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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I have had it on two separate occasions with no reaction. The first time, I just took the bartender at her word. then I ready the controversy, but since I hadn't reacted the first time, I bought a six from my local liquor store. Drank 3 of them with no problem. So take it for the anectdotal single data point that it is, but I liked it a lot.
  2. I was diagnosed with Celiac coming up on 4 years ago I guess. Lately I have been having severe GI issues and fatigue (reminding me of the days before I was Celiac diagnosed). I had an endoscopy and my GI doc told me everything was good in going gluten free. This was confirmed by blood tests. I have been going crazy trying to find where gluten was leaking in, but am coming around to the fact that my symptoms are not me being glutened, but maybe a different food allergy. I get: Severe pains that appear all throughout my stomach and back I had a duodenal ulcer up until a month or so ago Gas and diarrhea Severe reflux Extreme fatigue (back to sleeping 10+ hours a night) So yesterday I decided to try some elimination dieting. I cut out dairy as of yesterday morning. Anyone have any advice on how to prioritize my elimination dieting? I am starting a food journal (I know I should have done it long ago). Any guidance or insights from folks who have already walked this path much appreciated. (and apologies if this is the wrong forum for this). ERR
  3. Peter, would you feel safe getting grits at a restaurant? What questions should I ask to see if I should feel good about eating them? Thanks very much!
  4. Got a reply from Big Y saying they are gluten free. It was signed from a registered dietician and was unequivocal. (my search goes on)
  5. Does anyone know if the Big Y store brand sausages (labelled just Big Y Hot or Sweet) are gluten free? I looked over the ingredient list and did not see anything dangerous. However, I think I might be reacting to them. I have emailed the company but am not sure how long that will take. If no one knows, I will update the thread with the answer I get.
  6. Hi. Does anyone know if the Nestle Crunch Ice Cream Bars are gluten free? I know the Nestle Crunch bars are not, but I had convinced myself at some point that the Ice Cream bars are ok. But I have been symptomatic lately and am wondering if my nightly desert is getting me. Thanks!
  7. Jack Daniels is gluten free, so it might be something other than a gluten reaction.
  8. I haven't done it, but I have had the exact same thought process. I appreciate everyone being positive and focusing on what you can have, but I miss exactly the pizza crust you describe. Man.
  9. Creeping Celiac

    No I probably need the lecture. For me, the question is, "just how sensitive am I?" I've been telling people for the past few years that I was one of the lucky ones who just has to avoid bread, or flour, but cross contamination is no big deal. I'm re-thinking that now. Vigilance.
  10. I got diagnosed three years ago. I went on a raw foods kick and felt great. But over the past few years I have gotten less and less conservative. I would eat a salad dressing without checking. Maybe eat a chicken breast with an unidentified marinade. Now I never got the GI symptoms of Celiac. But slowly, inch by inch, I regressed. Recently I realized I was tired all the time. I was going to bed at 9 pm again. I was seeing the world through an angry haze. And I realized that I had slipped all the way back to where I was before my diagnosis. Has anyone else had a similar experience? I am wondering about the experiences of others who do not get the stomach signs of glutening. I am realizing how insidious this disease can be when its symptoms are not clear.
  11. Thanks guys. I am meeting with the very smart doctor who first diagnosed my Celiac later this week. If he has insight I will bring it back. For right now I think I am going to stick to wine. Meh.
  12. To tell you the truth I don't know. I have never really paid much attention to the particulars of the bourbon I have been drinking. I searched the archives here and noticed that Jack Daniels is gluten free. So it would be easy enough just to stick to that (although I would miss my Woodford Reserve). Most recently I was drinking Jim Beam. Separate from the specific cause, has anyone ever experienced UTI type symptoms from glutening?
  13. As a Celiac who works in Social Security and Veterans Disability, this is true. That being said, Karl, you probably should talk to someone about your potential veterans benefits. Reading between the lines, it seems there might be more going on here and that some of it may qualify you for benefits. If I can offer advice to anyone on either SSDI or veterans benefits I have worked in those fields for a decade now and am happy to answer questions. Just PM me.