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  1. I have also found that stress can bring on the symptoms. Makes me wonder if I can't reverse that mind flow and remove the symptoms. Has anybody ever heard of someone being healed of Gluten Intolerance of any kind?
  2. Finally Facing Facts

    Hi. I'm just looking for a place to dump, and this forum seemed like the most logical place. I'm a 39 year old male. I was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue in November of 2002. I have suffered with belly problems since I was 5 years old. Don't know how many mornings I was late to school because I was stuck sitting on the toilet with horrible pains when I should have been walking to school. At 29, they told me I had Diverticulosis, pockets in the intestines. My doctor told me this was an old person's disease, yet I had it, and it put me in the hospital 5 or 6 times with Diverticulitis, when one of these pockets becomes infected, until finally at the age of 36, they removed about 6 feet of my Sigmoid Colon. Damn, that recovery time HURT!!! But the pains didn't stop. I had a period of three months where I was in the local emergency room EVERY Sunday night with EXCRUCIATING pain. They would give me Demerol and send me home, they weren't sure what else to do with me. They finally suggested doing a CAT scan, but that didn't show anything. And Barium Swallows, and blood work. Nothing showed anything. My family doctor couldn't figure anything out and he sent me to a Gastroenterologist. He asked me a bunch of questions and then did "THE" blood work. It seemed to test positive for Celiac Sprue or at a minimum Wheat Gluten Intolerance. I cried when he told me. FINALLY, an ANSWER!! They sent me to get a Gall Bladder scan and found that my Gall Bladder was dead. I had an operation to remove it and THEN the attacks started. I would blow up like a balloon in my gut and it would move to my chest to the point where I couldn't breathe. I would turn grey and break into a sweat. I would panic which would only make matters worse. I would finally get close to vomitting and then burp and burp.....and burp.......and finally relief, except for the pain in my back. I eventually figured out that slamming some soda and making myself burp would alleviate the pain faster. That's when I came up with the perfect metaphor. Did you ever see Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Well, there's this little girl who is OBSESSED with chewing gum. She grabs an experimental piece and Mr. Wonka tells her not to chew it, but she still does. It's a "Meal in a piece of gum!!". When she gets to dessert, it is blueberry pie, but something goes wrong and she starts to fill with blueberry juice. She keeps inflating and inflating and inflating. You get the point. That's what it feels like when the attack starts and builds. And then there is another part, when Charlie and Grandpa Joe, the main characters (the movie is based on the children's novels, "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and "Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator") drank some "Fizzy Liting drink" and started to float and fly about. All was fun and games until they floated too high and found they couldn't come down. The kept rising and rising and noticed they were floating into a HUGE fan!! Grandpa Joe figured out if he belched, he would float down. They both burped and burped and it saved their lives. I hope you see the similarities. Once I healed from my surgery, the tummy doctor did the biopsy and confirmed I had CS. I went on the gluten-free diet for three months and did splendidly, for the most part. This is when I figured out that somethings contain Gluten that you don't realize contain Gluten, including most pre-processed, easy to prepare convenience foods that, as a middle class American, you take for granted. And I suffered a few times from Tater Rounds, and Soy Sauce, certain steak marinades and baked beans. Just things you NEVER thought would contain such things. My wife took on a lot of the responsibility for label reading and such. I mostly decided it was easier not to eat. I was so afraid of not knowing something contained wheat, oats, rye or barley. And I worked nights. I counted a lot on fast foods. No more. I lost some weight. About 30 pounds. Weird thing was, I had been pretty heavy until recently. We thought with Celiac Sprue people they seem to have trouble gaining weight. But I made it through the time I was asked to before biopsying again. The test showed that everything was fine, which proved I had Celiac Sprue. I was feeling particularly unconvinced after hearing this news from the doctor. I decided I would try to eat a cheeseburger. Dumb idea. I threw up and I was in so much pain, I thought I was going to pass out. I sometimes wonder if this wasn't some how psychosomatic. But since then, things have changed. I don't eat anything questionable on purpose. We read the labels on everything. But up to this point, my wife has taken most of the responsibility of making sure I don't get sick. She asks questions at the restaurants, she looks up the recipes on the net, does the majority of the cooking, reading and research. I love her dearly for it, but she and I talked and decided that treading water may keep you alive, but it also keeps you in the same place. I have decided to take responsibility for a lot of things in my life, starting with my illness. I need to do the research and talk to others who have the same problems, find out what's good and bad in recipes and books and foods. So that's why I'm here. I want to know what other people have gone through. Was there a sense of not wanting to take responsibility for the illness? I find it's easier to not eat at times, especially when we go out somewhere where I'm not familiar. I actually have an anxiety attack and get a pit in my stomach. I HATE going out to eat sometimes. Anybody else with experiences like this? How about when you want a FREAKING HAMBURGER BUN!!! We have found some good pizza recipes I would love to share. I also miss a good cake! Anybody found anything that tastes close to real? I've also found that a lot of junk foods are edible. Do any of you find yourself indulging in these items? To me, it's all about convenience, and nutrition suffers. In other words, I want to find that there are other people out there who are going through what I'm going through and we can go through it together. Isn't that what this type of forum is about? I just wish I would have had the guts to do this before now. I have Celiac Sprue and I need to take responsibility for my own disease. But I don't have to do it alone and neither do you. So write about your experiences and stuff. I have been hiding this for almost two years. I can't do it anymore. Thanks for reading this!!!