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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Sorry, got a little off topic. This is a complex issue. The depression from gluten poisoning comes from your intestines failing to absorb nutrition vital to brain function. Once you get on a totally gluten-free diet, your brain will get the nutrition it needs and these problems will improve.
  2. I am a Celiac. When I started the diet, I just felt better and better. There is no scientific evidence for the so called gluten addiction. There are no double blind research studies. All the stories are anctedotal. Gluten is in Wheat, Rye, Barley, and (thru cross contamination) Oats. You have to eliminate everything that contains even traces of these four before you are truly on a gluten free diet. You are probably feeling poorly because you have only eliminated some of the gluten in your diet. You have to be an expert at reading labels. You also have to make your home totally gluten-free. If you ever cooked with flour, a coating of flour remains on top of the sugar, you breath it in from the air, get it from the cosmetics, hand creams, hair sprays, shampoos, and on and one. It is not as simple as never eating wheat again. Try reading some books about Celiac disease. You will feel better once you eliminate all gluten from your home. Oh yeah, you can no longer walk into donut shops or drink coffe because their cups become coated with gluten. Good luck.
  3. Gluten Addiction

    Personally, I think your cravings are just cravings. I crave soft pretzels during the third period of hocky games. We always had soft pretzels. Does this mean I am addicted. I don't think so. If there was a decent gluten-free soft pretzel, I would have no problem. It is just a desire to eat the foods that we know and love. An addiction excuse - while lovely and an excuse - is very dangerous. Once doctors latch onto the idea that all Celiac's have addictive personalities from talk like this, we will no longer be able to get medication when we need surgery. Before you start spreading these ideas, study what happens to people who suffer chronic severe pain. Every time they go to the ER with a problem, they are immediately written off as "drug seeking". There was one who died from a heart attack because his pain was labeled "drug seeking" and he sat in the waiting room until he stopped breathing. In decades of dealing with this disease this is the first that anyone has tried to claim that gluten has addictive processes. There is a massive difference between a craving and addiction. We have to be extremely careful about claiming to be addicted to gluten. Do you really want to go thru surgery without pain meds? The craving for comfort foods is severe. But it is not an addiction. Lots of people have trouble with this diet.