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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. well I know I am not celiac inclined for sure I have never had any issues with gluten. It's my husband who has it and I read that celiac males who have fertility issues have problems with the DNA in their sperm being faulty. We go in for his semen analysis in 3 days so we're close to knowing if there are any issues! I am nervous but also feeling more relieved that we will soon know. We're going on month 9 of trying. It's day 28 in my cycle today but I normally run 3 or 4 days later then a regular 28 day cycle. My cycles are always 31 to 32 days and normal flow etc. I do have an appointment for x-rays for an unrelated issue on the 12th of march so if no period by the 10th I will test to make sure I am not pregnant just incase since radiation is bad for fetuses. Fingers crossed guys and I'll post our results once we know!
  2. Thanks so much for your response Adelle!!!! I took my husband to the doctor yesterday (by the advice of another Dr. From a walk in, who told me if I specifically requested a full semen scan that my family dr. could not say no) so I requested a full semen exam for him and surprisingly she finally agreed. So his appointment is march 10th/09 and it covers every aspect of the semen exam. It is also covered free of charge as we live in canada. I am not going to bother with testing for myself until we hit the one year mark as I have nothing in my family that could cause infertility nor do I have any underlying conditions. I did have blood tests done though for my thyroid and iron levels among a few other things and they discovered that while everything else is perfect I had a severe vitamin D deficiency. Normal levels are between 80 and 200 and mine was a 20.6!!!! So now I am taking 0.8 mg's of folic acid a day and 1000 ui's of vitamin D. I also read that men and women with celiac have a tendency towards low vitamin D levels which can cause fertility issues. So my husband is also taking Vitamin D every day now. Fingers crossed that he'll get good results back!!! and in the mean time we are still not using birth control but are not trying as actively to get pregnant, after having waited this long I have decided to go back to school in sept for nursing so we're just gonna take it as it comes not use BC and see what happens. I am sorry things did not work out for you, are you going to consider adoption or donor sperm?
  3. Thanks, I will look into that for sure. I haven't been on the pill for almost a year and when I was on it it was only for 1.5 years. Unfortunately they won't take us in for any testing till we have been trying for a year. Less then a week to find out for this month if I am pregnant... fingers crossed.
  4. Hey guys I am new to this but here is the down low My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 7 months now and still haven't. I did hear from my husbands celiac mother that new research shows celiac can cause infertility, however there is not a whole lot of info that I could find on the web about it. It is my husband that has celiac and not me so I was wondering if anyone had advice or knows how I can get info on the topic. We are both young, 24 and I have never had any issues that I know of with my reproductive system. I know you're going to say don't think about it and up until now I can honestly say that I haven't really and have not been stressed. Our doctors won't even consider sending us to a gyno until we've been trying for a year so in the mean time I guess I do what I can to keep it off my mind. Any help would be appreciated!