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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I just wanted to post to thank the large number of you that have posted replies and sent private messages. Your stories, questions, and support is very encouraging and much appreciated. I hope we'll keep hearing from people who've recovered in the future . . .
  2. Thanks for this helpful if unpleasant news! Now I really don't know what to do. I have been gluten free for 3 months and I am just starting to see some real improvement. I can't bear thinking of getting sick again for 2 months + recovery after that. At the same time, I need to have these tests to know what's wrong with me for sure. I just had my first round of general blood tests: I have extremely low B12 and Vit D, and I am borderline diabetic. I am being tested next for folic acid. At my demand for a test for celiac, my GP gave me a referral to an endoscopy place. But I haven't had the celiac blood test yet. And, like I said above, I've been gluten-free from3 months (with a few unintentional glutenings). Does anyone have any advice? Thanks for this and the helpful replies so many of you have offered to my other posts. Anthony PS -- Anyone know if Type 2 diabetes and celiac are linked? Might I see a remission of borderline type 2 with a gluten-free diet?
  3. I have been gluten free for 3 months and I am still having symptoms. My GP has sent me for a biopsy to test for damage to the small intestine due to celiac. Does anyone know how long (if at all) I'll have to eat gluten again before I take the test? My GP does not seem to be aware that the tests can give a false negative if I've been gluten-free for some time. Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone, Not to be too negative, but it's getting a bit depressing for me to keep reading about people who have been gluten-free for so many month and years and are still having symptoms and all sorts of other problems. Is there anyone out there who can say that they've had complete cessation of all their symptoms after going on a gluten-free diet? I keep reading the "official" line that 99% of people with Celiac are able to live normal, healthy, symptom free lives after going gluten-free for a while. This certainly doesn't seem to be the case around here. After 2 1/2 months, I'm suffering worse than I was before, and I eat nothing processed, cook everything from scrarch, and have checked every last little thing possible from pet food to shampoo to old pots and pans etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. It would be awfully nice to hear some uplifting stories and to know there is light at the end of the tunnel. Anthony
  5. I have this problem, too, and it is ruining my life!
  6. Bubbles

    Can I ask those of you (and anyone else) with this symptom who also thinks it is a sign of having been "glutened" to let me know how long after you get glutened it happens, and how many days the symptom lasts? This sounds obsessive, I know, and everyone is different. But I'm almost certain I'm not getting glutened; knowing other people's experience with this may help me pinpoint times when I might be getting hidden gluten. Thanks, and I'd love to hear from others who have the "bubble experience" too.
  7. This may sound strange but I wonder if anyone else has had the same symptom. I've been gluten-free for 6 weeks. About two weeks ago, I started getting the sensation of bubbles moving under my right rib and down the right side of my abdomen after eating, especially mid-day. Sometimes the bubbles are accompanied by an audible gurgling sound. Other times they are silent. Usually they last for about 1/2 hour. Could this be part of the healing process? A symptom of another problem? One of the weird things is that this bubbling sensation was one of the first things I experienced when my symptoms began 5 or 6 years ago. I've had this symptom on and off since then, but it's only been persistent again since going gluten free.
  8. Thanks to everyone who has replied to my post. It's been a real up and down few days. I've never been so moody in my life. Thanks for the suggestion about the dog food. I don't eat dog food obviously (the only thing I know of that tastes like dog food is the gluten free bagels I've got) but I guess it's possible to get it on your hands, etc. I checked and my dog's food is gluten free. So one less things to worry about. I really enjoy reading about other people's road to recovery, so please post away! Anthony
  9. Hi everyone. I am male, 38 years old. I have not been formally diagnosed. About 6 years ago, I became a vegetarian and had a bad diet and ate bread at almost every meal. I was going through an incredibly stressful time, and I became very sick with a flu-like virus that kept me in bed for 3 weeks and I went on antibiotics. After that, I developed digestive problems. I started eating meat again but didn't feel any better. About 4 years ago someone told me that my symptoms sounded like gluten intolerance. I stopped eating wheat about 95% (no bread, pasta, but I still ate condiments with gluten) and felt a little better. But my digestive problems remained. I decided it couldn't be gluten issues and went back to eating wheat regularly. My doctor said I had IBS and needed to relax more. I have had digestive problems ever since (toilet issues, bloating, loud embarrasing stomach noise) and have become seriously depressed, anxious, and irritable. On January 10th I decided to go on a 100% gluten-free diet just to see what would happen. Within 4 days I felt 98% better. I lost 3-inches off my waist within a week without losing weight just from the bloating going away. My symptoms vanished almost completely, and I felt like I had my life back for the first time in years. I said to myself: "I had forgotten that this is what I'm supposed to feel like." A few days later I was sick again. I scoured my food labels and found gluten in a condiment I had the night before I got sick. 4 days later I was well again. 3 days later I got sick again. I checked all my labels and found no gluten. I called the companies that produced the products I'd used and discovered hidden gluten in one of them. A few days later I was better. A few days more passed and I was sick again. Again I found a hidden source. Then I got better. Anyway, it's been a month since I went gluten free and I haven't cheated once, but I've had 2 or 3 accidental and minor "glutenings". About 4 days ago I got sick again. I haven't eaten out. I've checked all the labels and called all the companies whose products I used (including toiletries). I absolutely can't find anything with gluten in it. Is it normal to have these kind of relapses along the way even if there's not gluten ingested? I also found that each new glutening or relapse makes me feel a little worse and sicker than the last one. This most recent time, after feeling the best I've felt in years 3 days ago, my digestive system is going crazy and I've been so depressed today that I called in sick and cried on the couch with my dog all afternoon. Any advice from others about what to expect over the coming weeks would be appreciated. I'm especially bothered by stomach noises which make things very uncomfortable and embarrassing for me at work. I have a dream job that's really secure even during these crazy times and I don't want to lose it, but my anxiety and depression are making things really tough. Thanks, Anthony.