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  1. Oops I just noticed you said a tablespoon at night, duh. Can you please post or PM me a brand to try? I have tried so many things for my constipation. I think I had a good one once by MRM or something. I just want to get the right thing. Here is the one I tried before, does this seem like a good choice? http://www.mrm-usa.com/v2/index.php?page=s...rt&Itemid=1
  2. Melmak, can you please elaborate on this supplement? calcium-magnesium-citrate supplement I have sooo many supplements & I do think magnesium helps me go sometimes. But I have read about the calcium link as well, that they should be taken together I think. Is this a liquid or in a pill form? Thanks!
  3. I am again trying to go gluten free and have been constipated for sooo many years. Just curious how long you were that way? I can't believe I am having such a hard time doing the diet. I hate feeling this way. I've not been diagnosed but highly suspect it is the gluten. Hope you feel better soon.
  4. Optimistic mom, what do you mean when you write get the cc out? What is the cc? Tiffany
  5. Greeneyes, I am also chronically constipated. But do you think the gluten free diet helps you? I have been this way for half of my life. I am having endoscopy & repeat colonoscopy done next month. My Dr is finally ready to check me for celiac. I try to go gluten free but keep messing up, I don't cook & really cheat when I am at work at lunchtime. Sometimes I bring a frozen gluten-free meal but I get sick of those. I tried it for few days & I do think it made my stool alot softer. Has that been your experience? I am soooo bloated most of the time & I am skinny. I also have candida & parasites. I'm all messed up.
  6. OMG thanks for the info. I've never seen it displayed like that on a messageboard & when I clicked on another poster, there's didn't have that. Take care. Tiffany
  7. Hi, okay it made me enter my address to sign up and phone number. But I don't want them displayed on my profile. Please help. I have already tried going in and deleting the info. Won't work. What am I doing wrong? Thanks! Tiffany