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  1. Hey, I am new to this board but I am not knew to problems with eating gluten foods. I have always had pain, congestion, depression, anxiety, and flu like symptoms when I ingest gluten or dairy. But after going to many different physicians I did not have any answers. A friend of mine took me with her to an alternative health doctor. So, I made an appointment to see the doctor. Took tests and found out a lot of my problems are due to eating gluten and dairy, and prepackaged foods with dyes, preservatives, etc., in them. With a family that do not believe that foods can cause these problems I am the odd one out sometimes. But I am learning to eat gluten free. And learning to make meals that are nutritious and that my family will not suspect do not have the offending wheat and dairy in them. Making gluten free, dairy free meals was hard for me at first. I am glad I found this thread this evening. Thanks for starting this thread again. Allergy Sue
  2. Hello. I am new on this site but not new to gluten and dairy allergy or intolerance. I too want to meet others who love the Lord Jesus. Allergy Sue