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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Ohh I'm going to be the one person to say I slowly went off it. I had read about how some people had crazy reactions to cold turkey, and I just felt better by slowly going off for that reason and others. I felt like everyday I got more comfortable with it. I weened it out for 3 weeks and at the start of the 4 week I was 100% gluten free. In that 3 week time, I set up "my" kitchen, bought gluten-free food, bought the new flour, bought cookbooks, books about celiac disease/gluten-free, found store that carried gluten-free foods, went to a celiac disease chapter meeting in my area ect.. At this point for me there was so much I just couldn't stomach that it was never a "one more" it was time for me to mentally deal with all these changes that were happing. I'm not sure what or if there is the right way or best way to do this, I just know that I eased into and I have felt 100% better.
  2. The G-free Diet Elisabeth Hasselbeck

    I saw an interview last night on Acess Hollywood, with her talking about the book. I went and picked it up today, still being new to celiac disease (found out in Jan.). The chapter about make up was a big seller.
  3. Question About Antibodies

    Thank you! I will go check out that web site right now!
  4. Question About Antibodies

    So I totally ment to post this in post not pre. I found out in Jan that I have celiac disease after the blood test and endoscopy. But when talking to my GI or fam. doc. never once mentioned anything about my antibodies. So the whole 32 antibodies thing is new to me and I have no clue what it even means.
  5. I got a call from my doc. office a few days ago, and this is how it went. Receptionist - We got some of your blood tests back. Me - Ok Receptionist - Your antibodies are at 32, oh and this has to do with your celiac disease Me - Umm what does that mean? Receptionist. - I'm not sure, ok bye. So I'm still very new to all things celiac disease. Can someone enlighten me. Thank you!
  6. How To Read A Make Up Label

    THANK YOU!!! You just made my day! That list is AMAZING, it's going to help SO MUCH! Thank you again happygirl!!
  7. So I'm new to being Gluten Free! I have a good handle on reading a food label. But I can't get a handle on how to read a make up label. (I'm a girl that loves her make up.) But I just have no idea where to start to figure out what/where is the gluten?? Any help would be great!!
  8. Question About Profile

    When someone clicks on your user name do they see all your info? Like your address, phone number ect.? And if they can is there away to hide it? Thanks