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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi everyone, I had 8 years free of DH, but it returned on Christmas night. This has me again questioning whether this could be something else as I was off of gluten ( suspecting it may be the culprit) for weeks before they did the blood test so I was negative, and I'm unwilling to go back on it to get the test done, for fear of this horrible rash returning. Has anyone else had DH disappear for many years, only to return? If so, have you thought whether "leaky gut" could be a contributor? With the last two outbreaks ( I've only had three, with many years between each one) I had alcohol (just one drink, but I don't often drink - I'm careful to avoid alcohol with hidden gluten sources) and not the healthiest meal - more fat and sugar than typical. Just trying to figure out "why now?" A bit about this in case it is helpful: an allergist diagnosed me based on the rash, which I had covering my body for four months at that time, having failed to see any response from topical or injected steroids, or any other itch relief medication. The rash goes from small pimple looking bumps, to larger bumps, some with fluid at the top. It is always symmetrical, insanely itchy and keeps me awake at night. I have a gluten free house and am careful when I eat out, though I know I've been cross contaminated at times, with the symptoms ranging from nothing obvious to (most common) being really fatigued for several hours. If you have a similar experience or Just some thoughts, I would be most grateful for comments. Thank you!
  2. First Trip Since Diagnosis

    Traveler, you are probably already in Foster City but I thought I would give this a shot! I was recently in the area and survived on Chipotle, P.F. Chang's, Buca di Beppo (they were great when I told them I had celiac disease - the chef prepared gluten free sauce for salmon and mixed my salad separately) and Whole Foods Market. I haven't had much luck with the Outback (have gotten glutened there twice). My daughter lives nearby, is also gluten intolerant, and loves Baja Fresh. Good luck!
  3. I was diagnosed just a few months ago and have been really worried about traveling. My husband and I were celebrating our 25th anniversary in Santa Fe and I didn't tell the Innkeepers that I had celiac disease.We arrived on a Friday night, and Saturday morning I had gluten free mango pecan muffins along with my choice of gluten-free breakfast entrees, which was the case every morning - some sort of delicious gluten free baked item, fresh fruit and a delicious gluten free entree! In addition, I had DELICIOUS gluten free cookies and brownies packed for me every day as a snack - it turns out the owner also works at a bakery where they make gluten free baked goods! I can't even tell you what a relief it was. I highly recommend this place - it is called Hacienda Las Barrancas and is also beautiful and serene and very affordable (I found it through Travelocity and it has really great reviews overall). Honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better first time out experience with travel. We will definitely go back!! Gabby
  4. Thanks again Rinne! I think I'll talk to the nutritionist to see what she says. My diet is actually pretty good (except I have been eating wheat/gluten which will have to stop if I have celiac disease). My kids have less great diets, but I'm working on it. You are what you eat - wholesome is the plan. You are so right.
  5. Hi Rinne - thanks so much for your response. My daughter is very moody (she is 21) and has always had reactions to food that affected her mood, and she has elimination issues as well. My son has issues with dairy - I have no idea whether these are gluten issues or just food in general. One of my nieces is currently going through treatment for depression and has lymphedema - she eats a ton of bread. My friend who has celiac disease went crazy when she heard that. I like your idea of calming down and taking a wait and see approach. Obviously gluten is not my friend, but it may not be full fledged allergy/celiac issues. Many thanks!
  6. Hi there - I'm sure many of you have heard this all before, but it is new to me and I'm confused so please forgive the long post. I broke out in a rash (mostly red CRAZY itchy bumps with some blistering) all over legs and arms, some on trunk and back 4 months ago. I literally had hundreds of these things and have been totally miserable as nothing helped. At same time, had 2-3 days of very pale yellow stools (sorry for the TMI). Rash continued - got diagnosed by a dermatologist with eczema following a skin biopsy. Steroids didn't work at all, including kenalog (long term) injection. Went off gluten for a couple of weeks with no change. Went to allergist who said he thought it was dermatitis herpetiformis and did a blood test that came back negative, also checked sed rate which was low. Last week started a detox program which took me off of gluten and cleans out liver/kidneys and rash was gone in a few days. In addition, very fatigued most of time, can't eat cheese (makes me depressed) and I avoid fats as I don't absorb them. My brother recently died of NH lymphoma and my aunt has it now - I understand this is all increased with celiac in the family. The nutritionist who is supervising the detox thinks it is celiac disease due to the symptoms and how fast the rash cleared up when cleansed of gluten, and a friend with celiac disease is convinced that I need more testing. What do you think? I'm exhausted from the tests and pretty broke from out of pocket expense, but I have 3 kids and if this is genetic I need to find out if I have passed something along. Thanks much for any wisdom you can shed my way....