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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Honey Mustard/teriyaki

    So excited to realize the honey mustard dressing at Outback is gluten free. I always read the part where it said the mustard viniagrette was not and thought they were the same thing. I would always double check on dressings though. I know the honey mustard at my favorite local restaurant is not gluten free . Luckily they have an amazing housemade maple viniagrette that is.
  2. Hmm, not sure I can limit myself to ten. 1. Greek yogurt with a little bit of honey. 2. Deviled eggs (I hardboil them ahead and make them as I want them) 3. Crunchmaster crackers with spinach artichoke dip. 4. Popcorn (my popcorn machine was the best Christmas gift ever!) 5. KIND bars 6. Ice Cream (especially peanut butter & chocolate) 7. PB& Co's White Chocolate Peanut Butter & gluten-free Ginger Snaps 8. Michael's Cheese Curls 9. Homemade Smoothies 10. Pistachio Fluff (Cool Whip, Pistachio Pudding Mix & Crushed Pineapple). And now I want a snack.
  3. Like many of the above posts, I started out loving Udi's but it has been super inconsistent lately and for the price I just can't do it. I have switched to Rudi's which is actually a little cheaper in my area and in my opinion tastes much better. I also love the Against the Grain baguettes. I make subs on them or eat them dipped in olive oil and spices. So yummy . I've also started making my own. I have both the bread maker and stand mixer. I've been trying the mixes. So far just the Bob's Red Mill mix that came with the bread machine. It was okay but not the greatest. Any suggestions on mixes to use? I don't really have time to do anything from scratch right now.
  4. Weight Loss

    I'm on the weight gain side to which was great for me because prior to my diagnosis I had lost an extreme amount of weight in a very short period of time. I needed to gain some of it back because I was verging on skeletal and it was not healthy looking. I had started to even out until recently when I started to lose weight rapidly again. Who knows?
  5. No idea what to make for dinner tonight yet. Maybe chili bake topped with cornbread. But last night I made chicken and dumplings using the gluten-free bisquick. It was super tasty and even better for leftovers for lunch today. I didn't really follow any recipe and added cut up red potatoes and carrots to add a veggie component to it.
  6. It's not a complete listing by any means but I got the Celiaccess app on my droid and it also allows you to use a bar code scanner to check gluten free status. I hope they continue to add products but they do have a pretty good start. I also just noticed when searching for gluten free cookies that this program is great if you shop at Walmart because they seem to have all of the house brand products on it. I do wish it was more all inclusive but for a free product I do like it.
  7. I personally would have done the same thing and not taken the medication. I hate having to deal with the pharmacy regarding any of my prescriptions. Last time I needed an antibiotic, it was a generic that did not come from the normal manufacturer that I know to be safe. It was the middle of the night and I couldn't get through to anyone at the manufacturer (I left them two messages and never heard back). I called the pharmacy and spoke with a pharmacist who was trying so hard to be helpful but was completely clueless. He did read me all of the ingredients but he didn't know what to look for. He ended up calling around to multiple other branches of their pharmacy in the area and found one that had the medication from the manufacturer I knew was safe. I was out some money because they wouldn't take back the first bottle but it didn't matter. Kinda annoyed right now though, because I had never realized that the manufacturer never called me back.
  8. Fantastic gluten-free Cake From Ikea

    I'm slightly confused. I went to the website of the company that at least used to make them (almondy) and I don't even see wheat starch listed as an ingredient. Did the manufacturer they use change? Because these are the ingredients I see on the website: Sugar, egg white, water, vegetable fat, glucose syrup, cream, almonds, apricot kernels, egg yolk, condensed milk, cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, buttermilk powder, cocoa mass, butter, whey powder, stabilizer (sorbitol, carboxy methyl cellulose, pectin, gellan gum), cocoa powder, emulsifier (soy lecithin, lactic acid esters of mono- and diglycerides, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids), salt, freeze-dried coffee, flavouring. Contains milk, egg, soy lecithin, almonds. May contain traces of peanuts. Contains Marabou milk chocolate (12%) and meringues (6%).
  9. I just tasted my first Udi's product. Their lemon struesel muffins are amazing. I microwaved it for a few seconds since it was still frozen and yummy. I just devoured it in a few seconds. I did wish the lemon flavor was a little strong and that there was more of the sugary topping. The size was amazing and they were light and springy. Just need a little more flavor, it reminded me of a muffin mix made without adding the add ins. But I added a little raspberry preserves to the middle and it was amazing. I have a loaf of their white sandwich bread thawing on the counter right now and am ready to make some grilled cheese and tomato soup tomorrow. I'll have to pick up a loaf of the multi-grain tomorrow. I wish my local co-op had their cinnamon rolls or blueberry muffins but I'm happy to at least have a start. And the price is great compared to other gluten free breads. The muffins were about $6 for four of them and they're huge and the bread is about $5.50 a loaf. Now, I want to roadtrip to Denver to hit their restaurant. Anyone have an extra bedroom out that way! J/K
  10. I forgot about my attempt at eating the Enjoy Life Granola. It was so hard and impossible to enjoy. I felt like my teeth were going to fall out of my head. Ouch! Actually, the only good granola I found was made with gluten free oats, but I have to be careful how much I have because it seems to cause a slight reaction from time to time. May be CC since it's found in bulk at the local organic food shop.
  11. Cottage Inn Pizza!

    I would love to know the pricing and if anyone knows which location have the gluten free option. I'm in East Lansing and would love it. I'm hoping to head to Guido's this weekend to pick up some gluten free pizza & breadsticks but if Cottage Inn has reasonable prices (vs. $30 for a small pizza) I would definitely switch it up.
  12. Best Book About Gluten-Free Living?

    I loved Gluten Free Girl and regularly try to recreate recipes from her Gluten Free Goddess blog. Such a great read because it isn't dry, it's a story and it explains a lot and just reading about someone else getting through it was very helpful for me in the beginning.
  13. Hmm, I have quite a few of my least fave: ~Rice Pasta: It was everywhere at the food co-op by me so I had to try it. It turned into a big giant lump of mush and tasted just as good . I could try it again and maybe my tastes have changed but it was horrible and I was sure I was never going to make it. ~ Glutino Breakfast Bars: Trying to gain some weight back and found these. Thought, yummy Nutrigrain bar type snack. Not a chance. I got the apple ones. Bitter, sour and it had the worst aftertaste ever. ~Also, Nana's cookies. I was so excited. They just crumbled in my hands and tasted like sawdust. Yuck! ~ I also agree with the Mary's Gone Crackers. I bought them because they actually had them at the commissary on base and I was shocked to even see a gluten free product. Horrible, my teeth hurt and I could barely get through one. On the other hand, I have tons of faves and have found some great products in the past few years. I just bought my first loaf of Udi's and get to try it out tonight. Any suggestions? Does it need to be toasted/thawed? And do you guys prefer the white or multigrain? My store has both, as well as my favorite gluten free treat, Against the Grains French Bread (so yummy with soup or as the base for a sub).
  14. Sad, today I went back and the mixes are gone. And at the local grocery, the are $4.50 each. So sad. Made the banana bread but used strawberry-banana baby food, instead of mashed bananas. So good!
  15. I just bought the Crunchy Vanilla Sunrise and have yet to try it but it looks great. I love Nature's Path, Mesa one so I'm hoping this is just as good. I just have to run and buy some more soy milk so I can try it.