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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Losing Weight

    Hi and thank you for your kind reply. yes i have tried all the foods you suggested and then some. and every protein drink on the market. Eat a full meal every two hrs for i am starving and if i dont get to eat i get really dizzy and feel like i am going to pass out. i tried the ensure and boost and i end up on the toilet. i have even tried the prescription nutritional drinks from nestle nutrition store (200.00 a case) and Abbott pharmacy and that dont help either. i have been to two dietiticians at two major hospitals and i had to tell them about celiac.they tried to tell me things to do that dont work also. now i have been trying to tell my current gastro to give me a feeding tube or nutritional IVS but he wont listen. i dont know what else to do. i am going for my third endoscope this wednesday and if they dont find SOMETHING i give up. went from 130 lbs to 100 and size 12 to size four. there is no time left to waste. i just cannot do this any more. there is really no help out there. i know i am ranting but scared out of my mind. i go from one forum to another and cannot find an answer and if i think i do have answer the drs shoot it down. after wednesday i will just stay in bed. i give up. sooooo desperate for a answer.
  2. Losing Weight

    Hi that is a good question that i have trying to find out for 2 years and what to do about it. i have posted on this forum and lots of different forums also and dont get an answer. I have lost 30 pounds and loss of muscle mass...really just a bag of bones. i eat all the time and dont gain a ounce. drs are no help. have had 3 endoscopes and nothing except ulcers. been to two gastro drs and four endocrinologists and they dont why i am wasting away. i think i am dying and nobody to help. hope you find the answer and God bless
  3. Hi i take prescription enzymes....96,000 units a day. its called Creon and expensive and hard to find at pharmacies. I recently bought some ENZYMEDICA gluten ease with DDP-IV ACTIVITY AND BOUGHT LYPO GOLD ENZYMES. wondering if anyone knows if i can take these two different products on top of the prescription strength. I read that the GLUTEN EASE eliminates the trigger in gluten and you can eat gluten products and the supplement will take care of any reactions. anyone take CREON and these two over the counter products?? any suggestions please? hoping that the enzymes will allow me to GAIN at least 50 pounds....for i am nothing more than a bag of bones. some people gain weight and some lose weight and muscle. i lost weight and muscle and very scared. thank you very much.
  4. WOW thats cool. i remember them back in the day. Excellent pizza. Would like to know what the dough is made of first before i bought one. Miss eating pizza!!!! thanks for the tip.
  5. then it is not curable. just treatable to a certain extent. if you dont know which autoimmune disease is causing it then what??? all this testing is almost getting pointless it seems. i have low cortisol levels, take cortef and lost tons of weight and muscle. cant wait years to find out what is causing this. its scary.
  6. so confused. can anyone explain lipase levels and how it is associated with weight loss? have lost 30 pounds with extreme loss of muscle mass. blood test came back the lipase was 75 and out of range. i notice others here that the lipase levels are into the hundreds. does the 75 really mean 750? i am so desperate to gain some weight!!!!
  7. Anybody Who Loves Jesus? :)

    oh yes he has been my guiding hand. he is all i have...really truly he is.
  8. correction.....he b%$@#ed all the way there. ( dont know what the jerk meant except he is one)
  9. wow my family is literally falling apart because of my illness. husband has got to be the most ignorant and stupid male on this planet. he just dont get it or he dont care. i think it is the latter with a little bit of the other thrown in. this illness might very well cause the end of our marriage. soooooo extremely non-supportive. i am totally going thru this myself. and yess i am venting. i am a bag of bones and he CANT see i need help. grrrrrrrrrr. he took me for my endocope two days ago and jerk all the way there. i was crying once we got there and the gastro dr thought i was going to walk out and not have the test done. i am rambling on here...better go. thanks for listening :angry:
  10. YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! That picture is me, except for the big belly. upper body, arms, chest are just bones. blood test showed that the LIPASE WAS OUT OF RANGE at 79. dont know what that means. dr. said i am gluten senstive and also had the endocope two days ago and waiting for biopsy report. he did say i had a ulcer and put me on prevacid and gave me CREON. does creon put on weight? i read all the post and still having an hard time understanding this. dont want to go on feeding tubes to gain a pound!!! please help
  11. Weight Loss Problem

    Hi again well get this the drs. are finally concerned!!!!!!!!! now want me to have go thru the biopsy of the growths on the adrenal gland. and then have a pet scan checking for cancer. hmmm well i knew about the adenomas on the gland for years and was told it was benign. now it seems it has grown and they want to check it out. the adrernals have to do with insulin and fat. so i was right the body is eating itself up...used up the insulin and going after the muscles and fat. gosh i should have been a dr. and gee the diabetes and the low blood sugar is all involved. i dont know if i should be happy or upset. happy cause FINALLY after a year or more of this i think we have an answer and upset that i may have the big c. cortisol can cause weight loss and so can celiac so now i have a double whammy on me. i think God has something to do with this cause you wrote me about the diabetes and i put that together with the cortisol and insulin and it just makes sense. you may have SAVED MY LIFE along with GOD of course. thank you God and Missy. god bless you.
  12. Weight Loss Problem

    this just in two minutes ago. got a phone call from dr and said it is the adreanal glands have adenomas (tumors) sitting on the kidney which is related to diabetes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. wow. it is al related. i am in shock!!!
  13. Weight Loss Problem

    hi wow you really know this stuff. i can tell you have really done some investigating. this is alot to understand. its really maddening when drs seem to not want to help and you feel like you are dying. how dare them!!!!!!!! i had that glucose test years ago and they said i was boderline diabetic. is there such a thing? lol lol i so appreciate your writing back. i will have to reread your post and make sure i understand all this. i have so much info running thru my brain fogged head it will take time to get this. i will write some more later. now i have to run to another drs appt.....foot dr this time for plantar fascitis which i heard can be caused from thyriod, which i thought was the original problem but they say no. lol lol . thanks again talk later
  14. Weight Loss Problem

    hmmmmm same problem and now it is to a point i dont think i am going to make it. drs. cannot find out what is wrong. i am shrinking. mass muscle loss. went from size 12 misses size to little girls clothes which some are too big. sooooo i am giving up. stuffing my face does not work, digestive emzymes dont work. there is nothing left to try. only thing i found out is that the gastro said i have a slow and dilated esophagus and slow stomach and food i just laying in the stomach and not digesting. i cant lose any more weight, time is up. there is NOTHING left of me. no answers. last thing i only know of is feeding tubes. is there a dr. on this board? someone help