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  1. P)art of the reason ur stomach be be inflamed is because immodium has gluten in it. high amounts of stress can also set off a gluten like reaction try to calm down and get ur life in order (easier said then done) reach out to those close to you, and try to make urself happy, or at least calm. maybe you need to consider therapy and possibly phyciatric medication. this is all so much to go through at once, its okay to admit that u might not be able to do it alone. I hope that ur life gets easier, and i wish you the absolute best of luck
  2. Does anyone have a more updated gluten free information from OPI?
  3. The toothbrush incident is actually quite likely. Just the other day I was glutened the same exact way. You're right there should be a forum topic called, "stupid ways I've glutened myself"
  4. keep us updated on how you are
  5. I had both done together write before i turned 15, (a few months ago) I woke up remembering absolutely nothing. I am gluten free and still have ideopathic bleeding with no symptoms of hemmorroids so I am interested in seeing what your result is. Best of luck