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  1. Celiac Disease A Ada Disability?

    Thank you everyone for all your help and stories. I actually called the ADA and they assigned me a caseworker. The college is accredited they are rated one of the best colleges in the US. Its just not all the people at the college are the greatest. I am also fighting with them because I have a issue with broken bones.... in high school I played sports until I was breaking at least 3 bones a year. The doctors told me I had to quit or I would cause irreversible damage. Well now the college is trying to make me take a class when I have to play basketball and dodge ball. I know for sure I will break bones and my doctor is freaking out about it and says she will write me a letter but the college isnt flexing there either. I actually talked to the dean and told her the issue. I am a 4.0 double major... definitely 1 of 6 people in my graduating class that is carrying such grades. Im so exhausted with it all to be honest to fight anymore. Im thinking that Im going to get a job at the state prison while I finish school so I can pay my bills. I have faith that everything will work out and Ill just keep trying to deal with the college. I wont give up. The colleges back home are all community colleges so they wont transfer because they arent accredited. That is my issue there. The closest college to my home is 2.5 hours away. It will all work out Im sure in the long run. I did not know that it was an issue that you could receive SSD for though, I know everyone keeps asking why I am not receiving benefits..... I didnt think about that, but also I dont want to be disabled then not be able to have my career. I am determined to accomplish my goals.... I really appreciate all the help and stories! It helps to have someone that knows what you are going thru to talk to about things... Diannalynn
  2. Celiac Disease A Ada Disability?

    I have tried to work with the college. They asked me to move off campus because they did not allow my fridge, they only allowed a small fridge not one with a freezer and they did not allow my microwave that was also a convection oven. They also tried to put me in a room that is the size of my bathroom which only had a walkway around the bed and I would not have been able to keep my appliances to be able to cook for myself and the cafe will not accommodate me. It has been nothing but a hassle. I applied for special circumstances through them and even had my doctor write a letter for me. They approved for my parents to take out a loan, but the PLUS loan only gave us $6,000 a year. My bills are $14,000 a year and this is the cheapest place in town I could find. Doesnt help that the economy is crashing in this area. I even tried to apply for a loan from Wells Fargo and they said I needed a cosigner well I had 5 people try to cosign, which is my whole family I have no one else, and everyone was denied. The other loans that I tried to apply for have to go through the college, most companies have gone to this method I found out. The college will not approve me getting another loan because my tuition is paid and they believe $6,000 should pay for my housing. It doesnt I also tried to apply for state aid, the lady at the food stamps office told me to get pregnant then they would help me and I would qualify. She had me in tears she was so mean and degrading to me. This is only temporary. I am graduating in 3 semesters, a year early and I just need help until I can apply for my career position. If you know of any lenders that still do loans that arent through the school please let me know! That would be a great help. I really would like to finish college and stay out of the hospital as much as possible. As it is I cant afford to feed myself the proper amount of meals a day Which means my sugar is all out of wack and I keep passing out, which is not fun. Something has to give here! I just want to be able to breathe! Thanks for your help! Im so lost here and only being 21 I do not know where all to turn. Diannalynn
  3. Hi all, I am in college here in Ohio. The college I am attending decided last year at the end of the year that they were no longer going to be able to accommodate me on campus. I found the cheapest apartment I could and now that the new semester is coming I am totally out of money because I dont make enough money from my job to pay my bills. I am working 33 hours a week right now but once college starts I wont be able to work that much because I am a double major that is graduating early. Well because I can not pay my bills now with 33 hours a week I know I am not going to be able to pay them with maybe 20 hours a week when school starts. I asked the college if they would approve for me to take out an additional loan to pay for my living expenses. They denied my request. So now my question is.... Does the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) cover Celiac Disease as a disability? I am hoping that maybe someone in the government can help me. I dont want to have to move back home because I can not pay my bills and I already checked and my credits will not transfer back home. So I would basically lose all the money I have in my education, which is almost 33,000 a year. I know that seems high it is a private college. The professors and all are great but the financial aid dept sucks! I hope someone can answer this question for me! I really dont know what else to do.... If anyone else has any ideas or experience please let me know. I also have tried for outside loans that do not go through the school and I was denied and my co-signers were denied. I have applied for other jobs but right now the town I am in is going under because our dealers are closing because of GM and our GM plant is closing. Thanks ahead of time! Diannalynn
  4. Bob's Red Mill

