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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I don't know about the UK.. I used "KIMBALL GENETICS" based in Colorado, US, and I live in Canada.. I did a cheek swab sample and tested positive for 2 alleles.. Genetic testing will let you know if he's a carrier only, or if he has 2 copies of the gene.. It's fast and comprehensive.. It cost me around $400 for it, but i feel it was worth it as they were very quick... Stephanie
  2. I had been gluten free for a year before getting tested, and my antibody came back negative, so I decided to do the genetic test, as I KNEW I had celiac based on how much a gluten-free diet improved my entire body, head to toe. I used "KIMBALL GENETICS" based in Colorado. I live in Canada.. I ordered the saliva kit online and it arrived within a few days. I swabbed both cheeks and sent it off. My results were back in less than 2 weeks. I tested positive for 2 alleles on the same Celiac gene. they tell you exactly which gene you carry and how many alleles that way you will know if he's just a carrier or if he has the potential to have full blown Celiac when his gene decides to express itself.. I was amazed at how quick the results came back... Stephanie
  3. Jennifer, do you mean "dextrin".. i was under the impression that dextrose is gluten free as it is a sugar, derived from corn. Dextrin on the other hand does contain gluten. Please let me know. I am asking because I want to make sure dextrose is safe if you know otherwise! thanks, Steph
  4. SOme of the things I've used for myself as well as my kids (6 and 4) are as follows: - peaches .. One peach a day keeps my son regular.. I don't care how he wants it, sometimes it's cut up plain, other times in yoghurt, or with a little sugar sprinkled, sometimes even with a little nutella spread on top.. As long as they eat fruit, I accomodate how they want it. Apricots- I used the jarred ones when my daughters constipation was really bad.. I'd cut up 5 halves and mix them with yoghurt, or I"d even puree them and mix them with vanilla yoghurt - perhaps she is eating too much rice products? Rice is considered a constipating food. (rice, bananas too) - could you add flaxseed to her pancake mix, or homemade cookies with flax. Even dates, find a nice recipe with dates and see if she likes that? - is she drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day? Is her urine light or dark? - is she taking a calcium supplement or drinking too much milk? Calcium also tends to constipate in large amounts. - I give my kids a fish oil supplement daiily. The kids ones are flavoured, and although they have fishy breath after, they love the supplements. Fish oil helped me when I had probs. I do agree with you. It makes more sense to use natural foods, than meds to fix a problem> Meds are great intermittently to help, but I think you are best to try and find foods that will help her without a daily reliance on meds. Hope this was helpful to you, Stephanie
  5. Dedicated Facilities

    Everyone is different in terms of their ability to tolerate minute amounts of gluten... My tolerance has decreased over time, so I am insanely sensitive now.. and get sick off the tiniest amount from cross-contamination. The challenge, is even if you don't have symtpoms, gluten can be damaging your system if there is gluten in the product.. I don't eat anything that says "made on equipment that also manufactures gluten".. try and limit your exposure to processed foods and focus more on natural, maybe that will help? Stephanie
  6. Jillian, I completely agree with you. We are completely colour-free in our house, and my 6 and 4 year old know to say no thank you when they are offered things. At friends' houses, (they both read), they read labels and even when I'm not there, they both listen and don't eat anything they shouldn't. But I agree with you, you have to go cold turkey, and the difference in them is so amazing, you can see it within a day.. That's how I discovered that movie popcorn, and timbits contain colour.. My kids freaked out after eating those items once we had cleaned out their systems.. I love to hear stories of other parents who have taken it out of their diets.. these additives are so bad for our kids, and there is still relatively little pressure on food manufacturers to get that crap off the shelves! Steph
  7. Sounds like food dyes/ preservatives to me. my kids react to food colouring as well as 'artificial flavour' and I limit the benzoates, etc.. and all other preservatives. Check your cupboards.. When I first discovered my kids react to food dyes, I was disgusted at where I found them. Pickles, crackers, popcorn, chips, cookies, some juices, even vanilla ice cream may contain tartrazine (yellow dye). I found tartrazine in cheese products, donuts, even some buns. For my kids, tartrazine or FDC yellow #5 causes the most intense reactions. There are many many alternatives without artificial colour and flavour. My kids don't eat ANYTHING with food dyes or artificial flavour now, and they are completely different kids than they were one year ago.. I make most things from scratch, and the stuff I buy is pure.. Try it, you may see a HUGE difference... I know it changed our lives.. My kids do NOT have ADHD, nor have they ever.. Food dyes can affect all kids, even normal population. They are chemical additives and don't belong in our cupboards.. I even have a friend make their birthday cakes with vegetable-based icing, so the colours are natural... Hope this helps, Stephanie
  8. Tired After Eating

    one more thing... I am wondering about the whole 'maltodextrin' issue. I too eat peanut butter, but find myself wondering if I'm reacting to it. I know that maltodextrin is supposed to be safe, and that's the only ingredient in my pb that it could be, but I'm starting to wonder about the differing things i've read about that additive..
  9. Tired After Eating

