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  1. Hi, I've noticed that I feel worse after eating a product that's labelled as suitable for celiacs (doesn't say it's gluten free). I've started to feel a bit better since ceasing to eat it, but is it even possible that I could have been affected? (the only ingredient listed that gives me concern is starch). I'm beginning to think I'm being overly sensitive, how can the labelling be wrong or how could they get away with saying it's suitable for celiacs when it's not.
  2. I think I'm probably at roughly the same sort of stage as you (healing). In retrospect I've been quite stupid, I went for years with bad health (nafld/constipation) but mistakenly assumed you had to have diarrhea. If I'd only known another symptom was the opposite problem with constipation I could have saved a lot of unnecessary pain. I'm still waiting for the positive results to arrive from being gluten free, I guess it's just a case of patience and discipline.
  3. Thank-you Janet, that's a very good point. Hi riceguy........Mostly I'm on a paleo diet - organic chicken, broad beans, celery, fish, fruit - blueberry's, strawberries (I'm lactose intolerant so that's off limits). The only gluten free processed food is some corn pasta twice a week (maybe cut that out) and the odd biscuit (2 a day). Looking at the packaging they do contain soya lecithin as an emulsifier but it seems like such a small amount it couldn't have this impact. I think from what you say riceguy it's time to just stick to the un-processed foods and see how I go. If and when I improve in a few months I can start integrating other food stuff into the diet again. I need to start taking on board just how sensitive the body is and how easily it can be thrown offcourse. It's possible the thyroid could have got worse irrespective of the new diet, it's just a bit demoralising to feel worse.
  4. Hi, I've been diagnosed with celiac disease (January 2009) and follow a strict gluten free diet, I didn't expect miracles and knew it would take time for the gut to repair itself but I feel ten times worse. I've also got thyroid problems that aren't showing up in blood tests (docs think it's autoimmune thyroiditis), what's thrown me is that my thyroid symptoms have got worse since I've followed a gluten free diet not better. I read somewhere that if you're taking Thyroid meds you my have to decrease the dose due to greater absorption through the gut (I'm not taking thyroid meds), do you think it's possible that now that my gut is better at absorbing nutrients it's affecting my antibodies with the automimmune thyroiditis? My docs are not being much help with coming up with an explanation, ironically it was the thyroid problems that finally convinced me I could have celiac disease. Sorry for the long message - I'm just at my wits end with trying piece the puzzle together, many thanks
  5. Hi Youdah.....I could have written exactly the same thing. I went for 12 years with being told it was all in my head, there was nothing wrong and finally told it was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but with no advice on how to overcome it. Looking back all the symptoms were there at the very beginning but I didn't put the pieces of the puzzzle together. I'm angry with the healthcare professionals but if I'm honest I'm also angry with myself for not realising sooner. Having said that - the hope of feeling well again outweighs all the negative stuff..............hal
  6. Hi, I think this may sound a l little crazy....I've been diagnosed with celiac and started following a gluten free diet around 7 wks ago. I'm eating loads of fruit, vegaetable, brown rice and also cheap chicken breasts from a UK supermarket chain (sainsbury's), looking at the packaging it has no list of ingredients and I assumed it was 100% chicken. I still feel really ill, no real signs of improvement, does anyone think it may be possible that it's been injected with water and wheat. I'm beginning to sound a little paranoid but I can't think of anything else that may contain gluten that I'm mistakenly eating. I'm beginning to think I should go 100% organic but the costs are quite high, many thanks, Hal
  7. I'm at the same sort of stage as you Anthony and to put it politely feel crappy. I have to keep remembering that I've lived with this condition for years and it will take time to recover. I think in way it's now more frustrating because we know what's wrong, are doing everything right but haven't felt the rewards yet. Hopefully the rewards will come - just take a day at a time, Hal
  8. Thank-you everyone for all your advice. Well, I've learnt an important lesson - I'm underweight and thought I could get away with gluten free flour based products and whole rice. Everything seemed OK for a couple of weeks until the last few days and I feel about as bad as I have done with gluten and lost more weight. I've got no idea why this has happened, it does make me wonder if the gut mistakes any form of flour as though it is gluten, or more likely I haven't given the gut enough time to heal and it can't cope with that particular type of food. I just feel so frustrated, I guess I need to pick myself up, start again and stick to the paleo diet. Oh well I have the evidence now that at the moment even if it's gluten free flour it's still not doing me any good, Hal
  9. Thanks for that Larry, I think I've just lost a bit of confience when it comes to what I ingest and what harm it can do. Stupidly I've spent yrs with ill health and only just been diagnosed (didn't fit the regular symptoms), I'm eager to make a recovery but worried I may make matters worse by not being patient. I guess, give it a go and hope for the best, Hal
  10. Hi.............Has anyone had any experience with L Glutamine? I've found a ntritional supplement from a UK company (Biocare) that suggests it can help speed up the recovery process. I've done a quick search on google and it seems to divide opinion. Many thanks, Hal
  11. Hi DL............Yep, I'm in the same sort of boat as you. I've only just been diagnosed after ten yrs of being told that there was nothing wrong with me, or it was chronic fatigue. Only when I was so ill (liver, thyroid, underweight) did I finally work it out. To be honest I'm more angry with myself, I had a feeling it was a gluten problem but assumed the main symptom was diarrhea. Although having said that the celiac problem seemed to be masked by its effects.
  12. Hi, I'm following a gluten free diet but still eating gluten free flour (corn/soya etc). I've heard that because the immune system is on high alert due to the gluten we should stay away from other grain based products until the immune systen has had a chance to heal. Does anyone know if this is the case or am I being a bit over the top? Many thanks, Hal
  13. Hi everyone , I'm a new member to the forum and wondered if anyone could help me out with some advice? In retrospect I've had problems with gluten for many years, initially I was diagnosed with post viral syndrome (chronic fatigue syndrome), but gradually all the pieces have fallen into place I'm almost 100% sure that I have a gluten intolerance. Just before Chrsitmas I began having problems with my thyroid and again after looking on the net I think there's a connection between celiacs and thyroid disorders. I'm following a completely gluten free diet and wondered if anyone's had any experiences with taking digestive enzymes? Or should I be patient and allow the gut to gradualy heal on its own? Any advice would be much appreciated, thank-you hal