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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My Bread Falls!

    Thank you for all the advice. I will cut the liquid for sure. Trying coconut oil sounds promising - and tasty! So, tomorrow I will roll up my sleeves, grab my containers of flours and get to experimenting! I'm such a "rule follower" but understand gluten-free baking means I need to invent my own.
  2. Why o why does my gluten-free bread fall every stinkin' time??? It looks so beautiful in the oven, then I take it out and it slowly caves in the middle while it cools. Please, suggestions and advice. I'm using Bette Hagman's Butter Basted with part brown rice flour and due to dairy allergies, using Earth Balance butter and substituting the dry milk for baby soy formula. Thanks. Jaime
  3. Hey! I know many of you all deal with gluten-free and CF diets. I have a few clarification questions ... My two kiddos have been gluten-free with some improvemet but we also suspect a lactose/dairy problem. Their poos are still very soft and loose. What is the difference between Casein Free/Lactose Free/Dairy Free/Milk Free, etc.?????? I know my dad and brother (also celiacs) have problems wtih what they refer to as lactose. Is it really a casein problem. Do we add being lactose free or casein free? I just don't know the difference. One is sugar and one is protein? And which one do we need to be? Is casein free automatically lactose free or vice versa? Thanks for your help. Jaime
  4. I'm wondering if you all have some advice or ideas to pass along on eating out with your Celiac kids? I have an gluten-free 18 month old and a gluten-free 3 year old. We love to eat out and I'm wondering if there are more options than a plain hot dog and fries or bringing my own buns for hamburgers. We always pack fruit with us so their meals out can be a little more balanced. Tips? Thanks. Jaime
  5. I don't think I'm much help as we're new to gluten-free for our 3 yo and 1 yo. I understand you're child's caregivers/teachers are aware and do their very best. One thing I do when I send my kiddos to their church class and my son to "playschool" in addition to talking with the teachers and packing their own snack is place a sticker on their backs as a reminder to teachers. My kids are young and don't know the difference altough my son (3) is getting better and knows he is to only eat "Grandpa Food" (grandfater and two uncles Celiacs). I usually write on a big label in a bright colored sharpie something like: "Allergies! I have my own special snack " If there are a lot of people around in more of a loose environment, I'll write something like: "Allergies! Do not feed me!" It sounds kinda cruel but they're little and I'd rather do all I can to keep them safe and they're welcome to make fun of me when they're teenagers! Maybe a constant visual on your child will help the teachers keep it always on their mind.
  6. Hello. I'm very new to this board but not new to Celiac Disease and going gluten-free. I'm writing because I'm having a hard time finding the next step or needing some encouragement with my 3yo and 18m old children. I'll start with my dad and my two brothers have Celiac Disease. My dad was diagnosed 13 years ago and my brothers about 8 years ago. We are definately used to cooking and eating gluten-free. Naturally, I assumed Celiac was a very possible cause for my children's issues. Miles and Lucy (my kiddos - one on the way!) have both had chronic diarrhea their whole little lives. My oldest, Miles, has gone on forever just because he's older, but his younger sister is exactly the same. We range from 3-5 diarrheas per day. Often exploding out the diaper (I think every onsie we have is stained) and a variety of types from liquid to mush to guacamole-ish, sticky, oiley, etc. Very nasty. Different colors and very foul nose-burning smell. My son also complains of "yucky burps" which I believe to be acid reflux. My ped did some blood work on my oldest in November and everything came back normal for celiac. The IgA was 2 and the IgG was 3. They both have slightly low iron. We did a trial gluten-free (no cheating, etc.) for about three weeks and saw "some" improvement and then stopped giving them Milk and Cheese only in addition to gluten-free and saw almost total improvement in their poos. Then we took them off to see the change and hopefully get more testing done. Since being off (they were only gluten-free for a total of 6 weeks and cutting the big lactose culprits for 3 weeks) we're right back to the nasties. Miles recently went to the allergist and got a skin prick test done for all the "big ones" and nothing showed. The allergist told us to go back gluten-free for at least 4 months and then add lacto free if we don't see the results we want. We have an appointment with a Pediatric GI in April to talk if the gluten-free diet isn't doing the "trick". We've been gluten-free again for two weeks now and I'm not seeing improvement in either kiddo. How long does it take to notice. I'm getting discouraged. I feel like we'll be dealing with diarrhea forever!!!! Am I missing some magic test or something. I'm confident in my gluten-free cooking and ingredient knowledge (half my family has eaten this way for so long) so I know they're eating properly. Please help if you can. Jaime