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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you so much for all of the input.I'm trying so hard to not let this ruin my life but instead of getting better at dealing I feel like it's getting harder.I just feel like EVERYTHING involves food.I go and pretend I'm fine but inside I'm so upset...It's definitely the psychological part of this disease that's wearing on me.I guess somedays are better than others and I don't want people to not include me yet I just dread anything where food is involved....If I don't want to go to someone's party because I feel awkward and just don't feel like explaining my restrictions is that ok or am I giving in to this??? What excuses can I use to not go without saying "my diet"? Thank you
  2. Hello, I have been going to parties,BBQ's,etc for the last few years since being dx'd but now I have started to decline invitations because I find it so hard to go and watch everyone else eat and comment on how good everything tastes and having to pretend it doesn't bother me. I find it's easier to eat at home first rather than bring my own food to events because it's hard to heat it etc. with a lot of people around and I've had people ask to try my food,etc!!!. People ask what they can get for me to have and can't understand why I won't use their grill,etc.I just don't like explaining it all the time....I guess i"m kind of burnt out from this!! I try but I feel like I'm becoming more and more antisocial....Anyone else go through this? Thanks
  3. Thank so much.That's a good idea.Do you call the restaurant and ask them if it's ok first?Have you ever had a restaurant not allow it?
  4. I am in a similar dilemma and so worried about how to handle it.A large group is meeting at a Sports Pub and when I called they said they can do grilled chicken and "we have vegetables".The girl on the phone didn't sound that confident leading me to believe they may not do this too much.I usually only go where they offer a gluten-free menu or where I feel confident they can handle this.With it being a large group on a weekend night I am nervous.What do I do?Go somewhere else where they do a gluten-free menu without the group? I think I would feel very awkward just getting a drink plus I am away so it's not like I can go home and eat...It's so hard always feeling "anti-social".Thank you for any input.
  5. Eating Less Healthy On Gluten Free Diet

    Thank you for your help.I definitely need to cut back on the breads!!!I just find this diet so hard as I was always a bread lover!A lot of vegetables bother me such as spinach,broccoli,summer squash and zucchini.Also, different types of lettuce.The gluten free bread type products have just been easy but I'm paying the price.I do exercise but will try increasing it!Thanks.
  6. Hello,I was dx about 1 yr. ago.I crave breads,muffins,cookies(I eat the gluten-free ones) and chocolate.I find that I like a a couple glasses of wine at night now as my "treat" from being "deprived"!I've been gaining weight.I'm always hungry and find that a sandwich with udi's bread doesn't fill me at lunch so I snack on peanut m&m's in the afternoon,etc.I've tried to substitute with fruit but it doesn't help.I was never like this before dx!!!Help!!!!
  7. Has anyone had any positive experiences in dining at either of these places?I wrote to both but didn't get any specific recommendations except Cedar Steakhouse at Foxwoods .I've dined there and found them to be very knowledgeable and helpful but expensive!I was wondering if anyone else has tried any of the other restaurants at either of these places.I'm going to a show there in Sept.???Thank you
  8. 99 Restaurant

    I've been going to the 99 restaurant because they have a gluten free menu.I always get the gluten free hamburger roll so I know exactly what it looks like.The other day I received a different roll and questioned it.The server said he had verified it was gluten free with the chef before he brought it out.He offered to recheck because I said it looked totally different.He checked and returned to tell me "it's good to go,it's gluten free".I figured they may be using a different vendor.It also looked different from my daughter's "regular" roll so I ate it and was ill the next morning.I emailed the restaurant and received a prompt reply by phone.The manager informed me that he was sorry this happened and didn't know what roll I received!!!He said he'd speak with the staff and send me compensation...Who cares about compensation!I feel like I've "undone" all the hard work.I've given up other social functions,not eaten at cookouts,etc.This totally undoes everything!!!How could this have been avoided?!It's so frustrating!!! I feel like I need to sit at home and never go out!I feel like EVERY time you dine out it's a HUGE risk!!!!!
  9. gluten-free Still Having Symptoms

    I've been getting worried,too.I've been gluten free for 5 weeks and my symptoms of numbness and tingling in my extremities hasn't changed at all.In fact my back has gotten even itchier!!!Is this normal?People who had these symptoms, it's months for them to clear sometimes??????????????I've begun to worry that something else is going on????
  10. I just tried Trader Joe's English Muffins Gluten/Dairy free.They are VERY good but as I'm finding they HAVE to be toasted which you do with English muffins anyways.I've been making sandwiches with them as they are pretty good sized....I was so happy to find these!!!!
  11. Has anyone read up on research to see if there's any hope that someday this disease may be treated by meds or cured??!!!!I've only been gluten free for 1 mnth and am dreaming of having some of my favorites again LOL!!!
  12. My symptoms prior to diagnosis were only neuro symptoms.I've had and still do (dx 1 mnth ago by bx) have toe numbness and pins/needles in my feet.For a couple mnths I had vibrating from my feet up.My left hand has less sensation than my right and in fact my left foot seems worse than my right!Very weird.My Dr. never thought of celiac and had been going through all the neuro checks,thyroid,diabetes type workup.I goggled my symptoms like crazy and found people talking about celiac dz.My Dr. agreed to the antibody tests but even when they were pos. didn't think it was celiac because I wasn't having GI symptoms!!!!
  13. How Celiac Disease Has Changed My Life

    I just started the diet 1 mnth ago and am finding it very difficult and discouraging right now.What a HUGE lifestyle change.I have a husband and children who eat "regular" food and I'm trying to keep it normal for them and gluten free for myself.I end up skipping meals sometimes because it's too much of a pain to look everything up,etc.We used to love to eat out once a week now I just get nervous and don't really want to.I pray that I can accept this but it's so hard.I even get nervous when invited to someone's house for a "get together" as I don't want to single myself out and look like a picky eater,etc.....Thank you for this encouraging post.I hope someday it will be me writing this!!!!
  14. I just had the Bone density test and was told I had osteopenia and need to start 1200 mg of calcium w/ vit. d per day.Does anyone know if there is a certain brand that is safe?I know it's over the counter.Thank you.