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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. i called back today and the representative confirmed that the natural and artificial flavors in the coffee are indeed gluten free.
  2. I accidentally picked up the Hazelnut flavored Market Pantry coffee at Target and since it's Christmas Day, the customer service offices are closed. Therefore, I can't call to ask about if the flavorings contain any kind of gluten. I am assuming they don't, but assuming has gotten me into trouble before. Does anyone know if the flavorings in the Market Pantry flavored coffees are gluten free?
  3. you can buy them online. i just happen to live about a half mile from the manufacturing plant/store
  4. First of all, you need to stay away from the gluten at all costs! Secondly, some probiotics and digestive enzymes would probably do you alot of good. The healing could take YEARS, depending on the amount of damage that is done. So don't expect results quickly. Just eat healthy whole food with as few preservatives as possible. Hope you feel better soon.
  5. Lara bars rock my socks! Also, Oskri bars are great www.oskri.com
  6. These bars ROCK! i love them so much i did a whole blog post about them Also, the manufacturing/retail store is a HALF MILE from my house! I drive by nearly every day.
  7. YAY! Good for you to start doing this....this is one of my new missions. For me, it's more about frugality and ridding my home and body of unnecessary toxins, when there are safe alternatives. There is so much CRAP in our products, it's scary. It reminds me of that old Lily Tomlin movie "The incredible shrinking woman." And like you said, we can learn how they used to do it, before buying it off the shelves Anyway, I've taken to making my own shampoo/conditioner (baking soda-shampoo apple cider vinegar-conditioner) deoderant (corn starch, baking soda, and antibacterial essential oils) laundry soap (recipe on my blog) counter top/mirror cleaner (vinegar and water in spray bottle) fruit&veggie cleaner (vinegar) body scrub (coffee, unsweetened cocoa, sea salt, almond oil) toothpaste is next!! another awesome website where you can find great ideas is : www.bonzaiaphrodite.com
  8. Dreams Of Not Being Able To Eat Anything

    i'll occassionally have "gluten" dreams. i've been gluten free for about 5 months now and i've had several. it usually consists of me eating something that has gluten and then WHOA....suddenly realizing it's full of gluten, and then i get worried about the impending symptoms. the most recent gluten dream was that i was eating Mini Wheats Cereal. I realized it and was like, "duh! how could i do that! it's even called mini-WHEATS!!"
  9. Larabars

    I personally like most of the Larabars. But, as with any manufactured product there will be flavors and kinds that are better than others depending on your preference and palate. I have a simple palate and prefer pure natural tasting stuff free of preservatives, additives, and funky colors and modifications. I cannot stand the thought of processed, nutrient-stripped, sugar and sodium-laden crap that is out there. then again, with all my food allergies and intolerances I couldn't eat them if I wanted. So, I find the allergies and intolerances a blessing more than anything. Anyway, it depends on your palate, if you're used to and prefer over-processed boxed and canned "food." and it depends on the tastes and flavors you prefer.
  10. oooooh-that gives me new hope. i'll call tomorrow! thanks
  11. well, i just talked to my hubby about WIC because we juuuuuuuuuuuuuust fit the requirements. BUT, he said that it would affect our taxes in some way that we would end up not eligible for the earned income credit. so....back to square one!
  12. i recently came across a lot of testimonies that cocoa pebbles and fruity pebbles were gluten free and even processed on a separate manufacturing line. well, i was excited to treat myself to some because they smell darn good and satisfied my sweet tooth. a couple weeks ago i had a couple bowls-which was the ONLY thing i ate out of the ordinary and ended up getting glutened. another reason to stick to my semi-vegan diet......can't trust any processed foods.
  13. this is actually part of the problem....i DO eat mostly unprocessed foods. and as we all know, it's cheaper to eat boxed crappy processed foods, than to eat fresh unprocessed stuff. my daughter and i go through soooo many fruits and vegetables it's ridiculous. i bought 2 lbs of grapes and it lasted 2 days. i can eat a pound of spinach a day. i eat 2-3 apples a day, a bunch of bananas lasts 2-3 days, ETC. a small bag of mini carrots lasts 2 days. that stuff is not cheap and rarely if ever are there coupons for fruits and vegetables!
  14. I saw in another thread that someone from the U.K. got governement assistance in buying certain foods because of his diagnosed thyroid condition. Is there any kind of program in the U.S. to help lower income families purchase allergen free foods. I have several allergies/intolerances and even with coupons,farmer's markets,and "deals", the bills are still increasing. If you want to eat as healthy as possible, even if you don't have food issues, it's so expensive. If the food isn't processed to the hilt, than it's gonna cost ya! Anyway, anyone know of any programs or aide?
  15. not sure why the link isn't working, but if you just google "teen outsmarts doctors in science class" it should take you to the article.