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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Reactions To Cooking Gluten

    Preach on, hollyres.....and God bless!
  2. You are so right about the antidepressants.......and I totally forgot that one should wait 6 hours to space out 5HTP if any alcohol has been consumed. Sorry for the memory lapse!
  3. Reactions To Cooking Gluten

    Thanks....I'll let our DAN doctor know he's been wrong. Perhaps I'm on the wrong website. Can anyone recommend a forum where one can reach out for help and a sense of camaraderie rather than one that seems to be quite argumentative? I am reminded of all those professionals who gave me every diagnosis except the one that actually helped. By the way....hang in there SGWhiskers...stay away from the hot gluten and flour aisles at the grocery! You actually encouraged me. I'm not the only one!
  4. Reactions To Cooking Gluten

    Sorry, Gemini, but I have to disagree that ingesting gluten is the only way to have a reaction.....my grandson was glutened playing with Play-dough, which contains wheat. It was absorbed through the pores of his skin. There would be no need for gluten-free detergents, or make-up or lotions, etc. I really don't worry about being glutened, but do have concerns for my grandson who has autism. When he gets glutoned he doesn't sleep, is violent, aggresive, all around uncontrollable and that lasts for about 3 days. Other than that, I don't think about it that much unless we are invited to dine places outside of my home, which has been gluten-free since 2006 (at least until this past week, LOL) . I've never had panic attacks either. You have given me something to think about, though. We can agree to disagree
  5. PS......forgot to tell you....I don't have chronic sinus infections anymore either! Let us know how it's going for you!
  6. So sorry you are dealing with so many ailments. I'm intrigued about the anti-fungals causing such a strong reaction...sounds like yeast and yeast die-off. When I first began fighting yeast and the yeast began to die, I became violently ill. When yeast dies it puts off 70something toxins, like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide, to name only two. I thought I might die I became so sick. However, two years later I am gluten, dairy, sugar and yeast free and no longer have kidney problems, muscle and joint pain, mood swings, bleeding ulcers, mouth sores, fatigue, sleeplessness, etc. etc. A doctor once told me that if sugar can eat holes in enamel coated teeth, just think what it does to soft tissue. Sugar feeds yeast. I suspect the Nystatin is keeping your yeast on a "low-simmer". Do you ever have headaches that get worse or better with bowel movements? I would be constipated for days, with gall-bladder pain, then when the poop finally came so would the migraine from "die-off'. By the way yeast can be very constipating. My daughters dieted and exercised themselves silly, but kept a gut, until they got rid of yeast. Check into it. It requires strict eating and you may get sicker before you get better, but it is so worth it. Best wishes!
  7. Gluten Addiction

    As a recovering addict who has experienced narcotic withdrawal (from major narcotics, cocaine, cigarettes) in both hospital settings and at home....gluten CAN be addictive. Check out the research on children with autism who seek gluten and casein. When I began detoxing from gluten, I would eat it in my sleep and find food wrappers all over the place with no memory of eating, only to be sick and glutened. As for the paranoia of celiacs not receiving pain meds during surgery....my doctor knowing I am recovering, gave me all the meds I needed for surgery, and closely monitored my use of pain meds until I recovered. As most cases, it will depend on the doctor. By the way, quitting the pain meds was sooo much easier being gluten-free. Hang in there!
  8. I've battled depression most of my life, but am thrilled to be taking fish oil every morning (2tbs) and take 100mg of 5HTP (a dietary supplement found in most health food stores) at bedtime. You may need only 50 mg to start. This combination keeps me upbeat and not so bothered by everyday stresses. One time I went off of the 5HTP and within 5 days crashed into a deep depression....so it works. Xanax makes me tired, which leads to depression, because I just don't feel good. I highly recommend going the holistic route. Best wishes!
  9. Reactions To Cooking Gluten

    Thanks tallforagirl, I'll look into panic attacks, but still think this is gluten related. I'm still having effects, weakness, dizziness,sweats, etc., just not so severe. Inhaling is ingesting, so to speak. The aroma was as strong in the bedroom as the kitchen thanks to central heat. My daughter says molecules are released into the air, inhaled, and thus an allergic reaction. I have to cook ravioli for a church group (in the church kitchen) this weekend and I plan to be extra careful....thanks again!
  10. Hi gluten-free Community....Do any of you guys ever get sick from just the odors from cooking gluten? For the past week I have been glutened, but couldn't figure how, until I awoke with heart palpitations, tingling lips and extreme anxiety at 1am...to find husband and son cooking pizza and pasta so that I wouldn't "catch" them with gluten. I try to maintain a gluten-free house, since me and my kids have gluten issues and a grandson with autism on the diet. My son is in denial, because he enjoys his gluten binges, he has been cooking late at night after I go to sleep. My grandson had problems at school during this week as well. Please tell me I'm not imagining the symptoms. Some people just don't get it. When I confronted them, shaking with sweats, they just said "hey, calm down, it's just pasta". OMG!
  11. OMG! Before I eliminated gluten, I looked at the clock every hour at 11 minutes past, 3:11, then 4:11, etc. from the first hour I was awake until going to bed. I told my pastor, thinking God was trying to tell me something, only to be met with a confused look and no explanation. LOL I had totally forgotten that until now! Wow, there has to be a connection somewhere!
  12. Celiac And Relationship Havoc

    Sorry, didn't mean to post again...still learning how to do this
  13. Celiac And Relationship Havoc

    Oops! didn't mean to post
  14. Sounds like yeast overgrowth...acts just like gluten in my system. Ask your doctor to test your urine for yeast...seriously. Sugar feeds yeast (the cravngs for sugar) so avoid all sweeteners, but beware, killing off yeast takes time and you may get sicker before you get better. Don't give up....I've been fighting yeast for almost 2 years, but the migraines and cravings are gone and making progress every day.