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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I had some Redbridge and had a reaction. The beer is made with yeast, could that be causing a reaction? I understand yeast isn't always gluten-free? Are there some gluten-free beers that are better than others for Celiacs? Also, I bought some Amy's brand items that say GLUTEN FREE in bold on the container and then have a disclaimer saying that it was processed where they also process wheat - don't these things contradict each other??? I sent them an email, but I am afraid to eat any of their food. Any thoughts or ideas would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks so much for your thoughts/feedback! Kim Diagnosed 5 weeks ago after birth of 4th child, anemia, low pregnancy weight gain and rapid weight loss after delivery (15 lbs below normal weight). Slowly recovering now.... saw 10+ doctors before diagnosis, was told I had post-partum depression for months...
  2. THANKS EVERYONE! I still have pain today, but I am hoping it will improve tomorrow, last week it took 2-3 days to get better> I will have to get comfortable with a firm NO. How do you all deal with vacations? I am so lucky to be able to go on one! My husband has a business trip to Puerto Rico and I get to go - BUT HOW ON EARTH AM I GOING TO EAT?
  3. This past Friday a friend took me to an earth center store/restaurant that was supposed to be "great" and caters to vegans and those on special diets. I was very careful with my selections and was ASSURED what I ate was gluten-free - well I was sick all weekend. Obviously it wasn't. Now that I am feeling better, I had a friend over for lunch (I now have everyone over instead of going out to avoid being glutened) and she brought me a tiny cake from a bakery in New York City that they told her was gluten free - I even called them myself to confirm it was gluten free. I still was reluctant to eat it, but the friend pressured me telling me she bought it especially for me and checked it out and it was made with amond flour... now I sick AGAIN, and literally crying, WHY did I take the chance? I was finally starting to feel better. I am just a month into this and beginning to put some weight back on and starting to sleep at night and having fewer anxiety attacks/panic and each of these episodes sets me back so much. Does this happen to others - it's so frustrating! Who do you trust, how do you know if your safe when told something is gluten-free. How do you deal with friends who want to "help" you? I feel bad for other people who mean well and urge me on, saying "here, you need to add things to my diet." Why would I take a chance to appease them? When I say no, even with an explanation, they look dejected because they were working hard to help me and find things that are safe for me. I thought my friend was going to cry when I wouldn't eat the cake so I just had a small slice and it has cost me dearly - how stupid!
  4. Residual Symptoms Or Slip Ups?

    The way your post was worded, it wasn't 100% clear that a cake was served for your birthday that you couldn't have - I agree that's awful! The pizza isn't nice, but its not horrible because everyone shouldn't miss out because you can't have it - but why not ask whether there is something that could be ordered for you. Otherwise bring something! Good luck!
  5. Do we have to suffer while we heal or if we mistakenly eat something that triggers painful gas and bloating. Are there any remedies for that pain or symptoms that are gluten-free and worth trying? Would Tylenol help with pain? Is there a gas remedy that is gluten free and doesn't have sweeteners that are hard to digest? Does Pepto help? Digestive enzymes? Herbal/Digestion teas, Digestion gum? I am finding that the butter alternatives I have always used are not agreeing with my now fussy system - is real butter the best or are there any other good options? THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ANY INPUT!
  6. Great fast responses - THANKS SO MUCH! Actually the pain was very very severe from the time I gave birth 8 1/2 weeks ago (and has surgery, two likely triggers, not to mention the stress of child number FOUR) until I went to the ER (3 1/2 weeks ago) and I was given "bowel rest" - basically I was starved and that helped the pain, but in hindsight it accelerated the malnutrition, I suppose. Anyway, the pain has been less severe in the last 3 weeks and I am slightly stronger since starting the diet but it is going VERY slow!. QUESTION - just to clarify, you all had severe pain and it was pain to the touch as well as digestion pain? I am going to keep working on whether there is something else going on, but I am relieved to hear that what I have had could be attributable to Celiac and there doesn't have to be something else wrong. THANKS!!! Kim
  7. I had SEVERE abdominal pain for weeks and eventually noted that it seemed associated with eating and stooling. The pain has subsided to some extent, but I did have an attack yesterday. The pain is inside AND to the touch, its so bad I cannot wear any pants because the waist hits me where it hurts. The doctors have said they find this odd and they don't see Celiac patients with severe abdominal pain like this. PLEASE let me know what you think. I am struggling with anxiety and even though I have a firm Celiac diagnosis, after 2 weeks and 2 days gluten free, I am still VERY weak and tender above the navel, cannot wear any pants and have gained little weight. My appetite has come back a bit, but I wouldn't say its good. I know everyone is different, but has ANYONE here had this kind of experience? I worry that there is something else the matter??!! Thanks for your help! -Kim
  8. I Get Neurotic Every Time I Eat

