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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I went to a gastro doctor a year ago and had a blood test for celiac, I don't know if it was a 'comprehensive panel' as I wasn't given the info..but they told me I don't have celiac disease. Maybe I don't, but I definitely notice a reaction to eating gluten and have been avoiding it. I notice some alleviation of the symptoms when I eat more fruit/vegetables and basic food. But it's not just gluten that causes brain fog..it seems like food with sugar and gluten-free flour can cause similar symptoms. The reaction to gluten-free flour products (like spaghetti, or bread; the worst would be a pastry with flour + sugar) is similar but not as strong as with wheat flour foods.
  2. Thanks for the advice. No, I have not had a biopsy or colonoscopy and kind of dread the thought of having those done.
  3. "Brain fog" is difficult or embarassing to explain/justify to others. I probably come across as lazy, because I am always in a fog or daze, and cannot get tasks done on time. I always take naps, which makes me look lazy. Saying, "I'm sorry, I have a mysterious disease that hinders my cognitive abilities and makes me very tired" isn't very well understood by most people, and just looks like an excuse to not do things. But I literally cannot function normally. I am frustrated with myself for not being as productive as I should be. My sister thinks I am exagerrating and it's in my head. It is true that it's in my head - these "head symptoms" are interferring with my life..it is probably not just a food problem causing my symptoms. I have cavity prone teeth as well, which I have to do something about. She told me it is my fault that I haven't gotten my health problems solved yet, which is partially true. But my family thinks everything will be cured if I see as many doctors as possible, and I know that is not true.
  4. Maybe it is something else in the slushie making you feel sick, possibly the excessive sugar? I would be sick if I had a slushie or soda, just because of the excessive sugars/corn syrup.
  5. Really?!? *^&%$#@

    I don't know if it will help you feel any better, but I once tried to steam my skin pores over a bowl of boiled water, and I burnt my nose, and ended up with a very noticeable red burn mark on the tip of my nose. It was right before an event the next day. I ended up looking like Rudolph the reindeer for about a month afterwards. So I can kind of relate to your embarrassment.. Don't distress too much about it. If by any slim chance you have clay (calcium bentonite clay) it is great to use for skin inflammation. It helps reduce redness very quickly. If not, a green tea bag (after it's been in hot water) sometimes helps too.
  6. I generally feel better when I eat foods such as buckwheat, quinoa, eggs (eggs have nutrients, though I am not sure if everyone can tolerate them), lentils, basic soups, and all vegetables/fruits. I try to eat very basic food that doesn't have many ingredients. There is a buckwheat food that can be bought in a box in most supermarkets called Kasha, and you can simply pour hot water over it and eat it, very easy to make. It tastes kind of like oatmeal. You can add something like honey to it for flavor. I like to combine buckwheat or quinoa with eggs, spinach/kale and honey. Smoothies with vegetables/fruit/water are an easy way to get nutrients, if you have a blender. Vegetable stir fry is another idea. Everyone reacts to foods differently, so it will take experimenting to find out what you can tolerate until you begin to feel better. I've read that pure peppermints (with peppermint oil) or peppermint/spearmint tea helps some people with gastrointestinal problems.
  7. Dunkin Donuts gluten-free?!

    It's nice that some places are starting to offer gluten free foods but I probably would pass. I still don't really want to eat rice flour, sugar, corn syrup, etc. for other health reasons. I can't eat sugar because my teeth have weakened enamel (which I think possibly celiac contributed to)
  8. I have been on a gluten free diet for about a month now, and my health was beginning to improve. But I was still skeptical about whether I am gluten intolerant or not, so yesterday I did a "test". I consumed 2 pieces of gluten pizza and a gluten muffin. The pizza did cause any symptoms right away. But later I ate a muffin and shortly afterwards felt like I had been drugged or poisoned. Brain scrambled and odd thoughts/behavior. Very unclear thought pattern and mental confusion. Often times, this goes along with poor coordination, slurred speech, headache. Maybe these symptoms are tied partially to fatigue, however it does not seem like the usual "food coma" type of symptoms that people experience simply from eating too much. The neurological sort of symptoms are the usual ones I have always dealt with after consuming a food with wheat/gluten, but I had been in denial that it was actually gluten causing it, without definitive proof that I am gluten intolerant. However a few people on this forum with celiac/gluten intolerance seem to report the same/similar symptoms. So are these common gluten intolerance symptoms, and how do they manifest? It's been nearly 24 hours since I consumed gluten and the headache/brain fog feeling persists, only worse. I hope it goes away soon, because right now I can't think clearly/concentrate or accomplish any work that needs to be done. Just writing this forum post has been a challenge, I've had to revise it several times just to make sure I am making sense. I find it odd that my brain is effectively stunted after consuming gluten. I wonder if it's just fatigue - blood to the stomach/intestines and away from the brain, or some sort of inflammatory response, and can actual brain damage occur over time?
  9. I've also been wondering the effect of GMO food on diseases such as celiac and other food intolerances. Could it be that people are intolerant to genetically modified wheat, rather than wheat itself? I see many people on this forum also claim intolerances to other common genetically modified foods, like corn and soy. Even most gluten-free food products seem to be made with GM ingredients (baking mixes, flours, etc.)
  10. These are the exact same symptoms I experience, very strange. This list sums up my most troubling symptoms. It's very frustrating because my brain does not function the way it should, and nothing seems to snap me out of it. I have a fear that it's actual brain damage. However, I am not sure if I simply have a gluten problem or some other cause(s).
  11. Maybe you have a sensitivity to something in these foods. Take a look at the ingredient labels to see if there is any common ingredient in the foods causing you stomach aches. It could also simply be that foods like bagels and English muffins tend to be heavy and difficult to digest.
  12. Thanks for sharing this.
  13. I understand that it's hard to replicate wheat foods. I don't really care much about the taste and texture of most food, but my mother is really picky. Trying to get her to eat new things is difficult. It's like dealing with a picky five year old. I'm not sure what is most cost effective, as it seems like buying the special ingredients for baking can be costly as well. Xantham gum, baking powder, tapioca flour, arrowroot starch, yeast, potato starch, sorghum flour, etc. many of the recipes I've looked at require quite a few different ingredients, and they can cost around $5-$10 each for a small bag.
  14. Lately I have been eating this recipe a lot, because it is easy to make: in a pot you put some canned chickpeas, tomato sauce with sour cream mixed in, along with some spices (garlic powder, pepper, herbs, cumin etc.) Then you just heat it up for a few minutes. I usually eat it with rice and kale.
  15. I have a question for anyone experienced with gluten-free baking..is it worth it to buy all of these gluten-free flours and baking ingredients individually, or should I just buy the pre-made mixes (they seem like a cheaper deal)? Also, can you recommend any products or recipes that are good? I want to make baked foods that taste like the real version. I am also wondering if it's necessary to buy a bread machine. In particular, I would like to make bread for my mother. She wants to try a gluten free diet but likes to eat bread, specifically raisin bread or blueberry bread. I have no experience with making real bread, let alone gluten free bread. All of the gluten free bread I've tried tasted pretty bad, and didn't compare to wheat bread. I tried to make cinnamon raisin bread with a Bob Red Mill mix package, and it was very heavy. I didn't mind, but my mother didn't like it. She's picky. If anyone knows of a bread recipe or pre-made mix that is light, and tastes close to real bread, I would appreciate if you share it.