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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. That your intestines were so severely inflamed and unclered may be why you aren't feeling better as of yet. I'd give it two weeks, at least. You have to let your body repair the damage done.
  3. Naw, I could just get my girlfriend to make me something. Like more pizza! :-P The "Gluten Free Cookbook" (can't remember the author) is the best thing I have, and thankfully she likes to cook, so it all works out pretty well for the both of us. I get no adverse effects from funnel cake and fried chicken, I know that much. :-D It's so good.
  4. As far as I know, I don't have an allergy to tapioca. A lot of the other gluten-free "bread" foods I eat usually contain tapioca. I try not to eat the fat from the porkchops and chicken I eat. All other meats I eat all; I'm not sure what sort of fat content the ground chuck has that my step-dad buys to make hamburgers. I guess I could try to blot the pizza and soak up as much grease as possible to see if that makes a difference, or eat some other greasy food and see if it affects me the same way.
  5. I've been on a relatively good diet. Not the best, but not the worst either. I'm big on meat, and usually supplement that with either green beans, potatoes, or applesauce. I'm quite the picky eater. As far as I know, my stomach gets upset only after eating my pizzas. I'm pretty sure the cheese I use is gluten-free (Sargento Mozzarella).
  6. Except for the skin problems, that sounds about like how I was, especially the "CRAZY gas" you speak of. Kinda embarrassing when you can't help the gas and you're in a car with 4 relatives and the realtor! (really embarrassing, actually) I'm 20, and was diagnosed when I was 12. I haven't grown much in my middle and highschool years; I went from a small 4'7" (and 75lbs) in 7th grade to a subaverage 5'3" (and ~105lbs) around 10th grade and probably stand a good 5'3.5" right now. For me, regardless of how I eat, I usually don't gain much. I have noticed that school affects my weight; during the summer I average 105lbs and during the school year I average between 110 and 115lbs. I guess it's the regular eating that puts weight on me. i suggest eating three meals a day, including a hearty breakfast. Vitamins and things like Carnation Instant Breakfast help me. Personally, I strongly suggest taking a multivitamin daily, preferably the 100% and not the supplements; the amount of nutrients you lose while not being gluten-free are great and can lead to malnutrition. I myself looked a little malnourished before going gluten-free. Good luck! Eating gluten-free today is much easier than it was when I was first diagnosed, so staying gluten-free shouldn't be a problem! (p.s.- I was a bread fiend also :-P I loved most everything baked, so going gluten-free was a little hard for me, especially since I couldn't have my favorite, French Toast from Perkins)
  7. I'm used to having a glass of milk every morning and I was diagnosed 7 years ago. It's that that bothers me. I'll try that. I'm pretty sure it's the cheese and the grease that forms when it melts. I don't like sauce on my pizza so there never any sauce on it.
  8. New Diagnosis, 21

    I'm 20 and I've been gluten-free for, geez, more than seven years! The best advice I can give is to not cheat, though it may be quite hard not to. Be careful what you buy and always read the ingredients (though it seems you don't have to much anymore, as more food companies print what allergens may exist below the ingredient list). I know Wild Oats has a large selection of gluten-free food items, but they are $$$. The longer you stay gluten-free, the better you'll feel.
  9. I searched to see if the topic was already discussed, but I found nothing. I am wondering if anyone else gets an upset stomach (like the kind before you went gluten-free) after eating greasy foods. Usually after I eat the pizzas I so enjoy (Kinnikinnick crusts with mozzarella cheese on top), my stomach gets upset, with the usual cramping and uneventful bathroom visits.
  10. It took me about a month to feel better. And, boy, did I feel so much better! I was almost getting used to having stomach aches every other day; I didn't realize how much better I felt once I was gluten-free. I'm sure it depends how long you were not gluten-free, but I'd expect that after a few weeks and definitely after two months you should be feeling much better.
  11. 17 and gluten-free for, oh somewhere around 3 years or so it would be best to avoid modified food starch check the list here, and if you dont know about it, then contact the company and ask if its gluten-free
  12. check everything i have my own toaster and pans and butter plate and i make sure none of those come in contact with something that isnt gluten-free-free its a bit troublesome, but its better than feeling sick all the time
  13. Maltodextrin?

    i always thought that it depended on what the product was, whether maltodextrin was gluten-free or not just check and make sure for each product, doesnt hurt to call the manufacturer