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  1. Not sure about this and can't seem to find info on their site. Anyone know if 43 Cuarenta Y Tres is safe? Thanks! It is is a vanilla like flavored dessert liquor served often with dessert as a cordial or in coffee.
  2. Hi! They biopsied a little red speck and an area near the red speck. I wish they would have taken it from a location that was more affected by the rash, though. They took it from a place that was not as affected. I have it mostly on my calves and ankles, outer elbows and forearms, wrists all symmetric, and also some scattered on my back and a couple on my rear end. It was really bad on my elbows/forearms but that seesm to be clearing up even though I have scars. It is still the worst on my calves and ankles. When I eat something extremely high in salt- these Salt & Vinegar chips sold by Whole Foods market- I know that I can guarantee to set the rash off again because I have done it a few times already eating those chips (iodine). Well, thanks.
  3. Hi- Thanks for all replies. I am a little confused now. I keep my son STRICTLY gluten free because I was told and also believe that even one molecule of gluten would release an entire army of antibodies that would then harm his intestines. I was told and believe that even one tiny crumb of contamination would release an entire army of antibodies. How could I eat gluten and release armies and armies worth of antibodies into my system and yet have them be undetectable for up to 4 months? I'm not sure I understand. I had the rash biopsied. It was inconclusive. There are other things that can also cause autoimmune responses besides the gluten, like cancer and diseases. My rash doesn't follow the exact protocol of DH. My dermatologist was reluctant to say that's what it is because I am missing the obvious blisters that many get. I asked others with confirmed cases of DH if they always get blisters and not all of them do. So, I would hate to give up my search, accept this as DH, when in fact I have something else wrong with me that ends up overlooked. Maybe I will give the Enterolab a try, but I read that Enterolab diagnoses EVERYONE as gluten intolerant. has anyone ever had a negative Enterolab test? Thanks Again!
  4. I have a definite reaction of some kind to tomatos- my face turns bright red like a sunburn and my eyebrows can even swell. I really liked tomoatos. When I make a pizza, I use the gluten free crust, and I take olive oil and rub it on the crust. Then I cut up some roasted red peppers and grate mozzerella cheese over that, add a little more olive oil and seasoning on top. A friend suggested I put the red roasted peppers into a blender or a small food processor and that sounds like a really good idea. I make an excellent taco dip using cream cheese on the bottom, then refried beans, black beans, taco meat, jalapeno peppers, scallions, olives, etc. Everyone loves it even though its tomato free. Twice I put out a jar of salsa and no one even bothered with it.
  5. After breaking out with a rash that I think could be dermatitis herpetiformis, I went to a dermatologist that couldn't diagnose it even with a skin biopsy. The rash has calmed down alot, but I still break out mildly. I found another doctor willing to screen me for gluten intolerance with a blood test, but I have now been strictly gluten free for 4 months- since October. If it wasn't for the rash, I would just stay gluten free and not worry about tests. But I am still breaking out with this rash and I REALLY want to know if I have it or not. My son has it definitely- he had the endoscopy- but I was never thoroughly tested. So, now that I found someone willing to screen me with the blood test, I don't want to blow it by having low antibody levels. I plan to eat gluten before the blood test. Do I need to eat a lot of gluten? Should I eat something every day for a week? What is the best way to make sure my antibodies will be high enough to be accurate? Thanks!
  6. I called around town looking for gluten free beer. A liquor store near me happened to have this beer. It says right on the cap "gluten free". I had to steam clean my kitchen floor yesterday because it needed a good cleaning and I felt like having a beer while working. This is the first time since going gluten free last October that I've had beer. Not only is it a good tasting beer, but it's strong! I had a buzz before even finishing the first one. It's a great beer and I recommend it. It cost me $9.99 for a six pack. That's not too bad. I have paid that much for non-gluten-free beers.
  7. A blood test now should show no antibodies if you've been gluten free 18 months. Going back to gluten knowing it causes bloody mucus seems like a bad choice.
