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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi, I know what you mean about the corn! I've been gluten-free for six months, but felt really achy a lot. I was complaining to someone about that, and they said "well what have you added in since you went gluten-free?"...okay, I added in a lot of corn stuff to make up for the lost wheat, like tacos, corn chips, tortillas etc.. I took them out and the achy stuff went away. Doesn't seem fair, but hey, at least I know what the problem is. I figure I can probably tolerate it occasionally anyway. Also remember that sometimes we add in so much rice when going gluten-free, and that can end up being a problem for some also. Its worth trying it without the grains, and adding them back in one by one. Good luck, Valerie
  2. To Maso: I thank you also for the Hogan thesis link. That was exactly the piece of literature my husband was needing to find to help him think through his ADD. We are also getting the book. Thank you. Valerie
  3. Celiac Celebrity

    Yep, definitely a likelihood for actresses. I read about a model, recently, who had finally figured out why she was so skinny, which made her a sought after model, but was bad for her health because she had celiac. I might have read that in Living Without. I wish people could learn that super thin is not necessarily healthy for women for so many reasons. Personally I think Living Without is a good name for the magazine. I'm happy to be "living without". I think we are so much more in touch with our bodies, and doing the right things for our health than the general population. It's just another way to reach a balance in our health that most people will never know. Most of that stuff we've eliminated isn't very good for anyone! Valerie
  4. Craving Sweet Gf Items

    That is a great candy list, still-----I really crave the Lindt brand round truffle things they sell at the check out at Borders Books!! Does anyone know if these are gluten-free or not? I don't need the calories so maybe it would be better if they are off limits! Valerie
  5. Columbia Conference

    Mela, I hope you feel better soon. We will not be defeated by one funky chicken!! Since you are wondering about that chicken you ate: do you know that sometimes chicken has stuff injected into the meat by the processor, like a some sort of salt solution containing who knows what. I was really surprized to read a label in the grocery on some raw chicken saying it had this stuff, - I don't know if that would have gluten in it, but it makes me suspicious, maybe the place you got it used a product like that the second time. FYI when I had really bad food allergies(in my early 20's) I was helped the most by sublingual drops which trained my body to tolerate stuff by putting tiny doses under the tongue...and interfering with the IGE reaction. Cool stuff. I'm having a few more food allergies now (much later) ... and I'm about to do the Bioset program with my naturopath - which uses accupressure. I'll post on how that goes, but she says its really effective. Keep your chin up. Valerie
  6. Thanks everyone for the notes on my daughters college cooking dilema, and good ideas about the food service people. I'll keep you posted on what they say, and I'm going to go check for information on the Americans with Disabilities Act. - I didn't even know we were covered in that! Re: the younger kids (I have a 6th grader too)...does anyone think it would be helpful, or possible, for teachers to sort of group some of the kids together at lunch who have diet issues? It seems like it might help them avoid some of the ruthless teasing that goes on about lunches. Children are so cruel about what other kids eat!! Even when my daughter has eaten so called "normal" food, (she's not gluten-free, but I've had her on a couple diets for other reasons off and on) - they will just taunt if you bring anything "natural" and "healthy". ie not a luchable, or highly packaged and advertised product. It seems to be an inevitable part of childrens behavior. Anyway, does it seem like it could help to group a few kids together in a discreet way? Particularly in grade school that might work- as other kids might not think much of it and the ones with allergies, gluten-free, or just plain granola munching moms like me, could get a little break. Are any of you teachers who would know if that would work? Just food for thought, Valerie
  7. Yikes my friends, I'm not just having to think about grade school - WHAT ABOUT COLLEGE!!! My daughter is a freshman and has just been diagnosed. We have requested that she be allowed to live in the off campus apartments next year to be able to cook for herself. (the cafeteria cannot realisticly meet her needs)... and they are dragging their feet, and this week told her that they needed to get more legal advice before giving her an answer. These issues don't just end at graduation. I'm terribly afraid that they will tell her to live in the dorms and eat in the cafeteria next year, maybe there isn't any legal protection that would require them to accomodate her needs. And guess what - if that is the case, she will be spending another year NOT on a gluten free diet (and harming her health) - because as a girl who just left home, she really is not able to navigate cooking in a dorm room for a gluten free diet. This is despite the fact that she knows a great deal about cooking, shopping, and menu making. Jeez, I'm having enough trouble here at home in my full kitchen and with my lifetime of cooking experience -since my own diagnosis. I just want to underscore the seriousness of providing for our children, and thank you to all of you who are trying to clarify this. Does anyone have any information on the legal apects of requesting accomodations at the college level? (This is a Virginia school we are dealing with). Thanks Valerie
  8. Lip Products Only Please

    Great list - thanks! FYI the toll free for ECCO BELLA is (877)696-2220. They sent me their catalog with lots of gluten-free stuff. Love love love their lipstick. Dreamhouses
  9. Gf Mascaras?

