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  1. I have been at this forum since January ish of this year. You all have helped me tons more than any doctor my son has ever seen. We started our son on a gluten free diet and he has thrived more than anyone can imagine. To our shock we found out this week our son has a form of autism. To any sceptics that do not beleive that the gluten free diet can help, we are living proof it does. I have joined many support groups and you would not beleive the resistence of switching their child diet. People would rather have their child on drugs! They think it will be to hard to keep them on this diet. This train of thought is very shocking to me, but to each his own. As of right now my son does not need any meds and will take every route I can to keep it that way. This diet is hard but nothing in life is easy. Thank to all who have been on this journey to find answers for my son.
  2. I am at the begining of my b12 injections. I had to beg for them to even test me for low vit. Every time I read a post like this it reminds me how not alone I really am.
  3. I have twins that both fell to the 25 percential after years of 90th and above. It was not till recently I started the diet with my son and he has complained a few times about growing pains behind his legs. So fingers crossed my other son has a hormome deficiency so i can not really tell until hopfully my celiac son starts growing. I worry about this constantly. Good luck S
  4. Stl Celiac...question

    Here is a list of different websites you might like to get you started. http://www.bscsg.org/ This I thought for sure would have a list of the walk you were talking about, but did not. there is also a bakery in chesterfeild that offers taste testing on saturdays, they sell pizz dough, pizzas, breads, muffins, brownies, cakes and cupcakes. Pm me if you want that info. I dont know abouts where in stl you live but at trader joes on manchester there are 2 gluten free employees that went through the entire store with us and told us what was good and not. They even let my son taste test 3 things. He is only 5. I have to admit them doing that saved us money on experimenting with food. Pm or email me anytime. Sara mevans_stl@yahoo.com
  5. Stl Celiac...question

    Hi My name is sara and my son and I are in gluten free and in the same stl area as you. I will try to find out all the info and let you know. Please email me if you find out anything and I will do the same. S
  6. Since she has already been tested and carrys one of the Genes and is starting to be sympomatical, I would do it. I did do the panel on my son and he was neg but have seen a life changing difference in him since going gluten free anyway. (my family has a long history of autoimmune dz, I also went gluten free after a neg blood test and it has been a life saver.) I saw a gi doctor on my peds request for the celiac panel, and have not seen my ped since. I will be going to him in may with my child (5 also) check up and a list of major quality of life improvements that we have been struggleing with for years. As you prob. already know, if it is a gluten intol. there may also be a casien intol. I will be giving up casien- milk- on both of us after three month. ( I know I am having problems with it, but thats what they say is ideal to wait 3 months after starting the diet) my childs school has been great, but he is still in preschool. I talked to his k and they seem to be on board as well. One month is not going to hurt anything other than results on a blood test. Good luck in your decision.
  7. So my B12 was low and they gave me an injection 3 weeks ago. I dont know about other people but I know my body, and I can garentee it is low again. My celiac test came back neg (not shocked started the diet first) and I have had a great improvement with quality of life since starting the diet. It got even better with my b12 shot and perscription D. My question is the doc. wanted me to wait 6 weeks before testing my levels (to see if it is dietary- hahaha- or my body) and I do not think I can go that long. I am getting tired again and not nearly awake as I was, it feels like the fog is coming back. I just woke up and am enjoying life for the first time in 6 years. They told me that I should have been neurologic last time it was so low. Yeah , really want that to happen. Should I wait, part of me says yes then the other part is like " girl are you insane, you just wasted 6 years of your life" What would you do?
  8. Does Anyone Get Virtigo?

    I love this forum. It keeps reminding me I am not alone. I suffered from severe vertigo. Hospital 2 times. The patch I had to were caused major pain behind my eye, but I could not walk with out it. 2 days after stopping gluten all gone, only to return and not as severe with a glutening. I had minor vertigo for severel years, the kind where I would trip coming out of an elevator because my body had not stopped even though the elevator did Everyone use to laugh at me because it would never fail I would trip every time, it may have been 2 or three steps out but like clock work none the less. Thank the maker it is gone. I was low on B!2 also but my vertigo was gone with the diet before I got my injection. Good luck
  9. Iud Options

    I love my IUD. I could never take birth control in the past due to major migraines no matter how low the dose, but my IUD has been great. All politics aside, it is your decision and good luck.
  10. When I eat gluten I get disorented also. But I do not know the extent, my husband tells me. But with a child I would call the ped. This could also be a virus on top of being glutend or just a virus. If it was my child I would treat them as sick, BRATY diet for a day or so(Banana, rice, apples, Toast, yogurt) and if no improvement take her in. But would defineatly give the ped a heads up on the disorentation. Good luck on this I know it has to be frustrating not knowing what is going on.
  11. Dha Supplement

    jmjs- I know how you feel with the eczama. My 5 year old has it severly also. We have it mostly under control now. (only took 5 years) Now he was under control all winter, (only winter ever by the way) and we only started going gluten fee about 3 weeks ago keep in mind, the first time he got glutend it all came back with a vengence! When I cut it out again, skin cleard up. Now he is on medication for it, but it did not control the flare up from gluten. ( he is on allegra- fexofedidine) Now my allergist said if the med did not work he would need to go on uv therepy thats how bad it was. I have not attempted to take him off yet, but i may in a few months, just to see how much of it was gluten. Do you know what triggers your childs?
  12. Dha Supplement

    I have also found more research on it recently that states it helps children with dry skin and poss. even eczama. I started it about 2 weeks ago on my son. Just wanted to see what everyone thought about the use of it.
  13. New Here - Sad And Overwhelmed

    Its ironic how things like that work. I have a friend that eats only organic and never fed her children anything but with no exceptions and one of her kids developed ALL (Leukimia at 3). (doing great now has his last chemo in july this year !) Things happen and we dont know why. I hope you enjoy the bakeries.
  14. New Here - Sad And Overwhelmed

    found this in another post and thought of you. Good luck QUOTE (kenlove @ Feb 9 2009, 06:27 PM) Hi Lobita Can you pass on the address of Da Luciano's? I Only get there once a year but it would be nice to eat someplace besides Bone FIsh or my mothers house! thanks ken Absolutely. Their address is: 8343 Grand Ave River Grove, IL 60171 (708) 453-1000 You also might want to check out Rose's Bakery, too. It's all gluten-free. They have awesome eclairs (if you manage to snag one, I don't know why they don't make more of these! They go too fast). They make a pretty fine gluten-free pizza, too. Their address: 2901 Central St. Evantson,IL 60201 Tel: 847-859-2723 www.rosesbakery.com I hope this is close to where you live so you can drop by and enjoy. Hang in there.
  15. Vitamin D

    OMGolly. I know what that person is feeling. I begged my doctor to run the test for vit deficiencies. He rolled his eyes and did it to please me while saying " Only gereatric people and menopause people have vit deficiency" Well when the results came back I needed b12 injections and a D perscription. I felt good after my diet change, better after my b12 and ready to take on the world with my D. I know I have wrote my story a few times but it has been a week and I can not beleive how well I feel and I can say it has been at least 6 years since feeling this way. I can very much relate to him. I hope he is on the road to feeling better.