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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I went through just about all the tests, but still don't know if I have celiac disease. My GI doc doesn't seem to have much experience with celiac disease. I had the Celiac Disease Panel blood test a few weeks ago, and an endoscopy last week. The doctor said that my villi were normal height, but were very inflammed, so I MIGHT have celiac disease. They found H Pylori bacteria in my stomach, and the doc said the inflammed villi might be caused by the H Pylori. I've tried to research this, and don't see anything to indicate H Pylori causes inflammation of the intestines. Three years ago, I had my regular annual physical, and the blood tests showed 4 tests that indicated that I might have low iron and B-12. I started taking sublingual B-12 and iron, and re-tested a month later and my B-12 and iron were normal. I found out in December that I have osteopenia. My doctor ordered the following tests: Vitamin D was 29 (normal is 30-60) 24 hour calcium test 176 (100-300 is normal) Human Anti-Gliadin IgA was 4.3 (normal is under 5) Human Anti-Gliadin IgG was 6.6 (under 10 is normal) T-Translugtaminase IgA was 9.8 (under 4 is negative, 4-10 is a weak positive and over 10 is positive) I didn't have major GI complaints, but have had memory loss, fuzzy thinking, tingling hands and feet, joint and bone aches, fatigue, and insomnia over the past two years. I've had nausea the past month and have lost about 5 pounds. After the blood test, I was gluten-free for 4 days and felt better than I have in years. The fog cleared, and that was my scariest symptom. I then ate lots of gluten for about a week, felt horrible, then had the endoscopy. I'm on triple antibiotics for 14 days for the H Pylori. My doctor wants to do the genetic test for celiac now, because he said the inflammation could indicate celiac disease. I'm confused, because the genetic test if negative will give us an answer, but if it's positive, I still don't have an answer to whether or not I have celiac disease, do I? It seems like my tests were done backwards, and the H Pylori has completely confused the diagonsis. Thanks in advance for your help. Terri