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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Every time I take magnesium in ANY form, I get extremely constipated.. like things are too soft in there.. sorry tmi. Anyone else experience this??
  2. Here are my issues.. I have many reactions to foods/especially fat and carbohydrates. I have horrid stomach bloating, alternating C&D, my weight fluctuates a lot. And all my issues are on the lower right quadrant. Whenever I eat certain foods, especially those rich in fructose, I get a lot of "bubbles" in my stomach, like trapped gas. If you touch them, they will pop. Sounds insane, yes? I told the GI doc at cleveland clinic this and he told me he has NEVER heard of this before. My stool is *too* soft to form (sorry, tmi..). Additionally, I have had amenorrhea for 8 years(that is another story) and do not seem to absorb anything very well, supplements, meds.. I always need a very strong dose. Probiotics have never really helped me and I have used almost every brand. The ingredient FOS is very harsh for my system as well, bloats me a lot and makes me constipated. My stool (very sorry, tmi) is very soft/sticky and is impacted many days. So, which genova tests should I go for? I was looking at ordering this one: http://www.crohns.net/page/C/PROD/Diagnostic_Test/GSD3000 or this one: http://www.crohns.net/page/C/PROD/Diagnostic_Test/GSD2100 Are Genova tests good? I am so sick of living like this, constant c&d.. my life is ruled by my GI track. Thank you
  3. thank you very much for the explanation
  4. I received this result but no explanation. Input? IgA blood 272 (78-391) what does that even mean?? I called the dr 3xs in the course of 2weeks and still no response. thanks
  5. I rarely ever eat fruit and very little veggies. I have a very difficult time with starches as well. However, in my case, fructose and sucrose cause major constipation. I will go days without a BM when I ingest them.
  6. Can you have nuts or nut butter? If you are not allergic, that works well. Protein Powder (again, if you have no dairy issues) Cottage cheese, shredded coconut, hard boiled eggs, veggies/hummus, avocado, banana/nut butter, make your own trail mix, cheese/berries, make your own protein bars, etc It really depends on if you have other food "issues". I have many, I am in a lab from 9-5 most days of the week or am doing clinicals, it gets very interesting eating meat only snacks.
  7. First off, your doctor was a jerk for laughing at you. I am not the super sensitive type, but nonetheless, that was uncalled for. I know most people with celiac have diarrhea, I had extreme constipation. Also, you have graves, typically people lose weight AND/or have diarrhea mixed with bouts of constipation. Typically, that is, but we are people, not merely symptoms. I was hyper before turned hypo and I never lost a pound, but had every other symptom.How are you being treated for PCOS/Graves?? I am not overweight, but I was always very bloated and retained a lot of fluid before going gluten free. Also, I have many hormonal issues, that is another story. You could possibly have other food intolerances, making it difficult to lose weight. Many people with PCOS do quite well on low-carb diets, you may want to look into it.
  8. Hello and welcome. You could have def. had a false negative. If you feel wheat/gluten is the problem, perhaps you could avoid it entirely without an official diagnosis? Or, maybe eating a lot of gluten products before the test? I am not sure about that, I know how I react when I eat it and I can barely function. Just something to consider. Also, have you had extensive lab work done? Your symptoms mimic autoimmune disorders, which is why I ask. Often times, celiac goes hand in hand with many autoimmune disorders. I would get a ct or mri, they are very useful tools there could be a myriad of reasons why you have a headache. I found I have a pituitary tumor, for example. Have you ever seen an endocrinologist? On another note,I am sorry to hear about your bad luck with the economy, these are certainly tough times. Hope things get better!
  9. Anyone In Metro-detroit?

    welcome everyone! nice to see other michiganders around. I will sometime check out these places, I live sooo far from everywhere. Livonia is like a day trip for me.
  10. So do you just avoid high histamine foods? I am looking into this. Also, do you (or anyone really) have any experience with hormones? According to my lab results, I am post-menopasual at 24.. I was at 21 actually. Amenorrhea for almost 8 years. My endo wants me on hrt, but I refuse. I know there are other ways. I am curious what other women do regarding their hormones.
  11. Healing Time?

    Matt, glad to hear the thyroid tests were somewhat more affordable. I hope you get to the bottom of this. I know you will, it just may take some time and work (sorry, I know you do not want to hear that, lol). Just realize you are not suffering alone. There are a lot of powerful things you can do with nutrition in the meantime. Also, I can check around for good thyroid docs/endocrinologists in your area who use bio-identical hormones and not just synthetic. I am sure there are some. Lab work is important, but so are symptoms and other variables, such as family history, for example. I hear you on a slow economy and the inability to find work, have you ever read craigslist jobs, dishwashers need a resume, half the jobs are scams, what a joke. Best of luck
  12. I've had these problems my ENTIRE life. They happen all at once.. I do not really have gas either, it is more like trapped gas, if that makes sense or "bubbles" in my stomach. When I was a baby, I could not drink apple juice, for example and as a kid I've never been able to eat things like raisins or fruit in general or veggies. I do not digest them or something. So no, I noticed these problems when I was like 4 or 5, that I had horrid constipation and bloating when eating these foods. I train for figure comps and do intense weight lifting.. I have always had a very difficult time building muscles. I can lose weight, but the muscle is not there! I've been really fatigued and weak in the past year or so.. my legs feel SO heavy. So yes, the same thing basically happened to me. I have gone from sprints and jogging to walking on the treadmill. I feel SO weak, especially compared to people much older than me. And when I do workout, it takes a lot out of me.
  13. GermanMia, Your diet is very similar to mine: meat, cooked/peeled zucchini, fish, some eggs, brazil nuts, avocado, oil. I do find I lose weight very quickly and had to change my training around to suit my diet. I can eat a little bit of blueberries and lime/lemon juice. I will try some mozzarella in a few weeks and see how that goes. My muscles are the same! My legs feel VERY heavy and it is hard to put my arms over my head. I used to teach a bootcamp but that is not possible right now. My muscles feel very, very weak and heavy. I do not know what the rheumatologist will do, my endocrinologist referred me to him. I think drs just pass me around because they don't know what to do with me. Basically I have become my own dr lol.
  14. German Mia, I have similar issues as you. Fructose is my number one offender. My BP is so low, but I do play a lot of sports so doctors always say it is a good thing. I get dizzy and light headed constantly. I went jogging last night and could barely breathe. When I sit and then stand up, everything goes fuzzy. I am going to a rhemoutologist, though I am not too confident in what he will say. What does your diet consist of mostly? I am eating a lot of meat and oils presently. No fruit.
  15. People always think it is in your head, especially if you are a female. My problems started at 17, I am now 24 and JUST am starting to receive diagnosis. I was confirmed a celiac and pituitary tumor 1 month ago, but still have "issues" in other areas; my body is in menopause. Many doctors told me I was lucky to not have a period. I really do understand your frustrations.