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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I haven't called them yet. I only just discovered this and thoght I'd ask around here. My doc told me I should take a good Mulit-Vitamins because of celiac disease. Because I have a fructose intolerance as well I steer clear of most fruit, and usually don't get enough veggies in my day, so I've always taken a VIt C supplement.
  2. Hi, just wondering if anyone here has tried Jamieson Vitamins. A few months after I first went gluten-free- I started taking a jamison muti viamin, that was labelled as 'no gluten'. I started to get sick, and realised it was the Vitamin , I cut it out- and got better. I wasn't s reallt sure if my system just couldn't handle the Vitamin, or there was some hidden gluten. Recently I started taking jamison's Vitamin C to fight a cold - also listed as 'no gluten', and once again, I'm feeling like crap. I'm not one of those that gets immediate digestive symptoms, I usually have extreme fatigue, irritability, break out in a rash, and get depressed, it's only after a decent portion of gluten that I start the C & D. Which is why I'm wondering if I'm just losing it, or the stuff just isn't really gluten free. Or maybe Im neing glutened else where. Also wondering if anyone has any recommendations for vitmin line they trust as gluten-free. Thanks much
  3. I had a similar problem when I tried a gluten challenge (eating gluten) to get tested. I'd been gluten free for 5 months, at which point all my symptoms cleared. After a week of the challenge I was beginning to question whether gluten really did have an effect on me; apart from bad headaches and some sluggishness, I felt pretty symptom free. it wasn't till the third week that my system 'crashed', and everything came back, bloating, cramping, joint pains, fogginess, extremem fatigue, moodiness, the D, fatty stools, itchy rash ... (sorry for the detail) By week five my hair was falling out excessivly, as were my eyelashes, i had no energy, my nails were britle, and breaking, nothing I ate stayed for very long (if you know what I mean).. I have no doubts that everything was related to the re-intorduction to gluten; now the big question is whether it's Celiac or a gluten intolerance? Anyway, hope this helps.
  4. Hi Has anyone in this forum gone on a gluten challenge, gotten tested and had a positive result? Just wondering how long I should stick to the challenge before getting tested. If it comes back negative, I'd rather believe that I don't have celiac, than wonder if I just didn't stick out the challenge long enough. How much gluten containing food should I be eating Thanks
  5. Hi, I just purchased 2G - Pharma's home test for Celiac's and I wondeirng if anyone on this forum has tried this, and what their results yielded ....how accurate is it? I'm on 4 wks of a gluten challenge, so will be taking the test soon, but I'm curious to know how it went for others. As far as I know, it's not yet been approved by the FDA, and is only avail in Canada (approved by Health Canada) Thanks!
  6. Hi, Does anyone know if a good doc in the montreal area. My GP is convinced I have IBS, and that my neurological symptoms can be fixed with a few pills. He pretty much refuses to have me tested, even though I told him I felt 100% better after 3 months of being on a gluten-free diet - his response was that if I feel better, than I don't need a test - but that it's all in my head. I'm so frustrated. I'm currently doing the gluten challenge, and feel like absolute pooh - hoping to go for tests in the next 6 wks - provided that I find a doc... Hoping someone can help. tks in advance
  7. Symptoms Of Being Glutened

    Hi - My symptoms are very similar to yours - the headaches are horrible - sometimes it feels like my head's on fire, and I get this throbbing pain in my ears. I totally sympathise with the confusion and stupidity. I'm so glad you said clumsiness, I've noticed it in myself when I'm glutened, but feel ridiculous trying to explain this to people, as they think I'm crazy - They don't understand how food can make me clumsy...It's like I'm drunk 24/7! Thanks for your reply -
  8. Symptoms Of Being Glutened

    I've been doing it for a week now, at first I would get terrible headaches all the time (they've reduced), my symptoms are actually pretty similar to yours, mood changes, fatigue/lethargy, feeling loopy, and foggy but it's no where near as bad as before I went on a gluten-free diet. i was gluten-free for nearly 4 months.. Have you been diagnosed?
