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  1. Hello: Ten days ago I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Since that time I have adhered to a strictly gluten free diet as directed by my doctor. Additionally, I have continued with my exercise program (although I have slowed it down a bit), but what I am noticing more than anything lately it that I am increasingly tired (less energy) and I have cotton mouth quite a bit. I haven't been drinking caffeine or really anything but water since my diagnosis. I normally have a good 4 - 8 20oz bottles a day. Is there any significant connection between being gluten free and increased dehydration lack of energy during the first weeks of recovery? My symptoms prior to being diagnosed where mild at best. I went in for a routine physical, complained of some gas and pressure from gas and was ultimately diagnosed with Celiac. Thanks in advance for you help...I am finding that I have lots of questions that my doctor has not answered.
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