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    well i have lots of interests but mostly they include:<br /><br />hangin with friends<br />listening to music<br />playing the guitar
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    idaho springs CO (and) lakewood CO
  1. no the french fries are not gluten free....there are tracs of gluten in them......if ur really sensitive like me then they are a problem but if ur not that sensitive then they are probabaly fine
  2. hi kim im glad u answered...i didnt think anyone would lol how long have u known you have celiac? wat do you like to do or wat hobbies do you have?
  3. Hi, im Tabby im a sophomore in high school, and i was diagnosed with celiacs disease maybe 5 months ago. im curious as to who is from Colorado or maybe even from idaho srings or evergreen. so well i guess let me know..lol