    I cooked mine in a toaster oven because unfortunately I live in an apartment that has a gluten caked oven that I cant use. Anyways... My suggestion would be to let your facet run until the water is good and hot to mix with the yeast. If your using a toaster oven I found that at 450 degrees, 8 minutes without toppings and 18minutes with toppings it turned out nice and crunchy yet soft. Be careful how much sauce you use though as it may make the crust soggy. It is definitely the best pizza I've had that was gluten free! Happy baking! Hope you enjoy it!
  5. Today I decided to try the Bob's Red Mill pizza crust mix.... I have tried many others and they have not turned out the greatest or to my taste-buds satisfaction. I was very impressed by Bob's Red Mill, it tasted just like pizza used to way back before I was diagnosed. The instructions were very good and the crust did not become soggy like some of the others do. I absolutely love this crust! I will not accept any other now Just wanted to share that information and maybe let some others know the quality of the mix.... diannalynn
  6. I have what may be an annoying and over asked question, but I never experienced this symptom myself. I was lucky enough to have all the worst possible things happen to me. But the guy that I am dating has problems with his stomach and bowels. I was searching around on the board and I found all these messages talking about a celiac belly??? I had no idea that there was such a thing. My stomach is normal shaped and has always been. In looking at some of these pictures.... he has the same appearance... where his stomach is pushed out and there seems to be a gap in between his pecks. The doctors tried to tell him that he had a birth defect and no sternum bone.... x-rays prove that to be wrong.... With his stomach and bowel issues and the appearance of his stomach does that line him up for some celiac testing? I was so unaware that this was an issue with some celiacs. He will not let me post pictures because he is shy about it but I can guarantee you that it looks like the pictures I have seen on here. I would appreciate all the info that someone can give me... I have tried to search for what would cause him to have these issues and get back things like missing bones and all and we know that it isnt true. Thank you so much!
  7. Recommend A Doctor In You State

    Well I haven't been able to find a specialist. The closest I found was in Chicago... but i found a Nurse Practitioner in Defiance Hospital off Sessions St that is willing to do tests and learn and she is looking for a specialist for me. She is really awesome! Id recommend her as a primary doctor, but for anything that involves scopes she would have to refer you to a specialist. One thing though, are you still eating gluten? The test will not help if you have cut gluten out of your system you must continue on gluten. But she would definitely run the tests if you went to her (if your eating gluten). Also I was small until this year I wasn't able to gain any weight at all and I'm going on 6 years of gluten-free. IBS kinda comes with the disease for most, I have it and some other issues like a lot of others on the board. Does anyone else in your family have the disease? That's another thing I'd look at. The disease killed my grandmother because it went undiagnosed. My mother does not have the disease, but I do. If your still on gluten you will need a GI to do scopes and a biopsy. But if you have cut wheat out of your diet and are doing fine, I'd say its a wheat allergy then... You can have a wheat allergy and not be Celiac. I'm not sure about the weight thing, mine was so bad that it almost killed me so I was a severe case. You might wanna post a separate topic about the weight loss/gain issue and see what their experiences are. The Nurse Practitioner that I am seeing is Carolyn Badenhop, CNP. 1250 Ralston Ave., Suite 204 Defiance, OH 43512 419-782-8332 Good luck and let me know if you need anything else. Ive found a lot of info for the area that may help. diannalynn
  8. Celiac Disease was referenced on the NCIS episode airing 3/31/09(today). The accountant is in interrogation and is about to take his pills and says that the doctors said he might have celiac disease and would have to cut gluten out of his system. He doesn't say that he has the disease, but that doctors are unsure what is wrong with him and he takes pills. Just thought some might find it interesting that the disease was mentioned again. Its a good thing that it is becoming more popular! diannalynn
  9. Vitamin Deficiency

    Thank you so much for all your information! This really helps! I decided to not go back to the doctor that did the tests because he wasnt at all familiar with the disease. So I'm on my own with finding the supplements. Thankfully I have a wal-greens where I moved to recently!!! That is a relief. Thanks again.
  10. Vitamin Deficiency

    That's the same situation that I am in. With being lactose intolerant, I can not have milk to get a lot of vitamin D like everyone else. It has been so long since I have looked for them that I am not sure which ones to look at and all I have around here is a walmart. I am willing to drive to get any supplements since I know that I need them. Where did you buy your supplement at? Thanks
  11. I recently had my doctor order a series of blood tests. I've been gluten-free for 5 years going on 6. When I was first diagnosed I had really low levels. They seem to all be fine now, but my Vitamin D and Folic Acid are low now. When I was diagnosed we went through a lot to find out which vitamins were gluten-free and which ones had the right dose. It has been so long since I have had to take any vitamins, I'm not sure which ones are gluten free anymore and if I can get these 2 on their own. Ive tried a multi-vitamin and had a reaction to it, so I am afraid of taking those again. Does anyone take these supplements, what brand and what store did you get them at? Thanks.
  12. Could It Be...?

