently WAITING to be seen by a specialist and have to continue to eat gluten so that my test results will come back appropriately. I am finding this very frustrating as I have to wait 2 months to even see a doctor! Just wondering if really low B12 and hypothyroid sound familiar to the disease. Thanks for any comments. Kayleigh