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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Grinding Your Own

    Please let me know how they turn out! I love a good biscuit!
  2. Grinding Your Own

    ACK!!! I wonder if the other coffee grinders that everyone uses here says the same thing?
  3. Grinding Your Own

    Hi, Dilettantesteph! This 'experiment' was only to compare the baking texture of (specifically) white home ground rice flour from a particular coffee grinder and store bought white rice flour. I wanted a very clean recipe that would show the rice flours without conflict with another grain. That way I could get a good comparison of how each flour did. I was very pleased with the info gained, not at all pleased with the biscuits! I didn't expect to be, I wasn't baking for flavor. . . heh, or really for edibility, this time.
  4. Grinding Your Own

    Good luck on your buckwheat adventure! I was hoping to buy a bag of it this morning and try it out, but the grainery thaty produced it also produces wheat flour. . .so, I passed. I'm going to buy some from the links posted on this line of posts - I can't wait to try it! **takes deep bow** I may get the hang of this stuff, yet!
  5. Grinding Your Own

    *Baking Experiment* I finally did that experiment I was hoping to do! I used an old family recipe for biscuits - switched out the wheat flour with rice flour and added guar gum. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. 2 cups Rice flour 1 tsp Guar Gum 1 tbl Baking Powder 1 tsp Salt 1/3 cup Oil (I used Safflower Oil) 2/3 cup Milk Mix together with a fork. These are drop biscuits, and should be able to be dropped from the bowl onto the pan using a fork - but not with these babies. They had to be molded somewhat. Mold, place onto ungreased cookie sheet about an inch and a half apart. Bake for 12 minutes. The difference wasn't much. They both had that 'rice' flavor I so didn't expect! **getting over the wheat. . .getting over the wheat. . .** but they both had a 'finished' texture on the inside, no goo found at all. The home ground was a tiny bit grainer to chew than the store bought - but not by much. They both made a pretty decent biscuit! **proud of self**( - first glutten free baking recipe!) Husband tried them both, his observation was that "they both taste the same, their not bad!" and "the one made of the home ground was less crumbly than the other." So there you have it folks! I did place the home ground back through the Burr grinder - it DID make it finer! Comparable to the store bought! I'm excited. **grins**
  6. A Celiac Wish.

    Yeah, that's why I'd like a product like this. . . we have a mixed kitchen that will probably remain so. . .and only one 'counter' to work on - a SMALL island in the middle of the kitchen. I'm never QUITE sure. I always hope. .. but I can't tell unless I eat it and it does/doesn't turn my stomach into a rollar coaster. It shouldn't be stressfull to eat!
  7. A Celiac Wish.

    I guess that would depend on what the 'stuff' is . . .if it's a natural product that breaks down completely, then it wouldn't be an issue. That could / probably should be part of the request, tho.
  8. I think I'm wrestling with the same thing right now. I can make choices for myself to improve my health if I want to - but there's this issue of "Well, were you diagnosed for sure, yet? Is it definitive?" I have made the change in my diet, it's a noticable improvement, but I've been under cloudy diagnosises before, and it's hard. Not only does my support system find it difficult to support me in it, but other doctors do as well. I think if my tests come out negative, I'm going to choose to stay on the gluten free diet, see an allergy specialist - and make it a personal choice not a medical choice. I think there's a difference, and people can choose to support me in it or not, it's up to them, but it would be up to them regardless. . . people go vegan every day. So, I think that's where I'm at with it. . .
  9. A cold wet cloth - or an ice pack, if you can stand it, really helps me when I have a migrain. Changing my diet COMPLETELY helped - no migrains in a GOOD two weeks. But migrains have a lot of different causes. Oh. . .and I try to take a decongestant if at all possible just in case it's a bad sinus headache and I'm mistaking it - sometimes that clears it right up. . .for me, my sinus headaches make me just as ill. Hope you feel better soon!
  10. **blink - Blink** Oooooh Kay!

    Yeah, I told him that the difference is like night and day, and I would be very hard pressed to start eating gluten again - because wow. . .the pain is GONE. He argued and said that the gluten free diet is like the Atkins diet - and I'd only be able to eat rice. . .I laughed and said . . .and potatoes, and millet, and buckwheat. . .he blushed and said, "oh, yeah, I wasn't thinking about those other things. . ." LOL. . .well. I'll wait to see how the next set of blood work comes out - but I haven't been eating glutten for about three weeks, now. . .so I seriously doubt they are going to show anything even if I am. I'm still hard pressed to go back to eating it, though. I just feel so much better. Too much better to just ignore it. The one thing that I'm thinking is that if this is an allergy, and not the autoimmune disorder. .. then that's at least less threatening. But I would want an allergy test to make sure. I don't want to assume that I'm not Celiac and not be as careful - and then do massive damage if I am. Hmph. . .nothing is ever so simple, eh?
  11. I asked for the labs and the endoscopy report, and they very nicely gave them to me. Before I read them, I talked to the doc. He wants me to stop taking the Pepto twice a day to see if it's the Pepto or the lack of gluten in my diet that's making me feel better. He took another blood test - told him I haven't eaten any gluten, that the test probably wouldn't come out. He said it would if it were positive. . .but then he said, "Well, if it's positive, it's definite, if it's negative, it's got about a forty percent chance of being wrong." Sigh. Ok. So I asked him if the actual villia structure were damaged from the biopsi, as he said it was positive. . .and he said they didn't test for damage to the villia. . . But there was inflammation. At THIS point, I am now confused. I'm fairly bright, and I have an excellent memory - photographic. . . so THIS doc visit was completely different from the LAST visit. . . did he not READ the report, or did he just see the 'positive' and move on? I'm supposed to stop the pepto bismal - but remain on the gluten free diet. . . to see if it was the pepto that was helping or the gluten free that was helping. Easy enough, I can do that. They took more blood. . .heh. . .I noticed that the lab work for the BLOOD is not here. Pft. . .just the fecal and the endoscopy. So, I get home. . .and read the reports. Inflammation is there. . .but all the tests for every parasite known to man is negative. I did not have fat in my the fecal culture. And the endoscopy. . .it says VERY CLEARLY that the Villia are normal. There is pitting in the wall, but the villia are fine. Do doc's LIKE sending peeps into a heart attack or something?! Grrrr. He thinks I might be ALLERGIC to gluten, but (now) both he and I seriously dought it's Celiac. Heh. . .any one want to teach some doc's how to COMMUNICATE?! **LAUGHING** This is so ironic, it hurts. **smirk** I see him again in four weeks, by that time, the blood tests well be back - and I'll know for sure whether it was the Pepto or the diet that was helpful. He said he may refer me to an Allergist depending on what the tests come back as. Ok. . .so. . .any thoughts?
  12. Grinding Your Own

