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  1. My husband has itchy weepy blister inside his ear canals. Before we figured out he had Celiac Disease (by self diagnosis) the itchy weepy blisters were also near his eyes around his tear ducts. (He was diagnosed with celiac disease as a child but his mom never kept him on a gluten-free diet.) For the last six months we've maintained a gluten-free lifestyle but occassionally are surprized to find gluten in shampoo or some other product. When we go out to eat we always stress that our food must be gluten-free but they can be careless......The first symptom he has is itchy ears, then the weepy blisters, then they crust over and block his hearing. We need a recomendation for a treatment and a doctor in the DFW area. Our whole family is gluten-free now but the DH is making my husband more miserable than giving up wheat. Many Thanks, Cathey