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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. My feet were so tender and painful I couldn't go barefoot for the last year or more before I went gluten-free. I wore soft leather, rubber soled shoes all the time and didn't take them off until I was getting into bed. My brother had the same problem. I have been gluten free since April 08, and it took a few months to see a big change. I rarely get any foot pain now - sometimes it flares if I get gluten by cross-contamination. And I can wear my heels again! Good luck - and give it time! erin
  2. I'm not going to try them as I've heard a few people who have bought the boxes clearly marked gluten-free and still got ill. Not worth taking a chance.
  3. I don't eat Amy's frozen food any longer - always triggered a gluten reaction in me.
  4. My sister-in-law went gluten-free in support of my brother and my nephews, to simplify cooking and keep the kitchen as a safe zone. As a result her vitilago has stopped progressing, her life-long rhuemtoid arthritis no longer bothers her and her Doc just reduced her thyroid med dosage after being at the same level for years & years. She has been gluten-free for about 3 yrs, maybe closer to 4. Btw - she never had any stomach issues so never imagined anything would change when she stopped eating gluten. I think celiac is related to all auto-immune diseases. Are you following a gluten-free diet now? ~erin
  5. Wavy Nails? Anyone?

    Sounds like the way my nails were growing. They have improved tremendously as my intestines healed. I had a vitamin D deficiency from malabsorption, but also could be other vitamin and mineral deficiencies. You might want to get your blood checked - and all the vitamins and minerals checked. I know that vitamin d test is not regularly checked when blood work is done. My nails were terrible for years... ridges, peeling, cracking, white spots, wavy (as you said), etc. They look so much better after a year and half off gluten. Good luck! erin
  6. I had chronic migraines for 35 yrs - during that time I tried EVERYTHING! or so I thought. I went totally gluten-free in April 08 after greatly reducing my gluten intake for a few years. I guess it was about 4 months into being completely gluten-free that I saw a real drop in frequency - and duration - of my migraines. After 6-7 months I saw a radical change --- I started to go weeks and then months without any migraines. This was unheard of in my 35 yrs I had migraines! What I have learned is that even a small trace of gluten (like cross-contamination or gluten-free food made on shared equipment) can trigger my migraines. If I stay vigilant, my migraines remain a thing of the past. It is well worth the effort!!! Make sure you are not getting traces of gluten in something. Good luck! erin
  7. I agree it is time for a new Doctor. One that will test for a disease that you believe you might have. i have learned through years of Dr visits not to stay with a doc that doesn't listen to their patients or that dismisses your concerns. I found out that I had celiac disease through an elimination diet like OptimisticMom is talking about. Good luck. erin
  8. I tested positive for the 'celiac gene' but since my diet was so low in gluten when I finally saw the specialist (waited 3 months for an appt) that my blood test was negative. The endoscopy was negative too (I had to wait an additional 2 months for that). According to my Dr I don't officially have celiac disease. What I do know is that gluten makes me very very ill. My mother and grandmother both died of stomach cancer --- I am betting they had celiac too. I choose to live gluten free, regardless of what a test or Doctor says, since I feel a thousand times better with no gluten in my body after years and years of being ill. Thyroid disease, migraines, bone pain, rosacea, psoriasis, loss of tooth enamel, yrs of exhaustion, daily D, nerve pain, tingling & numb hands, mood swings, vitamin D deficiency, etc etc. all of which have drastically improved in one year of eating totally gluten free. I think the ultimate test is how you feel when you eat gluten - and how you feel when you don't! I say this all the time - to me gluten = poison. Good luck, erin
  9. Congrats on the 1 year anniversary!!! So happy to hear your daughter is flourishing. :-) I hit my 1 yr mark in April, and yes the first 6 months were tough but it does keep getting easier. And I too have become a regular baker after having an aversion to baking for as long as can remember. erin
  10. Nasalady - thanks for the link about celiacs and the Irish... I had heard that there is a very high percentage of celiacs in Ireland. In Italy too. GFPagan - I guess having an Irish name was enough for you to get Celiac. :-) I am 6th generation Irish/American. Some day hope to visit Ireland. Babinsky - Yes the 365 brand can be made in a bread machine, instructions are on the box. Hope it works for your son! erin
  11. Hi Erin, Sorry to hear that. I make the 365 Brand bread every week... though I have had to tweak the cooking time. In my oven it needs about 36 minutes otherwise there is usually a raw spot in the center. (The box says 30 minutes I think). Also it tends to cook better when it rises above the top of the pan before putting it in the oven. I've never had the burnt bottom though. Did a big blog of dough flop over the side while baking? That used to happen to me - and that always set off the smoke alarm. I really like this bread - but I am going to try the Gluten Free Pantry now. Funny... I am running across a very high precentage of Erin's in all the Celiac groups! thanks for sharing, erin
  12. Welcome Amy! The food may be more expensive but the cost of being sick all the time is very high! and feeling well is priceless!!! Best of luck. erin
  13. I used to get them and also canker sores on gums and inside cheeks - but they all disappeared when I went gluten free. My brother had the same experience - and they only come back if we eat gluten.
  14. I'm Planning My Cheat Day

    OMG - I would never intentionally eat gluten! If you are feeling deprived buy or bake a bunch of GLUTEN FREE treats... brownies, muffins, cookies, pizza and eat as much as you want. Enjoy - no guilt, no sickness. There are many amazing gluten free foods like... 365 brand brownie mix are the best brownies I've ever had. non-celiacs LOVE them. Kinnitoos by Kinninnick are identical to oreos. I bake bread and muffins every week... nothing like the smell or taste of fresh baked goods. Gluten is poison. period.
  15. Glutton Free Menu

    That's hilarious! and true... hard to be a glutton when eating out gluten free.