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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. This is a really great forum for people with gluten intolerance and Celiac disease. Are there any other good forums you can recommend, for people who have symptoms that are associated with celiac, but the forum actually focuses on other diseases and issues? For example, I have digestive symptoms usually labeled as irritable bowel syndrome. I've been exploring the possibility of gluten intolerance, but I'm not convinced if that is the issue. I want to learn more about other possible causes, and I've observed that forums like this are very effective. Any recommendations?
  2. I can't afford to buy both probiotics and digestive enzymes right now, so I want to start with just one or the other. Which one should I try first?
  3. Anyone else? There must be some other people who have tried these things.
  4. I know that when you are on a gluten-free diet, you need to cut it out 100%. Even the slightest trace of gluten can cause problems. I have some questions about a casein-free diet: Is that also true with a casein-free diet? I've heard casein doesn't cause damage to the intestines, so I'm theorizing that occasional consumption of casein (whether intentional or accidental) will not cause you to backtrack on any progress you've made. It may cause symptoms, of course, but once you recover from those symptoms, will you be right back where you left off? Am I making sense? A similar question is...if you are casein intolerant, will you feel at least somewhat better if you just cut out the most obvious sources (milk, cheese, sour cream, butter, etc.)? Or do you have to read labels and try to get rid of it 100% (like you do with a gluten-free diet)? I don't know if I am casein intolerant. I'm just trying some things to figure it out.
  5. I've been on a gluten free diet for 1 month now. So far, I'm not seeing any improvement. I still have "IBS" symptoms. I was thinking about trying some probiotics and/or digestive enzymes. Can anyone tell me: 1) How well did they work for you (specifically what symptoms did they eliminate)? 2) What brands do you recommend? 3) Can I use them both together, or should I start with one or the other? Also, I've been taking Prilosec for a few years for acid reflux, and I want to get off of it. Can either of these products help with acid reflux, too? I don't have a Celiac diagnosis yet, but for now, I'll continue on the gluten-free diet. Maybe in the future, if these products help alot, I might experiment with gluten foods again.
  6. Thanks for the replies. That's very helpful. By the way...Momma Goose and psawyer, why do both of your profile pictures have the same statue/bust in it? I can't help but ask.
  7. I've heard that you can't always trust if "Modified Food Starch" is gluten free. But sometimes I see "Food Starch-Modified (Tapioca)" or "Food Starch-Modified (Corn)". Are those gluten free? For example, there is a new Starkist Salmon Creations (Mango Chipotle) that I want to try. But it has the tapioca food starch listed in the ingredients.
  8. C'mon people. How can over 90 people read this post, and not even one person has replied? I need your help! I'm about ready to give up on this gluten-free diet, so I need some answers to help me keep going.
  9. I've been trying a gluten free diet for about 22 days now, and it seems like I feel worse than before. I'm hoping to relieve so-called IBS problems. In the past 22 days, I've had more abdominal cramping, about the same amount of diarrhea, and more nausea (which I rarely had before). Here are my theories of what could be happening: Maybe I coincidentally acquired some type of infection or parasite about 3 weeks ago, and haven't recovered yet (Salmonella, giardia, etc.) Maybe my digestive system is trying to adjust to the new diet. Maybe something specific in my new diet is irritating me. (I'm eating more tuna & salmon) Maybe I'm still getting some gluten accidentally (but I don't see how this would make it worse...it should at least be no worse than before) Any other ideas? Has anyone else has this happen, before it started to get better? By the way, I tested negative for Celiac: Link to my test results discussion
  10. Does anyone else have some ideas on this? I know there are a lot of smart people out there who could chime in!
  11. If they are not the same thing, then does gluten intolerance require the same "all or nothing" approach to a gluten-free diet as Celiac? For example, if you unknowingly consume a small amount of gluten, is it not as big of a deal if you are gluten intolerant, compared to if you had Celiac?
  12. You've heard the expression...if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it's a duck. But what if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, but clucks like a chicken? It's still probably a duck, but why does it cluck? I've read many examples on this website of people who were clearly positive for Celiac, based on their experiences with gluten-free diets, and sometimes biopsy results, but their blood test results were negative. Assuming they had been consuming sufficient amounts of gluten at the time of testing, then how is this possible? How could all of their blood results be "normal" even though other evidence proves they have Celiac? I just don't understand. Please be specific and objective. I'm not looking for emotional responses here. I'd like a somewhat scientific explanation, if possible.
  13. I recently received my results from blood testing for Celiac. They are calling the results "negative for Celiac", since everything is within their reference limits. Are the limits different for gluten intolerance? For example, on the IgA, let's imagine there were a limit of 200 to indicate intolerance, but you have to be over 400 to call it Celiac. If that were true, I would be positive for gluten intolerance (I had a 247). Just wondering...because it seems that gluten intolerance is simply a milder version of Celiac. My results: Tiss Transglutamin IgA - 1 U/mL (0-3 reference) Tiss Transglutamin IgG - 1 U/mL (0-3 reference) Anti-Gliadin IgG Ab - 2.4 U/mL (0-10 reference) Anti-Gliadin IgA Ab - 3.3 U/mL (0-10 reference) Endomysial IgA Ab - Negative IgA - 247 MG/DL (70-400 reference)
  14. Good responses so far. Would anyone else like to add their knowledge on this topic? I'm still not confident what I should do next.
  15. Can anyone else offer some advice on this, please?