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  1. Hi, This is my first post. This may sound simplistic. I am self diagnosed. I don't know if I am intolerant or sensitive to gluten. My dh has changed insurance carriers for monetary reasons; it's difficult for me to find the best doctors. I am grateful for the medical insurance. I recently did a detox program of: lemon water, rice, vegetables, lymph drainage, hydrotherapy, supplements and exercise. I began thinking of the pain in my hip. I goggled and read somewhere that gluten may cause the inflammation - the arthritis. When I did this detox program about two years ago, my hip didn't hurt! But I went off the program and my hip hurt with a vengeance. Then I began to seriously think about the gluten. I have taken myself off gluten and am feeling better. But I definitely have withdrawal symptoms. Being quit from cigarettes for four years, I definitely can feel the withdrawal symptoms from the gluten. Reading from your community has given me sanity. Thank you. I also have chronic fatigue, IBS, hiatal hernia, I have had PTSD 2x, Learning from you guys. Blessings