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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Ok so i was never officially *diagnosed* with celiac, because the tests, like a lot of others, kept coming back negative but i had all the symptoms and i felt so much better when i was off of gluten. plus it runs in my family. i wasnt back on gluten long enough to do the biopsy anyway thats probably why it came back negative. i had lesions, but they said not enough signs of damage to diagnose it. all of the doctors basically told me i have it and to get off gluten so i did. that was 3 years ago. im 15 now, and im feeling so much better and healthier. my appetite is back, i have grown 7 inches and gained 40 pounds (i was the same size for about 4 years, i completely stopped growing..) and the only thing the doctors could determine for me was the only thing that worked was no gluten. but ive been thinking. there has to be something else? my hair still falls out quite a bit, and a few of the other symptoms never went away. my tics (mild tourettes) still flare up when i eat cerain things i just havent figured out what triggers them though. the tics started like 5 years ago and when that started, its when everything else did. so im feeling better, but i was wondering how to determine if i am allergic to something else? it might be dairy? that kind of runs in my family too. my mom and brother are both intolerant to milk, and my dad had troubles with it when he was a kid. i have gas and stomach upset quite often still, so should i remove milk and see what happens? im all for trying it, but what about another blood test? will it be accurate this time do you think since its for dairy not gluten? and what would i be able to eat? im in high school, and its hard enough eliminating gluten, much less dairy too. i love dairy foods, i live off ice cream and cheese... im sry this is so long, but i would appreciate every answer! i need to figure something out.. Thanks sooo much! God bless
  2. Anybody Who Loves Jesus? :)

    i am 13,gluten intolerant,and i love Jesus too! it is great to have a group of people who have a lot of good things in common:) by the way for all you out there who cant do communion cause of gluten you can find special gluten free communion. it is just like normal communion but its gluten free. you can take it with you to church and whenever you take communion you can use that. look it up on a search engine:) thanks and God bless
  3. Newly Diagnosed...

    well, i dont know if they are related but i do know that stress on you/your body can trigger your celiac gene to start making you have symptoms. you see celiacs are born with the gene but most of the time its not active and when something triggers it thats when you start to notice things. for me it was when i had hit my head in the pool and had minor nerve damage. shortly after that incident i was diagnosed with tourettes syndrome which is a nervous system disorder were you uncontrollably twitch all the time and i think that is what triggered my celiac. the bulemia very well of triggered celiac in you. i would do the celiac blood panel and if they find anything suspicious then you could do the cloonoscopy,enoscopy, and biopsy procedure. it is nothing to be afraid of either:) i was extremely nervous and if i can do it so can anyone! ( i am only 13) haha:) its not that bad. that should give you an idea of if you have it or not. hope this helps=]-livie
  4. i have had numerous blood tests and a biopsy and they have all come back negative even though i have all the symptoms of celiac. (and they have already ruled out ibs and chrones and all that stuff.) i currently am waiting on the results for another celiac blood panel and right after i did the blood test earlier this week i went off gluten again for good and no matter what my results come back i am totally staying off of it cause i feel soooooo much better and my symptoms go away. false negatives happen a lot or so ive heard. if you feel good when you dont eat it then i would just stay off of it. if you are going to have a biopsy on the other hand then you have to eat as much gluten as you can to get a correct positive. trust me thats no fun i was like glutened for a month it was horrible:( well, hope this helps=]-livie
  5. i am sorry you are suffering:( i am only 13 and i dont really know any of the other stuff in your question but if you are hesitant to do the biopsy it isnt that bad. trust me, i was nervous but it was nothing:) hope this helps:) -livie