    I couldnt help but continue reading your post. A lot of what your going through sounds like what I went through when I was growing up. I was always the smallest kid weight wise and I could never gain weight. I also had a lot of other problems that my celiac being wrongly diagnosed caused..... I've had celiac all my life, doctors just pawned it off as growing pains, seizures, IBS, depression, anxiety, etc... I was the over achiever and still am in college. When I was stressed out the most(exams) I would be really sick more than usual. The disease killed my grandmother and it almost killed me when I was 15. Not to scare you, but I'd definitely suggest a biopsy and to have the test run again. Im not sure where you are located, but Id suggest Mayo if you can get there or even Cleveland Clinic if that is closer. Both are more in tune with Celiac. Those tests as has been said can be false negative. For me it took them faced with my passing and my mother wigging out to run everything again and again and do everything possible and they found it. The sores in your mouth could be linked to acid reflux... I have this and it often causes sores and pain in my stomach. Also lactose intolerance causes my stomach to be upset whenever I eat something. Yes with some people this does go away, but with me unfortunately the only thing that I had before that went away was my seizures. Everything else liked me too much apparently to go away. I know what it is like to be in high school and go through something like this. I dealt with this throughout all my school years. It is stressing, but once I was diagnosed and they got me healthy again.... I was so happy to be alive and hey it isnt one of the worse things that could happen. It is a lot easier now days to have the disease than at first. A lot of people that dont even have the disease find that the diet makes them feel better. Sorry I babble a lot. I love to help out and that tends to lead to too much talking. Hope I helped some.
  13. Ate Gluten For My Birthday

    Im not sure where you are from, but some pizza shops around me have gone gluten-free and it is amazing pizza! Also you can get gluten-free beer that from what I am told tastes like the regular thing. I was never into beer so I havent tried it. At least you got it out of your system so that you didnt have the reaction continue for days. Ive had reactions continue for like 3 days. Maybe someone that is on here would be from your area and could give you some gluten-free places to go out to with friends and family. I know it is nice to feel normal and be able to go to normal places like everyone else. Good luck and best wishes!
  14. Wendy's Baked Potato?

  15. I knew about the disability act when I came to college. That is why I chose the college that I did, but also I had the disease all of high school. I have heard the "i'd die" thing many times also. It does continue even with people that are not in college. The awareness is increasing thankfully! When I first started college it was rough to live in the dorms and try to accommodate myself. I had to have a private room with no roommate, I could not be on the meal plan and I had special permission to have a larger fridge and a convection microwave that also grilled. That was how I lived on campus for a year. I moved on campus after that year into an apartment. An apartment with roommates that dont have celiac really doesnt work. I now am in an apartment on my own and I had to get special permission from the campus board to move off campus but I just stated my case and my doctor even provided me with a letter to give them stating my disease and the requirements and what was best for me. They have been great about it. It is hard to deal with it at college but it gets easier. And for those who are 21 and would like to experience the college alcohol scene....... - There is gluten-free beer. Krogers and Giant Eagle sell it. And also you can have tequila and rum... those I have personally tried and are ok . I have another friend at my college that she also drinks everclear, vodka, 99 bananas and apples and anything distilled. She stays to the triple distilled. I am not brave enough to try these, well I have tried the 99 series and didnt like the taste. So there is hope for a normal college life, but I dont like the party seen my whole college time I've maybe drank 5 nights and have never been drunk. Ok back to the college and poor student budget. Ive found that walmart is absolutely amazing for my budget. In the frozen section there is John Soules Foods chicken/steak fajitas. These are gluten-free and make an awesome salad. Im a salad freak. And it isnt bad on the budget... the chicken is like $6 and the steak is $10. Also tgif fridays potato skins are amazing. Krogers has a gluten free section that has some good stuff, but can be expensive. For breakfast I typically have a yogurt (yoplait) or fruity pebbles cereal. Both of which are easy on the budget. Walmart also has deboles noodles and prego sauce which feeds me for a while on little money. I also like to use those asian noodles that are rice noodles and are in a big ball of one continuous noodle. I like the texture and the size of the noodle. They are skinnier and dont have a mushy texture. Oh also walmart has brownie mixes, muffin mixes and cookies. **Im not sure if every walmart does but in the 4 states that I have been in they have(indiana, ohio, West Virginia and PA) A lot of stuff I read labels on. Great Value stuff will also say whether or not you can have it. There is so much out there that a college student can have that is gluten-free. **Also I cook all my food still in my convection/grill microwave. I have a magic chef and as my job is to sell appliances, I dont recommend magic chef but I definitely recommend a convection oven in the dorms if the college will allow it. It is so nice and so easy. --There is a lot more information that I know if anyone needs more help just let me know. I dont like to seem like I am talking too much. I am so darn inquisitive that I do a lot of research and investigate everything, which leads to too much information. lol I hope I can help :/