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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Pregnant + Dh

    hi! i have my DH when i was pregnant on my first baby. been in gluten-free diet for over 2 years, but became not so strict with the diet for the last quarter of 2008, so after having uncontrollable blisters again, i decided to go and see my derma and ask if i can have prednisone again, because im seek and tired of just putting topical steroids. so before i go and see my derma, i have my preg test, and the result is im pregnant...my OB told me to stop any topical steroids, and so i did... the only problem is that im beginning to panic, my DH is getting worse... please help... milda
  2. Newly Pregnant

    hi, jessica, welcome! i just visited my OB last sat., i wouldn't suggest that you start your vits right now, i guess you should ask first your OB, for right dosage, etc. i started drinking ensure once a day and a glass of Welch grape juice, i guess you can also start with that. lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat. am still coping, doing researches, for gluten-free vits/meds. i dont know if my OB is well equipped with DH, im her 1st celiac disease patient. i will be seeing my dermatologist tomorrow, my DH is not so good these past weeks, hoping for the best. dont feel so bad, just enjoy and be happy, we have an angel in our wombs, and thats the best thing to celebrate. feel free to PM me, if you have questions. milda
  3. Newly Pregnant

    hi! i too have the same story, i have DH, got when i was pregnant on my first baby. i dont know what to expect, found only this morning the news...how about the vits, the milk...i have been on gluten-free diet since March 2007, but my DH got a little bit off to my usual normal level (1 to 5 blisters) since jan 2009, im using topical steroid for my DH, will it affect my baby? i'll be seeing my ob-gyne tom...please help milda
  4. thank you! i guess i have to do some more researching and ask my doctor, too. hope and pray that a miracle drug would come soon, for us...
  5. hi everyone! i have been diagnosed with DH 2 years ago, im on gluten-free diet since March 2007. i have a cousin who's taking ALKA-C sodium ascorbate, made some research, its pretty cool, and thought maybe it could help me, with DH and autoimmune disorders. just want to know if its safe? thanks!
  6. Happy birthday!

  7. Surprising Source Of Relief

    hi! i have been diagnosed with DH (skin biopsy) March of 2007, since then i went into gluten-free diet(as far as i know), my derma never put me on dapsone, she gave me prednisone, gradually decreasing... i'm out of any oral meds for 1 year now. when im on really,really strict gluten-free diet(just on food that i eat, i do not know if im using a gluten-free shampoos, and other stuff), i would only have 10 or less of my friendly little red bumps, it sure itch, but i always try not to scratch it, becoz if i do, it would get worst. i use floucinolone 05% cream with tea tree oil on my "friends"...it surely helps me...
  8. Anyone Use Aczone For Dh?

    i was diagnosed with DH 2 years ago, i have been to gluten-free diet since march of 2007, i didnt use dapsone, my derma put me on to corticosteroid meds(she said its less of side-effects than dapsone), anyway, i only used it for 9 mos, and never take oral meds since dec.31, 2007. now i only use floucinolone 05% cream with tea tree oil to my rashes(mines minimal), and it helps.
  9. Anyone Have Dh Similar To This...?

    hi! i have been diagnosed with DH 2 years ago, i've had a skin biopsy, but my dermatologist got the lesion itself...anyway, i have been in a gluten-free diet ever since, i had been on corticostiroid for 1 year and now 1 year without any oral meds... i could not say that iam totally free from blisters, i always have them, i always put floucinolone cream 05% with tea tree oil with my"minimal blisters" they always appear on my legs(its a part of my everyday regimen hahaha). well, just need help, i still have my worries, should i visit an enterologist, have a blood test, have an endoscopy.. i'm leaving here in the Philippines, i feel alone, DH is new here, i have to explain everything to all, why i cannot eat this and that... my dermatologist just gave me a gluten-free list... i rely on internets... good thing i found this site...guess i just need someone to talk to... thanks for reading!
  10. hi! i have been diagnosed having DH 2 years ago, but am still new to DH things till now, though im on gluten free diet(i think?)...im leaving here in the Philippines, and it feels like leaving ALONE..good thing i found this site just now. so M&Ms are gluten free?
  11. love to know, I'm not the only one who has DH in here...