    I am so with you! I was just diagnosed 2 weeks ago and I am freaked out by eating out and JUST NOW I am sick. I think it is this: I was being smart and brought my own lactose free milk to a coffee shop in a thermos and paid them to just steam it for me. This is probably the stupidest thing this group has ever heard of, but it seemed like a good plan to me. Now an hour later I am in pain. I think the coffee shop must have steamed my milk and contaminated it while doing so. Rookie mistake I guess. I guess I can never get anything from the barista at a coffee shop again. I have been a Starbuck addict, but I guess you cannot trust anything they make behind the counter, huh? Anyway, I agree with you this is so scary. And I am wondering whether every time I make a mistake I am setting myself WAY back and have damaged my intestines again and caused inflamation and am back to square one? Do you go back to square one each time you make a mistake???
  9. Thanks so much for your help! I hope you are doing well - you are dealing with a lot and you seem so on top of it - an inspiration! As a follow-up to your post to me on healing - I posted to you that my GI said that the pathology report doesn't tell you how "bad' your disease is, it just confirms your blood work - which in my case was pretty conclusive without the endoscopy. You responded that your GI was able to tell you that you had a particularly severe case. Well, of course, YOU were right and my (former) doctor was not. I have now read my own pathology report which specifically states that I have "severe villius blunting" if all cases were the same, why would the pathology say severe? In addition the GI doctor has been truly nasty and unsympathetic all along; I am not going back to him! Every day I am learning how much more Celiac patients know than the doctors who are treating them! Now that I am "listening" to my body more, I think I am having problems with uncooked veggies and lactose. I am hoping I am able to deal with these foods after some healing! I am grateful! Best, Kim
  10. Celiac's And Vitamins

    Sorry you are having those problems! Since you are not having digestive symptoms, it does sound strange! I am a total rookie, just diagnosed a week ago, but no harm in offering an idea. I have been taking gluten-free gummy vitamins that I bought for my kids. They taste okay, are soft going down (which has been important for me because I have major belly pain) and since you have to take several to get a full dose, you could start with just one and see whether it has any adverse effect before going to the full dosage. Maybe the very gentle version would agree with you better. Good Luck!
  11. Diagnosed A Week Ago

    Hey, I was diagnosed about a week ago too. I hope we both figure this out and heal quickly! I have been asking a lot of questions here and fingers crossed some of the veterans will give me feedback. I have also spent a lot of time researching on the internet and talking to others in my social network that have Celiac. I have been mentioning it to everyone I talk to because I am on a mission to raise awareness and if I help even one person, I will be thrilled. Through talking to people I have learned a lot and I find everyone with knowledge is very willing to share. So my suggestion is tell people in your life and you are likely to find your way to others who have been living gluten free and can give you some pointers. Some of the people I have met this way - through friends - are offering to take me shopping and show me how to buy foods that are gluten free. There is a network of tasters and experts on this forum and probably near you. Good luck! Keep me posted on your progress. Best, Kim
  12. Hi all, to all the experts - you guys are definately more knowledgable than the docs! I have been gluten-free for 8 days and just diagnosed, I asked for a B12 injection because I am SO weak. I also had bloodwork to check for a deficiency. After having an injection at about noon, I felt better until about 4 and now I am exhausted. Coincidence or is there typically a crash after an injection? Also, I have heard different stories: do celiacs without DH have to use gluten free handsoaps, shampoos, conditioners? If so, anyone have some suggestions? I found out my hair products (Aussie) may contain gluten. THANKS SO MUCH IN ADVANCE!
  13. I am sure there are good reference resources for soap, shampoo, conditioner, makeup, makeup remover - can anyone suggest some? How about detergent? Can you be glutened by your sheets and pillows? THANKS in advance for any assistance for a rookie!!
  14. Have you checked your soap, shampoo, skin products? I just got a tip from someone that those things can undermine you and specifically I shouldn't use handsoaps or santizers - she said buy Dove senstive and just use that. Could that be the issue? Particularly since your getting DH on your hands? I am a rookie, but just trying to be helpful! GOOD LUCK!