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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I believe that there are options available - gluten-free wafers which can be ordered in or the option of making your own and getting the pastor to bless them. Definately dont feel embarressed, I'm sure they would want to help you if they can.
  2. Having Chocolate Cravings Bad

    You could try adding a multi vitamin that has Chromium in it. Chromium assists with cravings. I have to say however, a bit of chocolate everyday sounds like a plan to me!
  3. I've been gluten-free now for a little over 3 months and although I started out quite positive (pure relief to have a "name" to what's been going on) I have become exceptionally frustrated and I'm honestly wondering if things have taken a turn for the worse and not the better. Since going gluten-free I have developed DH. I'm at the point where I am itching ALL the time. I hate it and it is making me very depressed. Never once before going gluten-free did I have a sign of DH. Doc didnt want to prescribe anything, said to use over the counter cream - which does help a bit but will send me broke if I have to keep it up. I've also added previously non existent bowel issues into the mix. I can't go anywhere without needing to keep an eye out for the nearest toilet and I've suffered some very very close calls. My iron levels are shocking. No change in almost 12 months. Doctor says now that I am gluten-free, it should resolve itself and just to keep taking iron supplements. Despite taking a very high dose, I'm still suffering very loose BM. I'm also geting very sharp pains under my right rib/breast area. I have contemplated going to the ER several times because of it, but just when I get to the point of going, the pain does subside. Can last from anything ranging 30 mins to 3 hours. I've always been a good sleeper. Not anymore. My antibody test last week shows I still have low levels. Not sure if I'm still coming off gluten or still injesting it. My diet has become very restricted despite being an excellent cook. I've just lost confidence. Still very fatigued. Want to sleep or stay in bed. My question is - why do I feel so bad, and infact, worse than I did before my diagnosis? I am seriously contemplating going back on to a gluten diet. I know the risks, but I cannot in all seriousness seemyself living like this for another 20 years when I'm struggling to get through the day. I feel worse than I did before going gluten-free. Any thoughts? Suggestions welcome. TIA
  4. I have found that most kids will eat rice cakes with their favorite spread if that helps.
  5. I also recommend Karinas blog - it has some great ideas on it for meals. Depending on where you are you may also be able to get a hold of a book called "4 Ingredients Gluten free". Its recipes call for 4 ingredients or less and there are some really good ideas for snacks.
  6. I did point out in my post that I believe in vaccines, but rather not on current schedulaes and doses. I have not found a signle study as yet that can 100% identify the cause of autism. Personally I believe it sa combination of factors. Vaccinating a child with a compromised immune system IMHO clearly doesnt assist with this. I also find it insulting when people point out that if you choose not to vaccinate your child you are brining back diseases. We get it. We also get that Thimerosol was taken out of vaccines. Do people honestly believe that was the only ingredient that is of concern to parents of autistic children? Just as any other parent of a child would do, parents of autistic or special needs children do tend to over analise everything that pertains to our children. Unless you are living life with a child that has special needs, you just don't get it. FWIW - just as a case in point. My neighbor has 3 children out of 4 with autism. Her 11 yr old severely autistic, non verbal, non toilet trained daughter was a healthy happy verbal child until she had MMR. She has video footage of her the day of her vaccination singing and dancing. The next day she woke up and remained as she is now. What caused it? who knows and I'm not blaming the vaccination - but when you are faced with that, you cant blame parents for being nervous.
  7. I'm on the fence as far as immunisations go. I don't know if they do or dont cause autism. I have two children with autism. Big regrets for me:- Not knowing more about the risks of giving a premature baby vaccines. Not waiting until he was much older to vaccinate. Not spreading vaccines out Not asking for single doses. I am a believer in vaccines, but not on the current schedules. I personally believe we overload young children and it's unecessary. I'd rather pay for my childrens vaccines to be spread out - but thats a personal choice. Thimerosol which used to be the biggest concern in vaccinations was removed from most vaccines a few years ago, but some still carry it (flu vaccines etc). Depending on where you are in the world, you may be able to ask for single shots, given over time. In Australia we don't have that option. The only vaccine we can get here as a single vaccine is polio. I had my son (previously immunised at 18 months with MMR) checked for immunity levels at his 4 yr old school shots and those tests showed he still carried immunity and so I chose not to have booster shots. Do your research, there is a lot of information out there and dont let anyone sway you, or bully you into making a decision. If in doubt, wait a while.
  8. Thanks again everyone - just had a call from doctors office - she wants me in to discuss results. Metallic taste has gone, but I'm still very sore and very tired.
  9. Feeling So Down

    I'm struggling too - not becuase I'ver given up gluten, but like you, I don't feel any better. We just have to keep at it I guess. One thing I do do for myself was to go out and buy some specific gluten free cookbooks. Cooking has always been a source of joy for me and I didn't want something else to be taken away from me and I often spend the evening just looking at what I can have. I find it eaiser now to adpat other recipes I see in mainstream books too. I also keep gluten free bases in for pizza nights and we make our own pizzas now. I do some lovely desserts and don't feel deprived at all. I still like to go out for Indian/Thai and Mexican. Could these be an option for you?
  10. wow! interesting! I'd had my ears pierced since I was a little girl but have had numerous times when my body just rejected them. I'd wait a few months and get them repierced. I always thought I just couldn't wear "cheap" earrings. I took my earrings out a few years ago when my youngest took a fancy to them and let the holes close up. Since then, I've tried 4 times to have them repierced. No amount of good earrings, cleaning solutions etc allows me to keep them. My body just rejects them totally. I hate it because I am real girlie girl
  11. Signature Panel

    I don't know what happended then - but I've done the same thing I've been doing for weeks and it changed my signature!! Go figure! Thanks for replying!
  12. I'm logged in. Can navigate my way to my signature panel. Make the changes. Won't update. I keep getting error message. Any hints?
  13. I oftn feel like I just can't get enough breath and have to do a really big breath in but put this down to anemia.
  14. Thanks for your reply. I'm not currently on any medication and am I'm pretty sure I'm eating totally gluten-free - but I guess of course cc is always a possibility. Like you said, DH may be because I am getting cc and not realising it. I have a horrible metalic taste in my mouth today and I know that can't be dental fillings etc - I have no mecury fillings, all my teeth have crowns and my dentist knows about celiac. Terrible nights sleep. Too sore to even lie in bed. Back to the drawing board I guess.
  15. shotness of breath for me is most likely to be anemia. I've even had it so bad, i thought I was having a heart attack.