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  1. Hi, My 2 year old son just got diagnosed. I have the blood test results and I am so confused. He has had issues wit hyperactivity, sensory issues and chronic diarrhea as well as poor weight gain since birth. He had a food panel IgG done and 0-2 is normal. He had several reactions to various foods with a score in the teens. His score for casein was 124 and wheat was a 31. They also tested the gliadin IgG it was 16 so a positive result but the IgA was 2 thus negative. So where do I go from here? Do I just limit casein (diary) and wait to see a GI doc. Do they do a biopsy or other tests on 2 year olds that he needs to have gluten in his diet to get an accurate test or do we just do dairy and gluten free now? Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Christina