    **chuckles** My husband would enjoy that. . .lol
  13. 9 - Bleh.

    I FINALLY did my morning routine this morning. It's either run the red light or just don't do anything. Ugh. . .I feel awful. I absolutely need to call the manager of the restaurant we went to Monday night. At least for the FIRST time, I had a normal bowel movement. . .**happy dances**. That's such an amazing rare thing. Heh, things to get excited about, who knew. **smirk** We're stripping our kitchen down this weekend. Hubby will put up a few more shelves in the pantry - we're discussing how we're going to share the kitchen. We only have ONE workable food prep area. Just one. . .and it's not very big. So the kitchen really needs to be mostly gluten free. The one good thing that we had in the works before all this is that we use very large plastic cutting boards and prepare the food ALWAYS on the boards. . .so I can have my specific boards, and he can have his. The flour I ground from the rice in my rice mill is just a teeny bit more grainy than the rice flour I bought. I'm going to pass it through the grinder one more time to see if I can get it a little finer. Even if I can't acheive the same consistency, it's way way close. Eck, I'm so not feeling good. I ran the same low grade fever I do when I really go on a tangent, yesterday. . I hope this clears up soon. Maybe I'm coming down with something. I dunno. Eck. . .I feel awful. The more I think of my sister's illness. . the more I think she's not porhyric. . .that she's Celiac, and SHE'S been misdiagnosed. Sigh. I hope they do a trial run or at least look into it. I'd love to see her healthy and enjoying life again. She's been so very sick. . .has had every single symptom. . .and it's always been written off as porhyria. Porhyria is rare rare, and doc's don't know much about it. . .so they are defining THAT disease by HER symptoms. . .sigh. If they find out that she's Celiac, they'll have to rewrite their medical journals. **laughs** How's that for poetic justice? No, I'm not bitter. . .**sarcastic** not at allllll. **wink** I packed a lunch to take with me to work today. I also bought some of that liquid vit B complex. It didn't instantly turn my stomach into mush last night. . .yay. I hope this episode clears up soon, I was so enjoying feeling GOOD for a change. It's been long over due. Off to work.
  14. Wow. . .gee, you sound so much like me!! (((hugs you))) - you sound like you're on the right track - that's a good thing. . .but also, even if this proves NOT to be Celiac disease. . .there are soooo many things that can go wrong with a body. Doctors tend to specialize, and they don't look at the WHOLE picture any longer. May I suggest that you do a food trial once you get a hang of cutting the gluten out? I'm going to do this after I've been gluten free for a couple of months as all sorts of food allergies run in my family. Dealing with something that's hard to diagnose: I'm 46, I've been midiagnosed with serious serious stuff since I was a teen - all the diagnosis proved to be wrong. . . every single one. I've even gone to see a psychiatrist to 'prove' I had an emotional disorder. . .after evaluating me, he winked at me and told me there was nothing wrong with me, the doc's were just trying to cover their behinds - to keep looking, I had his support. I stopped taking it personally when I was in my late twenties - and fire the docs if they get patronizing. Sometimes playing their game can be a good thing. . .it weeds out the docs without the tenacity. There's too much that they can't possibly know about to even think that they can possibly have all the answers, they are, after all, only human. Getting THAT idea across to them, however is a fruitless task - but it's their issue, after all, isn't it? Your issue is simply your health and taking care of your body. That isn't theirs. . .it never will be theirs in the same capacity as it is for you. I hope you've come at the end of the road for what is wrong, and can changing your diet will be the answer! Boy, is it wonderful to feel healthy finally! But if you find that this is not the answer, please don't give up on yourself. People have died because they were frustrated with the medical field. . .it's those that have the will and push to keep going that find themselves to survive what ails them. Good luck!
  15. I'm so sorry you went through this. . .wow!! I've had prob's with anesthesia too. . .and it is sooooo scary. There are two things that work for me - I learned one of the two things from dealing with PTSD, and it doesn't SEEM like it will help, but it's a HUGE help: Get back on the horse. If you dive right back into the thing you are afraid of, the trauma you received the first time will be perceived by your brain in a different perspective. It will always be traumatic - but it won't have power over you any longer. The second is something I do each and every time they put me under, and I've been put under soooo many times. . .I request to speak to the anesthesioligist MYSELF. I refuse to go under until I've been able to speak to this person. I make SURE this person understands the things I've experienced in the past, I ask them what changes they will make - and I refuse a specific medication they use to 'relax' me prior to the event (it paralizes me, it doesn't 'relax me'. ) Since I've done this, I've had no issues whatsoever. This is free - the final choice will be your own, and you know better than anyone else what you should do for yourself, but I do know that these two things have been a huge help in my own regard. You may also ask if the 'pill' scope is available yet. . .you just swallow it, and that's it.