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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. In 09 I did the stool test from Entero Labs which came back positive so I've been gluten free ever since. I've never had a celiac diagnosis so for a long time I would tell people I'm "gluten sensitive". As the years have gone by I feel that my reactions to gluten have gotten worse. I can no longer bake gluten items for my children and I rarely eat out as I almost always get glutened nor can I kiss my husband if he's had beer. etc, etc. People have always asked me how gluten makes me feel and I tell them it makes me "high" (along with the gastrointestinal problems) like the one time my husband and I painted a windowless bathroom with high gloss paint. So imagine my joy when I came across the terms "gluten ataxia" and realized this is what I've been describing the whole time. For awhile I had hope that this gluten problem would go away or at least get better but it's not. I think I've been in denial and have realized that I most likely have celiac disease and need to tell people that when necessary, which makes me sad Is it wrong to say that even if I don't have a formal diagnosis? It would make it easier on me... P.S. I posted on this forum in 09 when I was getting tested. Yvette
  2. I think their overlapping labels is what is confusing to me and their gluten free product list simply states chicken broth or stock.
  3. Really?? I could've sworn that I saw it on their gluten free list recently. I've read through that label many times and have never seen that. Unless I'm confusing it with something else.
  4. If this has already been posted please excuse me for posting this. A week and a half ago my husband bought a carton of their broth,(knowing that it was safe) and just right now for no reason in particular I decided to look at the ingredients and was shocked to see wheat on the list. It's very disappointing as I will now have to throw it out. Its puzzling as to why they would change their broth because I recall just last year seeing this broth on their gluten free list. BTW I live in Texas so maybe its a regional "thing" Yvette
  5. That has not been true for me. I also cannot tolerate gluten-free oats or alcohol that has been distilled from gluteneous(sp?) grains
  6. I ate 2 slices of the private selection pepper jack cheese and within 30 minutes I got that all too familiar gluten feeling. Normally I always look at ingredients but this time I didn't, vinegar is the last ingredient in the list. So I called Kroger and was told that an item in their system would say either gluten-free or not gluten-free. This cheese didn't have that so I was told that more than likely it contains gluten. I just wanted to warn everyone out because I never thought that cheese would contain vinegar.
  7. Those symptoms could be your thyroid also. Most docs will only test the TSH which is practically useless. If you post your labs I might be able to offer advice.
  8. gluten-free Oats

    I've noticed that many of you have Hashimotos which I have had for over 11 yrs.
  9. gluten-free Oats

    Thanks guys for all the replies! I can see I'm definitely not alone. The oatmeal that made me sick was Bobs Red Mill although I can tolerate the hot cereal that they make, which I really like.
  10. I've been gluten-free for almost 2 years. I got diagnosed through Enterolab in 09. The problem is I don't know if I have celiacs or just gluten intolerance. When I first started the gluten-free diet I had no symptoms if i ate gluten. I am now very sensitive to it. Wheat is the worst for me, it truly is terrible. Well, I decided to try the gluten free oats and I had horrible brain fog, dizziness, and fatigue. I think I have different reaction to different types of gluten. I know its silly but I cried when I found out I can't even tolerate gluten-free oats. Any advice would be welcome Yvette
  11. Does anyone know if ranch style beans are gluten-free? I'm having a bad reaction to something I ate today and can't figure out what is causing it. thanks Yvette
  12. My husband is exactly the same way. We fight about my illness but he refuses to read anything about it. This May makes 12 yrs for us and I can remember only 3 times he has been sick. Sometimes I envy him.
  13. I'll discuss it with him and print those articles and hopefully he will understand that I am not up to getting a celiac dxg and doc shopping. As it is I am seeing a rheumy on tues. due to other symptoms. I'm hopeful that going gluten free will help.
  14. It would be for my husband and family, so they will take me seriously. I went gluten free yesterday, as soon as I found out but my husband is already telling me to see a doc. He is one of those people who are disgustly healthy and doesn't understand chronic diseases nor my distrust of docs who bungled my hashi dx for 2 yrs. He trusts everything a doc says while I don't because of the things I've been told about my thyroid.
  15. Hi, I'm new and this is my first post. I've had hashimoto's for 11 yrs and I get more sick every year. So I decided to order the gluten sensitivity test from enterolab because of unresolved diarrhea for many years. Yesterday the results came back as positive for antigliadin antibodies with a level of 49. I was told I have to maintain a permanent gluten free diet. Does that make me a celiac now? Should I see a gastroenterologist and have them confirm it or just accept it and do gluten-free forever? I'm really confused. Yvette