    Hi, try ECCO BELLA - toll free (877)696-2220! I get their lipsticks at Whole Foods in Annapolis, and am crazy about their stuff. You can't imagine how relieved I was to find out that their products are (almost) all gluten free - after I found out I had celiac. They were really helpful when I called , and sent a catalog. They list the mascara a having carnauba wax, palmitic acid ( from palm oil), clay, methylparaben, propylpareben, and flower wax iron oxides. Call them and see if that adds up to being gluten free, I think it does. I love their lipsticks. Also I've been told that Mary Kay has gluten free stuff, but I've never used it. Good luck, Dreamhouses
  10. Hi Heather, I was so excited about your research project till I got to the last post about your professor not supporting it!! I'm wondering if you are in the psych dept. or med school or what. I guess that would change how appropriate the research would be. Despite his/her response I think its really cool that you are channeling your energy and thoughts on celiac into what you may be able to study. Maybe you could just re-package it a bit for the professor. Could widening the topic a bit to include other health issues be to your advantage? Like maybe comparing the effects of several different health issues which change specific ways that kids are able to function in the school situation. Maybe a hypothesis that deals asks how health issues affect a childs self concept, and assesses how much support or lack of support they need to compensate for that. A lot of that seems to be uncharted territory in the research area. From what I can tell there really isn't much of a format for educators to rely on in helping students cope with these types of health issues. Lots of strategies and laws now cover various learning disabiliites, but the health issues can also impair kids learning situations because of the additional pressure it puts on them. I can tell by your enthusiasm on is that you really have something to offer with this type of work even if this doesn't turn out to be the place. Good luck, and keep up your creative thinking. Dreamhouses
  11. Intestine

    Dear Jaimek, would you mind my asking if you had done an endoscopy with your initial diagnosis, and all the blood tests? If you did, how much damage had the first endoscopy shown? I'm in the 6th month of trying to do this, and getting discouraged, but your post is giving me hope. thanks, dreamhouses
  12. Feedback On Logo

    Hi Deby, here's some feedback in case it helps, FYI I'm a working graphic artist, painter,...Green and black are not very appetizing colors, also I agree with the above that the wheat stalk is hard to read as going with the "no" sign. I think I'd start again with the image - maybe a chefs hat and a cup and saucer would be fun. I know how much effort goes into that, so your smart to get feedback at this stage. good luck - dreamhouses
  13. Sucessful Pregnancy With Cd

    TO JOHANNA, congratulations on your pregnancy. Be happy...I had two beautiful babies before I was diagnosed. I was dealing with lots of food and chemical allergies at the time, but my body seemed to become stronger and tolerate more with the pregnancies, not less! This boost lasted for years afterwards too. The body works to give the baby what it needs. I think its good timing that you did find out now and can make some good choices on food. I agree you should eat very plainly to get all your good nutrition and be sure of ingredients. Make sure any fried chips and things are not put in oil that had gluten products in them. And order off the internet right away so that you have some safe stuff for variety and to reward yourself for taking great care of your body. Its soooo easy to order and have the treats show up in the mail. Even if it costs a bit more, it is worth it to add a few things in. Make sure that you have information on what is commonly low in a gluten free diet. I know FOLIC ACID AND B 12 can be low, and certainly folic acid is essential for a good pregnancy, and easy to take in a gluten-free supplement. Good luck, Dreamhouses
  14. Spent The Morning In The Er!

    Mela, I hope you are doing better now. That sounds rough. Make sure they check if you have some anemia causing problems, and monitor your blood sugar levels. Certainly low blood sugar can hit you that way, and anemia too. If its low blood sugar keep your protien high and eat small meals 5 times a day.(those are the only two things I can personally suggest from experience). Could you have eaten food with a lot of MSG? Just remember that even though it seems like an unbelievable mystery of what is causing this,there is a cause and it can be found. Make sure to keep a full food diary to try to help track that side of it. Good luck tomorrow. Dreamhouses
  15. Unexplained Episode

    I was just wondering if anyone else has tried using Aloe Vera juice as a healing agent for their digestive track. I like to drink some of the Georges Aloe juice and find it very healing. It's the clear stuff that just tastes like water, that I get at Whole Foods...I know they say your supposed to drink that horrible tasting unrefined stuff, but I hate it and this always seems soothing to me. Anyone else tried it? Also, if you are having bad reactions, make sure to take acidophilus supplements. to keep things in balance. Valerie