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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. What Do You Do When You Get Gluntened?

    It's processed meat and got gluten in it in Australia. The shop advised me their suppliers said it had gluten
  2. Just found out there was bacon on my pizza hidden under all that cheese, already eaten I normally get no bacon and they normally always do it but tonight new owners where in and low and behold I was given bacon. I know Bacon isn't the bees knees of gluten but still not ideal. I'd been gluten free maybe 5 months (2 or 3 bad days) Whats the coping strategy though? I had a feeling last time I got gluntened I excercised...it gave me dirrhea but I felt much better, get the immune cells moving.
  3. I am eating lots of Toberlone since Cadbury changed their labelling Toberlone is our only friend in the gluten free chocolate market. I think maybe some Haighs too but they are hard to find. Liking the change anyway was over Cadbury
  4. Battling No Food

    Firstly people need to calm down on the judgement and rhetoric, so I didn't answer in a week so what! My doctor diagnosed a Coeliac at 86 calm down on the you'll be dead by 30 business, genetics overiding factor in everything why do some smokers die at 30 and some at 90 genetics. Yes planning is working I've been Gluten-Free for a while now somewhere between 2 and 4 weeks and it's just getting easier. I am not definded by Coeliac and reserve the right to disregard it at any point I so choose. Hasn't anyone seen fight club fridge? This is what the fridge of a bachelor generally looks like.
  5. Thanks for your posts

  6. Thanks for the post will take that with a grain of salt personally I have achieved normal blood levels from 3 months gluten free. I'm back
  7. Had something that had no ingredients of gluten BUT ALSO didn't claim to be gluten free, in the past I have found it OK but this time it made sick, very strange but I can tell by my bowl movements whether I have been glutended or not IF YOU have been fairly gluten free how long does it take the body to recover?
  8. Can anyone advise me on the new laws? It cant be declared but it is gluten free they all declare And the others say 20mg of gluten is good and it will allow us to have a huge amount of new choice I AM CONFUSED. It would have to the ALP that F everything up thats perfectly fine
  9. Yeah I am battling never getting Gluten-Free for more than 4 days at the moment so yeah my body is busy battling gluten. I think it's probably wise I get it!
  10. Does that mean us? When referring to a new super strain of flu. I've always wondered are they talking to me? Sadly I get sick all the time mostly from a train carriage full of people Should I get the flu vaccine? It's free in Australia.
  11. Battling No Food

    The fridge is full of goods all with Gluten, but you're starving and you haven't eaten all day. No shops are open Discuss your next decision here and your reasoning... Seems to be my downfall alot. My general decision is given in to hunger pains and pray for a better tomorrow (it never comes)
  12. I heard it in passing the other day, what we currently define as wheat is so far processed from the real thing that's it's caused an outbreak in this condition.
  13. I also cant cook. I eat ALOT of regular baked beans AND ALOT of kettle chips. What else? EVERYTHING is cross contaminated...there should be a law that if you cant cross contaminate to save money! I like to have gluten free take away but am literally charged an arm and a leg.
  14. Gluten'ed

    AHAHAHAH optifast. The shakes are gluten free turns out the bars are not in other news wtf is wheat doing in a chocolate bar anyway so retarded. DISCUSS when I am off my diet I eat gluten all the time and it's not so bad unusualy digestive habits is probably it. Now since I've been clean for two months and I've had gluten BAM huge pain in the stomach and diarrhea that interrupted my workou. SO ANGRY
  15. Does it? I've had problems with my ear for over a year and it all started after a virus! Also previously had issues with warts. Is it possible your virus based things do not get defeated by a person with Celiac who has a repressed immune system,?