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  1. I also lost weight when I went gluten free about six weeks ago. I lost around 12 to 14 pounds. But I've slowed way down...one day I'll have lost 2 pounds and then two days later gained 2 pounds, back and fourth. So I'm glad to hear that you are still losing, but slowly. Slowly is ok with me. I did the Adkins diet a long time ago, before I found out that I had gluten issues, and lost a lot of weight, but as soon as you eat something with carbs...you start eating everything insight and can't stop eating!!! I gained all the weight back + more. I think, like you, I'll stick to gluten free. My question to you is....I find by being gluten free I'm eating the same stuff over and over and I'm getting sick of it. I'm ok with meals (most of the time, except when I don't feel like cooking), but what do you eat for snacks? Or to grab a quick meal, what do you grab? I'm sick of plan Kettle chips, fruit and cheese......I hate most veggies (I'm working on this). Thank you for any help.
  2. Thank you for the response! I feel much better today. No stomach ache just a head ache, so it must have been what I ate. This is what I ate yesterday: Grapes Brown rice with real butter Peanuts Then a few hours later my stomach started to hurt so I didn't eat anything else the rest of the day. I'm thinking maybe I have a problem with peanuts. I didn't think it was possible to have a reaction to something after just 3 days. I've always had a stomach ache after I ate even when I was little, but last night was intense.
  3. Hello. I'm sorry if this is a repeat question. I've read through a lot of posts and couldn't really find my answer. I'm waiting on my blood work results for Celiac. My doctor went ahead and placed me on a gluten free diet Thursday. I officially started the diet Friday, so I'm at the end of day 3. I have the worst stomach pain ever right now. It's mostly my upper abdomin. I'm trying to figure out if this is a result of the change in diet or do I have stomach flu???? Can someone please tell me if this is a normal physical reaction on or around day 3??? I'm suppose to fly to Seattle for work on Tuesday and if I have stomach flu I might need to cancel. Help!! Thank you!