    I have the same reaction when I eat gluten.. It's like it knocks me out sometimes.. I have such an overwhelmingly desire to sleep that I cannot ignore.. I have 2 kids, and cannot physically stay awake, almost narcoleptic. I have no idea what the physiology is behind it... Are your oats gluten free? I tried eating oats once, and my reaction was so volatile, it was equivalent to the stomach flu. I haven't ventured near them again out of fear!!
  10. Glutened

    Are your symptoms limited to emotions, or are you experiencing physical symptoms as well?? I know you describe the emotional side when I get glutened as well, so I agree, keep a food diary.. and post it here... I've been glutened SO many times where I had to search and search for what was doing it... If your symptoms are limited to emotion and no physical, could it be that you are under stress and trying to cope.. that could also lead to such emotions.. Hope you can determine the source of it..
  11. Thank you so very much for these links. These are great! I really hope others see these links as they will help my cause... Right now, they think, when I explain the very same things, that it is just me.. So if I show them that this is standard Celiac info, perhaps it will be more effective! Thank you again, Stephanie
  12. I Get Sick After Everything I Eat

    Well put eveyone! I ditto everything that was said.. Focus on fresh fruits and veggies, meats, eggs.. etc.. take out the processed/canned foods for awhile.. It takes time, put perseverance will do you well! Steph
  13. Thanks so much for your message... Maybe that's just it, get hubbie to talk to them when I am not there. I am much more outspoken than him, so he tends to sit back while I defend myself alone... We went there yesterday, as we do every SUnday, once again I brought my own food. However, they didn't know I had my own food. On the BBQ, they cooked the meat, veggies, and while it was all still in the bbq, my FIL put a French Bread right on the grill to heat it up. Then, he took it out and placed it directly on top of the veggies in the tray.. They then asked why I couldn't have any. So, really by now, they just will never get it.. They think I just can't eat 'bread', but regardless of me telling them, they don't get the whole deal that my immune system detects minute amounts, regardless of whether I can see it or taste it.. I, once again, probably for the 5th time, compared it to their grandson's fish allergy, which they take seriously. They even told me stories that he can't eat in restaurants where fish is fried in the same oil as the fries, etc.. I explained that it's the same for gluten, and that, in fact I have gotten sick numerous times from fries in restaurants before another celiac told me that there is gluten CC in the oil.. I explained that by bringing my own food, all I am trying to do is make their life easier so they don't have to worry.. I even put my arm on my father in law, and pleaded with him that I just want things to be easier for all, and this is a good solution. THen, he turns it around and says "what, are you going to bring your own plates next time too?".. So really, it's pointless. We came home and I told my husband, that I guess it's easier for them emphasize with kids than adults. If one of my children was Celiac, i GUARANTEE they would steer clear of gluten, just as they do with the nuts/fish for their other grandson.. So, I think it's because, as an adult, my suffering does not seem to really hit home for them. They really think it's in my head.. FIL putting that bread directly on the BBQ yesterday just reinforced that I am wasting any efforts trying to educate him. I have been gluten-free for almost two years now, and he still doesn't know not to do that.. I dono't know, it's almost depressing at this point that people honestly still think it's in our heads.. I already 'gave up' with the inlaws, but each time we go, I get that little bit of hope that this time they will get it, and I trick myself into believing that this time it will be different.. but I think i'm wasting my effort... Steph
  14. What Do You Do

    Me too. It's only happened once at a restaurant, where I was told as soon as I swallowed the bite, that my server was wrong and there was gluten in it. I drank lots of water to almost 'dilute' the food, and in its tiny amount, I avoided the stomache bloating and discomfort.. I think even the dh if I remember correctly. However, all the water in the world doesn't change my other symptoms of muscle aches, chills, migraine, etc.. it only seems to remedy the bloating, if I drink immediately.
  15. OMG, you've given me the perfect analogy to use tonight!! I will take it one step further, and ask them if they cooked dog turd on the BBQ, would they use the same tongs to touch their food, and use the grill without washing it?? LOVE IT! Thank you everyone for your input and support and advice! IT means so much to me as that is what I lack in my family and friends!! And it makes me know that I'm not crazy and my issues with CC are not in my head!! Steph