  8. Yes, I just ate some of those! I think I found them at Whole Foods.
  9. Are There Always Blisters?

    I have been gluten free since October 21st and although the rash has definitely improved, it's not gone. Also, without the help of Dapsone, I understand it might take longer for my skin to clear up- possibly up to a year or more. When I eat salty foods (potato chips, corn chips) I definitely see the rash act up. I will probably have to go to some university as well in order to get a half way decent test done. I have been gluten free for a couple of months, though, meaning I would need to ingest gluten for accurate blood testing. I don't know if another skin biopsy would help since I've been gluten free. If salt aggrivates it, and it's not acting up from gluten, would that affect the accuracy of the skin biopsy results? The scabs last and last and last and just never seem to go away. Any purple spots that appear to be healing spots easily turn red when aggrivated. Well, thanks.
  10. My dermatologist doesn't believe I have DH even though the skin biopsy was inconclusive. His reason was because the rash I have does not have obvious fluid filled blisters. It does, however, seem to linger on my elbows and knees, calves, and ankles mostly. And it leaves scars. I occasionally get a spot on my back or butt, but the main places are elbows/legs. It resembles the spotty elbow rash I have seen on the internet. I was never technically dignosed with celiac, either, because it's almost impossible to find an American doctor that's capable. My 10 year old son was diagnosed through blood tests and an endoscopy, though, with the help of a pediatric endocrinologist. He is definitely Celiac. When this rash broke out, I had been eating a yeast-free whole wheat bread, and yeast-free rye bread, thinking I was doing myself a favor because an allergist told me I was allergic to yeast. I was consistently eating it for a few months, daily, then wham- this rash. The dermatologist suggested I was getting bit by bed bugs, even though my husband doesn't have one single bite on him and I have had this rash since September and it's now January. I think my husband would have at least one bite in all these months. Just to be sure, I did a thorough search and found none of the evidence you would find if your bed was infested with bed bugs. I notice when I consume products high in sea salt, the bumps on my elbow which "appear" to be healing suddenly turn red and look inflamed. It will even appear that I have more of them. I don't wake up like that, it seems to happen during the course of the day and I think it's food related. It's very frustrating to have a food related rash that even appears to act up upon eating and be told I must have bed bugs. Are there always blisters? Because this dermatologist feels it's pointless to further investigate the DH in the absence of blisters. Thanks!
  11. For my son I use Ener-G Tapioca Lite bread (softest and most like regular bread that I can find) and make him sandwiches. Tuna, lunchmeat (Thumann's is gluten-free, and Hormel, and Oscar Meyer), or Soynut Butter and jelly sandwiches (he is allergic to peanuts and the soynut butter is tasty.) Eggsalad is another, chicken salad, or shrimp salad. To give a variety, I sometimes pack soup in a thermos, or heat up a frozen gluten-free mac and cheese and pack that in the thermos. He also likes Hormel Chilli heated up in a thernos with a cheese stick on the side. Sometimes I send yogurt with a piece of fruit, or a cottage cheese with a piece of fruit. I have also sent pepperoni, cheese, and crackers. Because his appetite is small, I stay away from "filler" snacks and just send "the good stuff" for lunch.
  12. Although my dermatologist reached inconclusive skin biopsy results, I strongly believe I have DH. Where these spots begin to heal and eventually go away, I have dark purplish scars. Is there anything at all that can help them fade or go away faster? I am using pure coco butter. BEfore I came to the DH conclusion, I used pure Vitamin E oil (from wheat germ) and the rash seemed to get aggrivated. Also, when I have an allerigic reaction to other foods, because I think I'e developed leaky gut since I am allergic to just about everything and that's been verified by skin prick tests, the DH rash seems to react, too. Is that normal? Gluten free one month now- not on Dapsone, and self diagnosed by circumstantial evidence. Thanks. Also, my Cetafil lotion doesn't seem to help, and I often wonder if it's aggrivating the rash.
  13. I have researched some websites on these cheeses and I never see any bread mentioned in their making, even on step by step do-it-yourself websites. Why is it widely believed these cheeses contain bread? Thanks!
