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  1. Hi all, My name is patty and all this is new to me, not the problems, but having a name for all the problems i have had for years. I haven't been diagnost (sp) by a doc. yet but i have done so much testing naturally and elliminating of so many things. this was finally the last thing on the ever so many things it could be and i figured it out myself by doing research. I am so paranoid about going to the docs. everytime i do they seem bent on either giving me drugs, which i cannot handle or suggestions on taking some body part out. I'm afraid i might have found out what the problem is too late. I have a constant pain under the right breast that seems to go around to the back. I am constantly constipated and seem to be blown up with constand gas and look like i am 7 months pregnante. Have any of you experienced simular things? I don't sleep well either,and have a constant burning in my joints.