  9. Hi, Just wondering how immediate or delayed people's reactions to gluten are, as well the severity. I went on a gluten-free diet for 3 months, after years of coping with several gluten-sensitive related symptoms. The diet helped in countless ways - I want to get tested, so I decided to try a gluten challenge - some symptoms came back, but they weren't as severe. For the most part, I just have really bad headaches. I'm starting to doubt whether gluten really is the problem because I have no serious symptoms. I find this strange because my health improved so much when I was following the gluten-free diet and I would have immediate reatiions to being glutened. Thanks
  10. Thanks everyone! I will continue the challenge. This network is great, it really helps hearing other people's experiences!
  11. Thank you! I guess I was expecting an immediate reaction. I'm hoping that a simple biopsy of the rash will suffice, but i've heard that I would still need to continue the GC for minimum 4 weeks before getting tested. (Speaking of which, it's starting to make an appearance). So i think you may be right. Would you happen to know if getting hot flashes after consuming gluten could be a sign of celiac disease/GS. Sometimes I feel like my head and body is on fire after eating glutened. (im only 27, so I know it's not 'M') Thanks again - I feel a little saner [ quote name='ravenwoodglass' date='Feb 16 2009, 01:05 PM' post='511133'] "I recently decided that I want to get tested, for my sanity .. Which I know requires a gluten challenge at this point. So I started introducing gluten into my diet, and although I've had some mild abdominal discomfort (incl diah/consti) ,I felt foggy here and there, and very very tired, I really haven't had any symptoms....Does this mean it's not gluten? (it's only 3 days on the challenge)" You are not very long into your challenge and it does sound like your reacting. It can sometimes take up to a week for a reaction but if your already having d/c and are tired and brainfoggy it does seem you are having one. The fact that you had such a resounding resolution of problems makes it clear that gluten is not your freind. IMHO. You will need to continue the challenge for about 3 months to help insure your testing is not a false negative. Do be aware though that false negatives are not uncommon in both blood and biopsy. Both can 'prove' that you do but can not 'prove' that you don't. I have a feeling that your body is going to tell you in no uncertain terms soon that you don't want gluten in your life. If you should break out in a rash you could ask a derm to biopsy looking for DH. That would confirm for certain that you have celiac and no other testing would be needed.
  12. Hi, I was battling with a multitude of problems for several years, varying from bowl problems (severe bloating, constipation/diarreah, acid reflux, heartburn, my stomach would feel like someone was wringing it), unexplained depression, and crankiness, moodiness..headaches, my menses were very irregular (usually once every 2-3 months, and one time I went nearly a whole year without getting my period. I always had bad joint pains, and when I was 17 I was diagnosed with artritis. For a long time, my doc though the bowl was IBS, and the rest was psychological and tried to give me meds. But in the last year I went through some emoptional hardships, after which I developped a painful blistery rash on my back (totally unexplained), and the rest of my symptoms worsensed. My doc thought nothing of any of it, and was just wanted to prescribe more meds. At the same time, my dentist was telling me that my tooth enamel was poor. ). I even developped dents in my fingernails. I was constanly getting infections, (kidney, bladder, sinus...- from one to the other was tired all the time, increasingly irritable and frustrated, had a lot of trouble concentrating on things, I felt like I was living in a blur.... I was falling apart! After doing some reasearch, I thought maybe gluten was the culprit. As a child, I was 'allergic' to wheat, (break out in rashes. became ill) ; so I went on a gluten-free diet for 3 months, and EVERYTHING feels 100 times better, in fact most symptoms were gone completely. I recently decided that I want to get tested, for my sanity .. Which I know requires a gluten challenge at this point. So I started introducing gluten into my diet, and although I've had some mild abdominal discomfort (incl diah/consti) ,I felt foggy here and there, and very very tired, I really haven't had any symptoms....Does this mean it's not gluten? (it's only 3 days on the challenge) I just dont know whether I even need to be tested