  14. I Can't Trust Results- Frustrating

    I guess my questions are: Can I really consider this negative when I do have symptoms of Celiac? Should I go to a different dotor and get another biopsy? If the biopsy was done when I already went on the gluten free diet for a few weeks, would that matter? Can you get one or two flea bites and break out all over your body with a dermatitisherpitiformis looking rash, except for your face and neck, which is coinicentally, a place where dermatitis herpitiformis doesn't usually go? I wish this test had been more definitive. Thanks in advance. My post is sort of a vent/question post.
  15. When my son was disgnosed with celiac a few years ago, I asked my doctor for a blood scan. They didn't even know what blood test to order because in the 40 years of his career, this doctor had never diagnosed anyone with celiac. They called the lab to ask them what test I should get. So I had a blood test, and they said it was negative. In the meantime, I continued eating gluten products, drinking beer, eating breads. I only had one bowel movement per day, but it was often "not normal", either too watery, loose, or just not right. The color was not white or gray, but it was not formed. Ever. I suffer from excema on my hands for years. A few years ago, at 33, I burst a disc in my back. At 36, I have now just been diagnosed with arthritis in both hips, moderate. I am suddenly allergic to more foods than I have ever been. My scratch test came up positive for apples, pears, peaches, apricots, corn, soy, yeast, cottonseed, peanuts, hops, onions. Also, the test said I am negative for tomatoes and mushrooms but I cannot eat either one. My face gets red like a sunburn and I break out with excema sores immedaitely after eating tomato and the white capped mushrooms have me consistently doubled over in pain, so I avoid them. I also don't process carageenan very well and avoid it. They only tested for allergies, not intolerances. They only tested for foods, not preservatives or other additives. I think I have perforated intestines that allow whole proteins into my bloodstream. I used to be able to tolerate many of these foods, but I am now showing to be allergic to almost everything I try to eat. Since the summer, I've been having a strange rash different than my excema, and the first time I ever saw it, it was completely symmetrical. I got very itchy on my hands between my wrist and thumbs, on that bone that's there. It itched, and inadvertantly I scratched it, not thinking, and the next morning I woke up to two dark red scabs that formed over those bones. Then, I began having itchy patches on my legs that turned into dark red scabs. They'd go away and then come back. Suddenly last month, my elbow began to itch and when I scratched it, I felt little bumps all over my left elbow. The next day, I began developing bumps on the back of my other elbow. Then, as days passed, I began breaking out all over, with little clusters of bumps that resembled bug bites at first. On my forearems, tops of my hands, knees, legs, ankles, on my back shoulders, the center of my back right over my butt, a couple on my butt cheeks. I feared that my dogs gave me something. I ran a flea comb through them and one dog ( a tiny chihauhau) had a little flea excrement on him and I bathed and treated all three dogs for fleas. The troubling thing about this rash is that my dog did develope a little bald spot on his leg, which could have been suggestive of mites, but they scratched it and looked under a microscope and there were no mites, but I had him treated anyway. I also told my doctor and treated myself and my family for mites, just in case. I used the mite medication twice, yet continued breaking out. My husband and son never broke out. I had the dog treated a second time when I continued breaking out. He has no fleas or mites. I went back, had them do a skin biopsy. Of course, it is negative. The derm doctor thinks I should be able to trust the results of the test. The test came back saying something suggestive of flea bites. He did not give me a copy of the test. Apparantly, they can see urticaria under my skin but not anything suggestive of dermatitis herpetiformis. Fleas would never be able to live here- I have no rugs. All hard wood flooring with throw rugs that are washed weekly in hot water. The dogs are not allowed to sleep on my bed. I have so many red welts and scratches, I would have had to be infested with fleas to get this kind of reaction. Can you get one or two flea bites and break out all over your entire body except for your face and neck? The other night, I ate some thick cut chips with sea salt and I became dramatically itchy all over again. I've been gluten free since about 10/18 and the itch and rash was calming down and feeling better. After I ate those chips, it was definitely aggrivated. You are supposed to avoid sea salt when you have active dermatitis herpetiformis. The doctor did take twp pieces of skin from my arm. One was a lesion that could have been scratched, it was hard to tell, and the other normal skin from nearby. This rash no longer resembles mosquito bites, or flea bites, and I still have it since the last couple of weks in September, and it is taking a really long time to heal, and gets irritated. How can this be flea bites? He wants to put me on zyrtec.